The factory flashed in vain, as if it were shrouded in night.

It was directly dragged into the shadow by Daniel.
And another factory suddenly fell into despair.
Before it, a huge spherical factory appeared.
But there is another factory that has escaped far away and is going to jump after opening the light door.
Suddenly …
"Boom" exploded and destroyed the village. It was blown halfway by the side explosion, and the Guangmen blew away.
"What person?"
Swallowed the sugar balls in this factory, and the factory turned around.
I saw a familiar factory floating far away.
Chapter 146 Pack to force duo
Sugar ball factory slowly turned around and turned the muzzle.
The man who was familiar with the factory slowly retreated, and then a potbellied hammer man leaned out of the factory and waved his hand far away. "Brother, don’t shoot one of your own!" "
Zhuang’s brow wrinkled tightly. Why is this guy getting old? Still so calm? Isn’t he afraid that he will be smashed by a bombardment not far from Zhuang?
Then the factory operator woke up not far from Zhuang and said, "The other party wants to talk!"
Zhuang hesitated for a while or connected to the other communication channel.
He really doesn’t know what this guy sells.
"Gee, Brother Zhuang, you are really hidden." After the connection, the hammer factory owner was amazed. "I told you that such a magical output is definitely not an ordinary small factory. You can have a brother as expected. Do you have other backgrounds …"
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll blow you off with a gun?" Zhuang is not far away. I don’t know what medicine this guy sells in the gourd. He is the owner of the manor. You have to be careful if you show any flaws, even you will be besieged by everyone.
He raised his hand to signal that the operator had pressed the main gun button.
Sugar ball factory can blast this level of factory into slag with one shot of the main gun.
"I’m here to say hello first. I hope my brother doesn’t get me wrong. I sincerely want to be with my brother." The factory owner with a pot-bellied hammer laughed. "Brother, please step back a little."
Zhuang wondered not far away, but ordered the sugar ball factory to back off.
Then a huge force came to the back of the hammer factory, and a huge light door appeared, and a huge horse factory slowly emerged
The factory as a whole presents a cubic shape with criss-crossing lines like a huge Rubik’s cube.
It is thousands of kilometers in diameter and several times larger than the factory not far from Zhuang. I’m afraid it is already a star-rated factory.
Zhuang swallowed a mouthful of saliva not far away.
Although he also has a strong fighting capacity and Daniel, the Indiana Jones, is not necessarily afraid of each other, but the real face-to-face confrontation with the star-rated factory still makes him a little nervous
"Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. My brother and I hit it off immediately. We want to do business with him and buy more sugar." This potbellied man patted his belly. "And brother, you seem to have the same hobby as me. It’s rare to meet a kindred spirit. I really want to talk to you more."
Zhuang is not far away or frowning.
I saw that the hammer factory opposite slowly changed its shape into a small square and put it into the Rubik’s cube factory.
The small cube Rubik’s cube factory slid to the most central position, and the color slowly turned into gold, just like the king ascended the throne and the emperor was crowned. The whole process was particularly slow and gorgeous, and it was as awesome as it was forced.
The owner of the potbellied factory has his waist crossed, and his hands in front of the Rubik’s Cube factory are akimbo, which is quite a kind of arrogance.
Not far from Zhuang "…"
I always feel that there is something wrong with this painting style.
Xiao Wei clapped his hands next to him and said, "Ah, ha, ha, ha, Lord Zhuang, you met someone who likes to pretend to be aggressive as much as you do. No, you met someone who can pretend to be aggressive even more than you!"