"Teacher, how can I pass this second stage of devil training?" Han Chen has now taken this devil training as a test.

"You’re walking on a stake for ten days now, and then we’ll talk about" Ling Lao Yin comes from the Kirin Ring "and don’t ask me to practice on your own for ten days." Throw a word and Kirin Ring will never move again.
Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and made a Kenai expression on his face, but when he no longer waves, it is this picket that walks, and this walk is also passed in ten days.
"The teacher has passed ten days. What shall I do next?" Han Chen mind move shouted ling old.
But after a long time ling old still nothing happened.
"What’s wrong with the teacher?" Shouting the name of Ling Lao again for a long time, Ling Lao still didn’t reply.
"Boom …" A flash across the sky and then a muffled thunder resounded. For this sudden situation, Han Chen felt that he was seeing stars and looked up to see Wan Liyun.
"What’s the matter?" Han Chen murmured that his eyes swept across the sky and found nothing unusual.
Han Chen-gen didn’t meet this strange thing before it happened for no reason, so he guessed very much in his heart and looked to the southeast, where there seemed to be bursts of energy fluctuations, but the movement was not very big because the distance was very far away.
"What happened?" Han Chen said to himself, although the distance is far away, Han Chen feels unprecedented coercion, and even the depths of his soul tremble.
Bang …
Another wave of strong energy fluctuations hit Han Chen and he felt untenable. Suddenly, sand and stones were flying around him, and his chest ached and blood gushed out.
Han Chen was so shocked that he felt the eruption force like a volcano coming at him. Han Chen knew that the flash was caused by someone fighting just now.
Han Chen, a good terrorist force, thinks that if the battle just now was a windy city, I’m afraid this windy city will be the Neo-European continental plate that disappeared from now on.
"Bad that fighting is getting closer and closer to here" Han Chen felt a sudden increase in a lot of coercion and felt that the fighting of the earth was getting closer and closer to this windy city.
Han Chen froze with fear and didn’t shout. Ling Lao panicked. He had already forgotten Ling Lao, but soon he woke up and knew that he could react when he was in danger and get out of here quickly.
Jumping and running quickly, Han Chen found a flashing place to hide.
At this time, two figures in the windy city are hanging.
"Humcrewe, how dare you want to spy on the tomb of Lingyan, one of the top ten strong men in our holy allies?" The two strong men in the sky have stopped fighting, but their energy fluctuation is still very earth, and they have a sense of life and death, and they can destroy a city with a wave of their hands. This is the real strong man.
Two strong men, one wearing a gray cloth looks a little vicissitudes of life, but a pair of leopard eyes are sharper than what he just said, while the other is wrapped in a black robe and can’t see the halal face, but judging from his breath fluctuation, he is also a strong man.
"Saint Mongolia has long since turned into a historical dust, and you, the remnant of Saint Mongolia, still dare to talk big. You should be glad that Lingyan had fallen and I went to inquire about it. Don’t you fear that Lord Adolphe will be angry with you if you dare to stop it?" Crewe, a black man, said lightly that his face was also full of humility.
Listening to the word "Adolphe", Temu, a man in gray, also flashed a touch of fear. That is a person more terrible than death. Everyone in their organization gnashed their teeth when they heard Adolphe’s name, and of course they were deeply afraid.
Black people cold hum a whole body vitality sharp fluctuations will soon disappear.
Temu is also the most visited.
Feel the coercion disappear Han Chen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. His clothes have already been soaked with sweat, and his heart is still beating violently. Han Chen slowly walked out of the cave in shock.
"Saint Mongolia actually has a life to come" Ling Lao’s figure wobbled and looked at Han Chen who was frightened.
"What happened to the teacher just now?" Han Chen looked at Ling Lao with a heavy face. He didn’t blame Ling Lao for not protecting himself just now. He knew that Ling Lao must have a reason.
"That’s the strong neo-European fruit and the strong saint-Mongolian country. I just felt the breath of Adolphe, afraid that he would find my trail and seal his soul by himself." Looking at Han Chenling, I smiled apologetically.
"What are the two strong teachers?" Han Chen smiled and didn’t mind if Ling Lao was discovered just now, so he would die. Just now Ling Lao couldn’t realize that it was better to protect himself.
"Soul-setting master" Ling Lao said lightly that it seems otherwise.
When I heard the condensed soul Han Chen was startled, this realm is so powerful that it is really horrible. It is rare to say that his father is a master of solid realm.
"But can the soul-condensing realm fly?" Han Chen doubts that this is a bit contradictory to what he knows.
"They rely on flying Wushu," Ling Lao said slowly.
"Flying wushu? What is flying martial arts? " Han Chen leng leng continued
"Flying Wushu is a kind of special Wushu that relies on vitality to support short flight, but it is very rare." Ling Lao smiled lightly. "But I happen to have one here."
"really?" Han Chen’s eyes are hot, but he is not in a hurry to teach Ling Lao to himself. After all, he doesn’t have so much energy to practice Wushu separately. Now he is purely training the devil.
But up to now, he has cultivated four kinds of Wushu, Shanhai Boxing, Bubu, Youlong Palm Collapse, and that Youlong Palm is also a free time to study until now.
"Well, after the world is strange, it will be normal for you to learn more." Ling Lao smiled and urged Han Chen to continue his practice