In this way, two people don’t have to worry about betraying each other. After all, if they want to betray each other, they may be known by each other.

It is precisely because of this that Zizhen meets the husband and wife.
Breaths match …
Either husband and wife are having an affair!
the former
It’s better
Look at Zhou Yi beside her eyes, she chuckled slightly and put away the picture in her hand.
During this period, the two of them lived together day and night, and she also learned a lot about Zhou Yi. She was calm and lively, but overall she was a different kind.
It seems …
I have my own understanding of heaven and earth, ethics and personnel Zhou Yi.
This kind of understanding is different from ordinary people, and the people in the dark wind tunnel are completely different. If they are in a low position, they don’t feel any respect for her.
And the idea of rubbing images like today is very abnormal, but Zhou Yishen seems to take it for granted.
All kinds of special features make Zizhen curious about him.
"Desert city …"
"Here we are!"
The name of a deserted city is not ideal city, but a general term for a region composed of many cities and mountains and islands.
However, because there is a big city across 100 thousand mountains to isolate the mountains from the outside, it got its name.
The flying boat slowly fell from the surface and jumped two people.
Accompanied by flashes of light, the huge flying boat was palm-sized and was collected by Zizhen.
"You two have just arrived in the desert city."
Gather around alone.
"Chen Liu can find out thousands of miles with his eyes closed, and I can arrange it properly whether I am working, playing or looking for a place."
A tour guide?
Chen Liu’s attitude is diligent, and there are more than a dozen people dressed similarly around him, which makes Zhou Yi pick the eyebrows and have a sense of familiarity.
But in front of this man, he is a gas refiner who should do such a business, which shows the prosperity of the practice style in the deserted city.
"Oh!" Purple really casually asked.
"How to collect it?"
"Seven days a LingShi" Chen six grinned.
"Less than three and a half LingShi more than three days less than seven days according to seven days, two rest assured to hire will surely make you value for money"
How expensive!
Zhou Yi secretly tongue-tied.
If you lead the way, you will get four lingshi in a month, and the brother outside the black wind tunnel will not earn one if he works hard.
Purple true with deep pockets and no bargaining nod should be.
"Thank you"
"Should" Chen Liu’s face lit up.
"The two can have any plans? If I haven’t been to the desert city before, I can introduce several places with beautiful scenery to enjoy. "
"Don’t have to" Zi Zhen waved his hand.
"Find an inn to live in first, preferably in Lingmai."
"Yes" Chen six nodded.
"However, most of the hotels with sufficient aura are not crowded, and the local rent is not low. You’d better have this in mind."
"hinder" zizhen looks casual.
"Just lead the way."
Chen Liuying is
Feiyun stack is located in a spiritual vein node, covering hundreds of acres, with more than 100 courtyards, large and small, and a gathering array method.
One day of cultivation here is comparable to four or five days outside.
of course
The rent is even higher.
Long-term rental for a month at a discount also requires ten lingshi and another plan for eating and drinking. Even Zizhen is surprised.
This is not a deserted city. The core price is so exaggerated.
"Sister Qin"
Arrange Zhou Yi to stay in Chen Liu’s backyard with a smile.
"I brought two more people here today."
"Well," Qin Dajie kind of is holding something similar to a barbell to exercise, and throwing a Lingshi at her hand.