This is a world of debris. For him who is pregnant with spiritual rain, it is natural to be stingy with as much as possible.

On the contrary, the ice source marrow is of great benefit to him, which can greatly reduce the practice time
To take advanced level 6 …
Even in the face of strong people like Aoli, they have self-protection ability.
"I’ll leave it to you."
Get up Zhou Jia and flick his sleeves.
"If you need the source medicine, you can get it from Tianhe. You three brothers and sisters can also get some every month. Don’t delay your practice."
"Yes" Li He was overjoyed.
"Thank you!"
Time goes by
Before you know it, seven years have passed.
It is still a long time before the debris world is completely integrated into the market world.
It was thought that this process could be completed in a hundred years. Now it seems that the conjecture at that time is far less cruel than the reality.
A hundred years?
Even more than three hundred years!
Without silver, generations may have to adapt to this world.
The biggest change in the residence occurred in the Imperial Ghost Sect. Four years ago, an elder who was good at guarding animals successfully domesticated a number of exotic animals.
The price of exotic animal meat is lower again!
Although it is not enough for everyone to fill their stomachs, starvation has rarely been heard.
Taobao House is officially on the right track.
Unfortunately, with the increasing availability of exotic animal meat, fewer and fewer people are willing to live longer.
Zhou Jia doesn’t insist on this.
The quantity and quality of the gold and iron gas required by the seventh advanced weight of the plough are improved, and the original method is no longer suitable.
Although refining low-grade gold iron gas can improve the physical strength, the progress has been very few and will eventually lose its effect completely.
He has also changed.
The two characteristics of enlightenment and commanding troops, blessing the holy spirit bow, have broken through the third aspect, namely, the skill of transforming false gods from others.
And Tian Peng’s vertical and horizontal method …
Tianpeng Vertical and Horizontal Method dzogchen (96/1)
The blessing without the characteristics of commanding troops comes from the top posture of the workers. After so many years of display, it is finally about to break through.
Once the posture is advanced, his speed will increase sharply again.
God is good!
It’s thunderous!
These two are the basis of their own speed. If the basic speed is increased, the explosion of two layers of force can be doubled.
The gap is like a world apart.
And repairing …
The Fifth Heavenly Seven Xuangong (93/1)
Thanks to almost every month, we can start with two ice marrow, and the sixth breakthrough is just around the corner.
There is also an extra distraction in the detention tablet.
Zhao Kuo!
A gifted third-order silver was taken in because he was hunted down and took refuge in Zhou Jia’s divinity.
Similarly, the divinity of his hand is still the deity of ice.
"Shout …"
Gangfeng is stirring
Li Hefu stepped behind the clouds and stood two people, Li Xian and Zhao Kuo.
Zhao Kuo is only a hundred years old, but his face is cold and his eyes are cold. Because of his practice skills, his life is comparable to that of fourth-order silver
"Here we are!"
Gently waving sleeves, three people fall somewhere on an iceberg.
There are two people waiting here early.
"Xue supervisor" Li He hand laughed
"Why did you come so early today?"
"I happened to have something to go out, but fortunately I came here." Xue Tianmai was a slim-looking old man with a falling eye.
"Did you bring anything?"
"Of course" Li He threw a bag in the past.