I have long been aware of the blood clan in front, but I still pretend that I don’t know anything. I took a casual look at Lian Qiao and Lian Qiao didn’t dare to look at him.

Suddenly, a small golden flying knife shot out of nowhere at a very fast speed and flew straight ahead at the hand of Taixu.
Surprised, the horse raised its front hoof and flew out of a red figure in this instant grass. His pale and delicate face was scratched by a slender wound.
"Not me!" It’s hard to recognize that this person in front of me is none other than Xiyu!
"You want to die!" Xihe rain nu claws big crazy generally descended on too.
She sneaked out to look for the blood shadow clan, but some agents found out that she had seen the blood shadow in this area.
Too hasty to hide seems clumsy, but every time I am about to be caught by Xihe Rain, I hide dangerously.
"Don’t you dare ruin my face!" Xihe Feng didn’t dare to be too empty. How many people behind him were short of breath and became angry from embarrassment?
Ling Si Night listened carefully to the fight and put one hand on Lian Qiao’s shoulder to prevent her from moving, while the seven demons and seven evil spirits behind her did not dare to help without Ling Si Night’s command.
Too empty or hide panting shouted at xiyu "smelly girl didn’t come to help!" "
Lian Qiao’s mouth twitched a little, but I didn’t know how to say it.
Xihe rain is a catch mercilessly swept to too sideways and fell over the horse for several laps. Xihe rain ran after it and fell behind too. A claw was about to fall, but it was caught by too carrying all the people. "Girl, I didn’t hurt you. What are you looking for me?" It’s Lingsi night that hurts you. Go find her! "
"Ling si night! Magic! " Xihe rain just calmed down a little. Just passing by the root, I didn’t realize that someone in front wouldn’t know that I would meet them.
Attention finally looked ahead, and sure enough, several familiar faces stared at her coldly.
She and her brother can’t fight the seven demons and seven evils together, and the exorcist is surprised and turns to leave.
However, Taixu turned around and stopped in front of her, pretending to be trapped by her and struggling to shout, "Master, throw caution to the wind!"
Language, "Hands clasped with fingers, thumbs pressed against lips, a" stand "hand turned out suddenly from the outside, and a blue light suddenly appeared, and a miter aperture instantly hit Xihe in the rain.
"Is the enchantment" Lian Qiao blurted out.
Lingsi night lips flush a sneer at motionless look.
Xihe rain surprised the root didn’t huanguo to god. wait for a while looked at Taixu’s hands and claws gradually restored to their original appearance. His hands were too heavy to move.
Too empty is literally sat down on the ground and gasped and lay back with all his strength.
At this time, Lian Qiao rushed over anxiously and shouted, "Master, are you all right?"
The seven demons and seven evil spirits all looked at each other tacitly.
"Master is old, really old. You’d better come to Master Malay. In case Master goes like this, you won’t fall off the horse." Too weak to say.
"Listen to the master well," said Lian Qiao, and lifted him up to laugh, but he finally endured it.
It was too empty, but I couldn’t help saying, "What the hell did you say, girl?"
"Don’t worry, don’t say, don’t say, you’d better have a good rest." Lian Qiao said with a smile
"You let me go or the blood clan will not let you go!" Xihe rain finally slow lead to anger.
"Oh, isn’t this Xifeng baby sister?" Luo Shui Ji Yin came over full of bitterness and irony-as one pleases was uneasy and kind
Dare not grieve and remain angry
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The night has been a deep cry and a smile, and all the flames have come back
This small town is deserted, and this is a ruined temple, which seems to have been abandoned for a long time.
The seven demons and seven evil spirits take turns to keep vigil. They have been running around all day, and they can barely rest for one night.
Chu Yin is guarding the dilapidated temple outside, and everyone is tired, but the rain is still shouting.
"What’s the big deal if you let me rely on the exorcist!"
"We don’t let outsiders interfere in our magical affairs!"
"Don’t shut up, I will tear your mouth! You also know that you are a magic man! " Luo Shuiji cold warning
"I tell you that the blood clan is not far from here. My brother will definitely come back to me if he can’t find me!" Sharp ratio of xiyu sound
"So the blood clan fled faster than us?" Incarnate from also got up, anyway, also can’t sleep play this girl.
"You can’t get anything out of me!" Xihe rain watched warily with the charm from the crowd.
"Blood shadow doesn’t look like it’s with the blood clan." Cloud light saysno. How can this girl say that it’s all blood clan?
"no!" Xiyu blurted out
"You said no, no! You’re going north, right? " Waterinfo ji said with a sneer.
Xiyu is really no more stupid than Luo Shuiji. He asked, "Are you going west this way?"
"Why don’t you fight for Dihu? Aren’t you happy?" Butterfly in accordance with the asked cold swept waterinfo ji one eye.