There is no evidence for this explanation, but it is also sloppy.

If this force is really mastered by the magic clan, whether it is directly used to bombard the eastern continent to kill powerful enemies or to make some crazier plans, it is possible, but it is always impossible to make such an arrangement.
She added, "It is more likely that this place is a form of deposition and solidification in the long-term confrontation between the ancestors and his enemies."
"I think it should have been like this since the red-violet star fell into this canyon."
"Every landscape here represents the will of the founder and one of those people."
Overlooking the far-off Tianfo City, Night Sword Pavilion and other scenery seems to support this point.
However, Fu Li pointed a little at the hill across the river and said, "But who has any reason to show the scene that our home was destroyed?"
They looked at the familiar and strange objects in that direction together, and they fell into a long silence at the same time
A strange building in ancient times fell on that hill.
The building body is a whole, which seems to be much bigger than that hill. At first glance, it looks like two silver-gray discs are buckled together.
But the lattice windows on the edge of the building and the steel stairs extending from the door show that the building once contained tens of millions of living things
This is a tool that can travel through the sky.
The four realms in ancient times were completely established and announced that day. The year calculated by the new calendar was called the first year of the holy calendar.
And in 2772, when Liesheng fell from the sky and smashed into a small mountain.
At that time, Fu Li and her sister were little girls who didn’t know how to practice and would be excluded by others in the village.
Their mother died when they were both born.
When they were three years old, a giant python climbed into her house and scared their father to death.
At that time, there were many people in the simple village who were kind enough to support them for several years.
However, as they get older, the abnormality of these two sisters becomes more and more obvious.
Fu Li can communicate with wild animals, and she can understand the language of those wild animals. The fiercer they are, the more willing they are to get close to her, and they often occupy the side of her house, which makes the villagers nervous.
Sister seems to be able to see through other people’s minds, and what others don’t say at ease will be heard by her.
There are elderly people in the village who are seriously ill and die in one breath. After my sister went, she was able to talk to the dead old woman and let the body close her eyes.
This is really a symbol of outstanding qualifications.
If it’s birth news, the two of them are gifted in developed cities, and it’s very likely that they will be recruited by six famous people. If they go to some small sects, they will be immediately trained as the main force of a generation.
However, the more they grow up in the village, the more they can feel that the villagers are alienated and afraid.
So when they are over ten, they can move outside the village.
The huge silver-gray saucer was farthest from them when it fell from the sky next to the village.
They watched as many freaks jumped out of it.
Those monsters are about the height of 13 or 14-year-old children, with slender limbs, round bellies and big eyes, and a flat black nose with two small holes and sharp ears.
Their hair seems to be naked, and their skin presents a gray and smooth texture, but their hands are carrying strange crossbows.
I can’t see where the crossbow is placed, but if I raise my hand, a luminous arrow will shoot out from the small crossbow and sink into the villagers’ bodies.
The monsters chattered and talked and jumped and cheered in the village.
People in the village fled in horror and screaming, and then they were put down by monsters one after another.
Some young adults were transported to the door of the dish by monsters, and monsters in clothes came out and stabbed short glass tubes into the back of the villagers’ heads.
Soon, the young and strong bodies in the village became deformed, cheering, hugging each other and crying.
An aggressive monster found the Fu Li sisters and rushed to their residence.
Fu Li is close to those wild animals who want to help her but can’t resist the monsters’ weapons.
Probably because they can understand the words of wild animals, monsters can understand their language even when they are near.
"It’s strange that the technology of the highest intelligent race here is very poor. Their living conditions and methods of harvesting food are so original. Why is there remote control and low intelligent race technology?"
"It’s heterogeneous, isn’t it? There is a mutation in the evolution of a population."
"this mutant individual may be able to catch them by turning down the power in a more complete way."
Those glowing arrows slowed down a little.
But the two sisters still can’t escape far.
Operator from my sister’s body to resist an attack is limp.
Fu Li fell off the cliff. She fell into a coma and was saved by her brother Fei Sheng.
That brother can’t deal with those monsters alone, so he is going to go back to the city and try to inform the elders of Zongmen.
Is flying holy mountain elders haven’t arrived there is another message.
A demon master happened to pass by and killed all the monsters there, taking away the strange tools.
Operator from almost cried blind before the cenotaph.
But then when she realized that her sister was not dead, the two sisters were already in different camps.
"Even my master doesn’t know the scene in those days. Does your master who has been closed for thousands of years know such a thing?"
Fu Li said, "Even the power of escape is manifested in this way?"
I really can’t figure this out.
When a generation of Yan Tu door lords passed by, they didn’t kill all the monsters as they said.
The curious woman grabbed all the monsters and stuffed them into that tool, ready to go back to Zongmen to study with it.
The whole body was devoted to the goddess, and she was also stuffed together.