"Don’t ask Mrs. Guo for advice." Zhou Jiayin was indifferent.

"Lord Yu Lingge asked her to come to see me."
"…" Tenga Hajime leng immediately leaned down.
Although Guo Yun is tall, he is afraid of being famous, and his wife is even more jealous. He said that it is really possible to refuse to ask her.
Nowadays, people simply don’t ask.
Lingxiang Lingge’s main name goes out, and there are many male companions to accompany people. The real person is actually elegant as a fairy.
can say
Men cannot be judged by their looks
This bold and unrestrained woman never mind showing her beautiful figure, but she took the initiative to wrap herself up.
Look like a lady.
"Mr Zhou"
She bent down a ritual way
"Tianxiang Ge’s younger brothers mostly gather in the South District nowadays, but some people are trapped outside and can’t come to meet for the time being."
"My brother wuqian is still looking forward to Mr. Zhou’s help in one place."
Wuqian?’ Zhoujiakou
"Is he important?"
"Well" LingXiangQiao face reddish low way
"Although there are many beauties in my harem, they are as deep in my heart as wuqian. If my husband can save him back, Tianxiangge is willing to take refuge in it."
"Of course, no matter whether my husband can get out or not, my wife will help Guo Daoyou."
"Ah …" Zhou Jia is light.
"Come on, where is he?"
"Thank you, sir." Lingxiang’s beautiful eyes lit up and she reached for a finger in the distance.
"over there"
Explained again
"A few days ago, the predecessors in West Asia went to round up and kill the sheep element, but the result was a hornet’s nest. I don’t know how many people were affected by the wave and no one dared to go out easily."
"Well" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Lead us in front."
Lingxiang should be waving sleeves and rising.
The cold wind penetrates one’s bones.
A figure’s eyes are like two bottomless wind tunnels dumping hundreds of miles of cold wind into it.
Drinking low in the mouth is born to control the cold, and the body is fully developed.
Several ice crystals are like wind blades, and thousands of cold awns are like waves rushing away.