After the abnormal sound was cut, the feeling made his eyebrows wrinkle.

"body double law?"
If there is a flutter of wings behind the half-length armor, the figure will cross an arc with a change and cut back again.
Turns out to be no slowdown.
It was not until this time that Libra realized that it was wrong
He was no match for Zhou Jia, so he lost his mind because of anger, and he was too close to lose his room for change, even his chance to escape.
But …
A sneer emerged from his cheek.
white light
Emerge suddenly!
Not good!
Although I don’t know what happened, the warning sign of Qi Qi’s tremor from Haiyuan Star made Zhou Jia suddenly stagnate.
Five thunder!
Lei Guang wrapped all the dozens of feet in the thunder roar, and the figure in the thunder roar was like wearing a thunderbolt.
Like a teleport
Being hundreds of meters high, Zhou Jia didn’t return to absolute being until then. His back was covered with cold sweat and his heart was pounding.
What was that just now?
Thoughts turn and look again, and Libra has lost his punishment. Even listening to the wind failed to detect his whereabouts.
Damn it!
Zhou Jia looked gloomy.
Not because Libra killed so many people and escaped, but also because of Yuanxing!
The criminal Libra has a source star!
"Zhou Jia?"
At this time, a sound with surprise came on.
"It’s really you!"
Zhoujiawen side head
Just see a virtual unreal figure rapidly approaching the crowd to reveal that it is Alles, a mysterious person from Yaochi.
"It’s you." Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.
"I haven’t seen my predecessors for some years."
"Yes," Alles looked at Zhou Jia with Toba’s eyes full of surprise.
"I know you can definitely advance silver, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast and you seem to be second-class."
"Well …"
"It’s still advanced!"
He shook his head in surprise.
"Senior" Zhou Jia withdrew his sight.
"What are you doing here?"
"Well," Alles nodded during the period and stretched out his hand toward a recruit to take a person up.
"I came to see her."
At this time, Katja’s face was pale, and even if she was taken from the ground, her eyes were full of anger.
Alles this normal ChuiShou glanced at gently shook his head.
"For silver, both black iron and every step are too weak to survive just by waves."
"It would be nice if where will you go got used to it."
"Predecessor" Katja gawked up at Zhou Jia.
"Simla is dead."
Zhou Jia Moran
More than simla.
There are more than 200 people in the Xuantian Pavilion. Today, the vitality is less than 30, and nearly 90% of them have died in a short time.