But why coke this time?

Is it because of that red pillar of fire?
There’s also a transient in Phobos’ communication!
What does this transience mean?
What happened?
Just as Xu retreated from Yan Lie’s indecision, there was an emergency announcement on the Phobos World War I channel.
"The planet eye full energy consumption detection found that transient overrun power may fit has been one point six.
There are six alien races that may have limited access to the transfinite power and have entered the battlefield of Mars!
Please be on high alert!
Please be on high alert! "
This warning made Xu tuiyanlie look at each other.
Six alien races that may have limited access to transfinite power
That is to say, six elite foreign stars whose strength is close to genetic evolution have entered the battlefield of Mars!
You know it’s energy fluctuation detection!
It’s like a retreat, which may be the peak power of gene mutation, but in fact, a retreat may erupt into the lethality of A-level gene evolution
At the same time, the detection of the planet limit found that the energy fluctuation of the elite of foreign stars has reached the peak of gene evolution when the six strength limits are close to gene evolution.
The real power can definitely burst into gene transmutation environment power!
Six genetic transmutations have entered the arena!
This is an alien race reinforcement?
Or because of the red light beam?
Xu tuiyanlie’s heart is full of doubts.
"Emergency wake up six close to transfinite power planet eye has detected the five approximate position.
Has been urgently pushed to all units.
Please be on high alert for all units. If there are no two teams with genetic evolution, please stay away from these five positions immediately.
Wake up again. There are no two gene evolution teams. Please stay away from these five points immediately. "
Five red dots flashed on the map of the aircraft in an instant.
The five red dots are widely distributed from the third district to the thirty-fourth district.
Almost randomly distributed to the battlefield of Mars.
But Xu retreat YanLie eyes fell in a red dot.
This red dot is in the 22nd district, which is less than 200 kilometers away from Xu tui from the map of spacecraft!
Very close
Yan Lie swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked a little nervous at Xu tui. "Is this unit close to the overrun strength close to us?"
"Close to the over-limit strength unit?"
Xu retired and thought.
Ann’s way is to keep the horse away.
Re-engage in intelligence exploration
But Xu tui has just answered the request to assist in the construction of the second Mars base in Huaxia District.
Then these units that are close to exceeding the limit are very important.
What if their goal is really the red light beam at the overflow channel of the second source energy?
Then they will definitely kill the second energy surge channel war circle.
And Xu tui is also very likely to treat them!
When the time comes, it may be six units that are limited to over-limit strength.
There is one!
"Reconnaissance a we try? Look at this overrun strength unit? " Xu looked back at YanLie tone has asked.
You can’t make a decision alone, but you must ask Yan Lie for advice.
"No problem, I also want to see what this so-called alien race is like!" Yan Lie said
In an instant, Yanlie drove the spacecraft towards the nearest red dot.
It’s 200 kilometers away, and the speed of the spacecraft is three minutes away.