"I’m sorry I met some troublesome guys." Zhang Lan apologized like a husband who came home late.

"I know that you have already notified the world before you came. Is it Ye Chang?" Hera tilted her head to one side.
"The situation is very dangerous now. The Bawang Regiment has consigned the gun of grace to Antarctica to stop them from advancing. The snowstorm has also been killed by the gun of grace. Now the purgatory will turn into hell." Zhang Lan’s eyebrows are locked deeply
"I know that there is still my home, and the frozen mass has disappeared." Hera put away her photo display with a wry smile.
"Hera, calm down. I know you are angry now. I am as angry as you are, but hurting each other is not the solution to the problem." Zhang Lan tried to persuade him, but even he was swallowed up by anger. Ten thousand people breathed and turned to ashes. Zhang Lan tried to protect things, but nothing came alive.
"Have you seen where I am not calm?" Hera looked back at Zhang Lan.
"What you did is like I’m sorry," Zhang Lan apologized unconsciously.
"You don’t need to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was Guxuan, the beast. You always wanted to protect the earth from the great extinction, but now you can’t protect anything." Hera shook her head.
"I assure you that Guxuan will pay the price today, but now is not the time to be patient with violence." Zhang Lan was careful to appease.
"Violence violence? Do you mean this? " Hera took out a detonator from behind, and the bright red button covered the crystal cover, which needed to be gently pressed to the ring area of the overlord group emperor.
"Is it ready?" Zhang LAN shocked way
Galileo kept telling me and debugged a lot of parameters that I didn’t understand, but I knew that the laser matrix gun was ready. Hera pushed the detonator cover. Should I press it? This is that arranging a good play is a punishment from God and the heaviest blow to Guxuan. "
"no!" Zhang LAN stop way
"Are you worried that I will press? I really want to press it from the bottom of my heart … This is what I have been planning in my dreams for the past year, but … At last, I was afraid that a button would end 30,000 lives. 30,000 is equal to 10,000 families, 10,000 children and 10,000 old people. When they are together, they look out for 1 km. "
"Zhang Lan, we are not gods! How can we decide the life and death of so many people? How can you ignore other people’s feelings? Kill so many people easily? " Hera can’t hold on to all the strength any longer. She has collapsed at the moment she saw Zhang Lan. "I’m so scared. What must I bear all this? What! "
"It’s not your fault. It’s never your fault! Don’t blame yourself. "Zhang Lan quickly took Hera in his arms.
"no! It’s my fault! I let them go! I am the chairman of the board! If I hadn’t been so naive, they wouldn’t have died even if they were deprived of the ability to communicate with the outside world! My group is my friend! My citizen! None of them will die! ! !”
"No matter how painful it is, no matter how self-reproach …" Zhang Lan hugged Hera’s hand and almost made her breathe, making her forget the pain in her heart. "We must live and remember what is right and what is wrong and unfair. We will never forget right and wrong."
"My world has collapsed! I have nothing! " Hera growled.
"You still have me," Zhang Lan insisted. "No matter what the result is, I will be by your side."
"cheat! If this is my detonator! Give it to you! " Hera said to throw the detonator into Zhang Lan’s hands.
It should be said that up to this moment, all Zhang Lan’s ideas have been realized, and he has the keys to stop the end of the world or to hit the hell gate.
After thinking for a second, Zhang Lan put the detonator back in Hera’s hands.
Crying like a crybaby Hera suddenly stopped crying. Looking at Zhang Lan with consternation, I don’t understand.
"This is your life-saving charm and your only chip to deter the overlord group. Holding your hand is safer than holding mine because you have many reasons and motives to kill the overlord group according to it, and I … can’t threaten anyone because Gu Xuan knows I won’t do it." Zhang Lan’s analysis is more accurate than that.
"Because of dancing snow around him, you dare not." Hera collapsed and the brain circuit was reconnected.
"It’s more meaningful for you to hold it than me," Zhang Lan said calmly.
"But if I press? You said you would protect the world and it would disappear, "Hera wondered."
"Not because you are a good man" Zhang Lan smiled.
"You are calling me a good man, which is the biggest insult to those who are in charge. Those who are in charge should be fierce to the enemy, to themselves and to the world, and those who are in charge can truly protect their own people at their peak." Hera laughed at herself.
"What must be vertex? What must be fierce to protect others? You have saved the world without pressing this button, haven’t you? " Zhang Lan’s fallacies made Hera smile so brilliantly.
"What’s your plan?" If we don’t start the laser matrix gun, Hera will do everything for the world.