"So that’s it. Is everything doomed?"

Qin Changfeng muttered to himself, looking at the front, the increasingly gray curse color flashed in the eyes of the emperor, and no one knew what he was thinking at the moment.
A moment later, I saw him put away the eternal symbol of the emperor’s bone and put it away. At the same time, God read and issued an imperial edict.
"Emperor!" Jade slave fairy was called soon.
Qin Changfeng front kiss xiu Yang a shimmering star light bead flew out and fell to the front of the fairy.
Fairy gazed at it carefully and found that the light bead was impressively a palace condensed by runes, but it was too bright to hide the fairy palace.
"Emperor, this is …"
Qin Changfeng said, "From then on, in the Taitian Emperor’s Palace, there will be eternal dharma practice in the main palace of your palace, and any monk who decides to be mysterious can be selected to practice in the Emperor’s Palace."
"Yunu thanked the Emperor!"
Jade slave smiled and smiled, and she has realized her own transformation from the fairy princess to the heavenly emperor palace master.
"Everything in heaven is still up to you. When I leave for a while and come back, it will be the emperor’s period!"
Qin Changfeng gently nodded to leave this sentence and then disappeared in a flash.
Chapter one thousand and thirty-four The Emperor of Heaven arranged
Qin Changfeng, the celestial genkai Tiangong, lost his hand in the sky, and the stars on the top of the heavenly palace stood out.
"At the end, I will visit the Emperor Taitian!"
Bearer is at the end of the YuJun army master ink Hailan meticulously respectful salute.
"Do you know why the Emperor came to see you?"
"The Emperor of Heaven has his own reasons and will not dare to speculate at the end."
Qin Changfeng laughed, "Your son Sheng Tian died at my hand, and your mother should not let go of this killing place. If you don’t die, my heart will be restless."
"If the Emperor of Heaven wanted to kill me, he would have done it directly long ago, and he would not talk much."
Mo Hailan’s face was full of bitterness. She never dreamed that Qin Changfeng would not only become the final winner of the first monarch war, but also directly become the Emperor of Heaven. What she didn’t expect was that he turned out to be the reincarnation of the first immortal emperor.
It is impossible for Sheng Tian to die, but it is impossible to say how painful it is, but it is not necessarily because of the twists and turns. Needless to say, it is impossible to convince the Emperor that she has no revenge.
Today, the Emperor of Heaven has no resistance to the different roots of the fairy king ant, and it is obvious that the Emperor of Xianyu will not, and she will have a conflict with the Emperor of Taixian.
Qin Changfeng’s facial expression took out the cursed emperor’s bone, intercepted it from the source, turned it into a black light, directly printed the eyebrows of Mohailan, and immediately turned it into a final curse mark.
"It’s a curse that if you can carry on, the past will be forgotten."
Qin Changfeng’s purpose is obvious. He wanted to borrow this fairy king to explore the mystery of the curse of final silence. Although he had a lot of gains, he made a decisive breakthrough when he pondered it alone.
Although there are many celestial fairy kings, it is rare to make him justified and curse.
After all, he is now in the name of the Emperor of Heaven, and if he chooses, he will persecute a statue whose name belongs to him, and it is difficult to influence his reputation.
"Di Chu, you watch her. If you can prove the secret of your cursed silence, I will send you to Eternal Fuyu!"
Since Qin Changfeng arrival, Emperor Chu Jun has been behind him, and naturally he has repeatedly obeyed at this time.
In the eternal Fuyu nature, it is not anyone who wants to enter Qin Changfeng. Now, once the Emperor of Heaven enters Zhongdu, it can be said that it is detached. If he does not start cleaning up, it will be eternal and immortal, and the collapse of the world will not be critical to them.
This has incomparable attraction for Chu Jun, the emperor who has long known and personally experienced the death disaster, and thinks that it is the only refuge in the world to avoid the death disaster.
Moments later, Qin Changfeng disappeared from the Heavenly Palace and was sent to the No.1 test tower in genkai.