Go to Chunjiang, enter the capital, and kill the emperor!

However, he changed his mind when he came to the vicinity of Beijing. He heard one thing. After 211 years, his ancestors unified the whole day and anniversary in ten thousand!
Ten thousand years, even if you have a long life span, you can’t wait for one. Ten thousand years have passed, and you can see the city covered in rust. The fisherman pondered for a while and smiled and felt that he was lucky. It will take three and a half armor to catch the big excitement.
It’s not long for 211 years. Ye Fei turned back to Qiujiang and went to his heart, so he forgot that 60 years ago, he visited the palace at night and boasted that he had killed the emperor for a hundred years.
Stop this "one hundred-year promise"
This kid’s qualifications are average, but he’s ordinary.
Shuang Shu Qi Qi sighed. Two girls and sisters are honest and lively, but they are all exactly the same. They said softly to their parents, "It’s the right way to go away from the mountain, but it’s not a bad place. If you say no, it’s no good. You’re so persistent and you’re not hurting the child. Go home quickly. The scenery around here is not bad. Now that you have brought the child out, let’s take a tour when you come out."
Chapter one hundred and forty-two A smile flying fairy head justice
But the mother shook her head.
She didn’t notice that Shuang Shu came back from the outside, saying that they were also ordinary gatekeepers, but strange faces also meant new hope, so she didn’t get tired of telling Shuang Shu what she had said many times before.
This child’s nickname is fish fry, which is more than four years old this year. Everything has been fine since he was born healthy and lively, but there is only one strange thing. This child never smiles.
I’m so worried about a pair of parents who are floating in the world. On whether to study for an official position or to be an agricultural businessman, it’s always necessary to deal with others. The most important expression to mix up is "smile". He doesn’t laugh and will interact with others in the future.
Is it ridiculous to say that there is no future without laughing? Reality is not funny at all.
Please see the doctor. Please explain to Mr. Nai that the fish fry never laughed until one day last year when the baby was playing in the yard. Suddenly, she looked up and smiled at the sky.
It’s a smile, not a real laugh, but even so, it’s enough to surprise parents and look up at him. There’s nothing hanging around together … After the tea ceremony, suddenly a sword light flashed across, and it turned out that there was a repairman passing by here.
When the light of the imperial sword disappears, the practitioner disappears, and the smile in the eyes of the fish fry disappears. Continue to play and continue not to laugh.
Is it because the child wants to practice that he smiles at the practitioners passing by? Besides, he looked up the day before. Isn’t this kid talented?
Others say it’s a coincidence that only parents are gifted. They really brought dolls around the famous mountains to ask for help … How dare ordinary people come directly to ask for help from the mountains? They don’t have that extravagant hope. They laugh from ear to ear when they look forward to having a small Sect to take them in.
I traveled all over the place, willing to take in Huigen Xiuzong and accept him.
My parents didn’t give up and finally came to Lishan, but it was still the same ending.
On this day, no one is a real fool. With a little smile from my baby, I don’t hesitate to borrow money to travel all over the world. Aren’t those two words the most pitiful and ridiculous parents’ hearts-children can’t laugh, and the best result in the future is to live in solitude and live a lonely life. What if … He is really talented and can practice?
Ask him for a good future, no matter how hard his parents work.
In the tone of the nagging words, the eyes are full of eager anticipation. The fry are too young to speak, and the hands are tightly holding the mother’s sleeves.
At this time, the younger brother on duty at Shanmen once again came to persuade him to be a "uncle". It turned out that the fairy was a master in the mountain, and his eyes lit up, but he repeatedly said that he was still "talented, really talented"
Shuangshu looked at each other, and Jiansui frowned and whispered, "Why don’t you … invite Master to see it? Maybe it’s really talented?"
The tip of the sword is much more "practical" than his sister. "If you don’t want to be talented, you should beg the elder sister Fu Su to take him to Lingshui Peak, and ask Elder Feng to come and see if the kids won’t laugh."
It’s not a merit to be unable to seek the Tao and cure the baby’s strange illness.
For hundreds of years, kannika nimtragol has also become an evil mother-in-law, with a sharp sword and a sharp ear. The two maids have quite a position outside the mountain, especially the door. The gatekeeper’s younger brother greeted his parents with gratitude and took three people into the mountain boundary. It was also a coincidence that they were driving Elder Gong out as soon as they entered the mountain.
Brother Li Shan is afraid that the elder Zhang Xing is far better than the leader Shuang Shu. When he was a child, Gong forehand suffered a lot, so he could write a thick story. When he saw Elder Gong, he rushed to give in and salute.
Gong Zheng glanced at the three mortals and frowned slightly. "Take them into the Sect?"
Shuang Shu immediately told Gong Zheng what had happened before and after, and looked at her carefully. Xiaowa didn’t blame Jiansui, the tip of the sword. "You don’t have to take it to the Red Elder. Take my order and go directly to Lvshuifeng to ask the wind elder for consultation." Said Gong Elder, a red symbol floated out of his sleeve and flew into the hand of Jianjian.
The child is not qualified to practice, just give him a doctor directly.
Shuang Shu nodded, but at this time, the fry suddenly burst out laughing!
Eyes flashing light, little face full of arms, hands pointing in the direction of the dimly discernible star peak in the depths of the mountain, fish fry laughing loudly and crisp and full of happiness.
Don’t say that my parents even got a fright at Elder Gong. "Isn’t this a laugh?"
The mother of the fish fry was a little surprised. "Did he laugh for the first time … did Xian Changxin believe it?"