His corner greedily looked at Shen Xuefu’s face.

Shen Xuefu didn’t notice that she was more at ease because of the dark wind.
She was absorbed in admiring the moon and the beauty of the sky.
But the dark wind is not like this. How can you enjoy the moon with peace of mind when you are sitting next to a woman who loves you?
He finally asked Anna, "What do you like about Jiang Muhan, Princess?"
Shen Xuefu listen to hand slightly clenched as didn’t hear.
I haven’t given a response for a long time, and the dark wind heart has cooled half.
She is not white than Jiang Muhan where she is …
Perhaps I feel that my problem is a little abrupt and dark, and I apologize. "Princess is my big mouth."
Shen Xuefu pulled the topic without looking at the dark wind. It seems to be mumbling to the moon, "I’m going to take a trip to Yaogu during this period."
Say Shen Xuefu paused before dark wind said something, she continued to himself; "With Mu Han"
Words fall dark wind face a live.
He looked at Shen Xuefu.
Chapter 254 Refuse
The rustling of fallen leaves adds a touch of uncertainty to people’s hearts.
Dark wind looked at Shen Xuefu and rested in the room at this time as if thinking about something, and a pair of beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.
The emotions in my heart can’t be suppressed when I see the person in front of me.
Those are careless feelings that make people keenly aware.
Dark wind knocked on the door and walked beside Shen Xuefu.
"will you take me when you go to the medicine valley?"
As if worried that Shen Xuefu would refuse, the dark wind added.
"It’s a long way to go, it’s difficult to meet danger, and it’s not bad to have one more person to protect you."
If you think about it carefully, it sounds ridiculous. With the cold status of the river curtain, even if there is one less dark wind to protect Shen Xuefu, you can get well.
But sometimes people won’t give up if they don’t hit the south wall, just like the dark wind at this moment
It is impossible for two people to be servants for so long if they don’t have the heart to the dark wind.
Shen Xuefu hesitated for a final determination.
"When the time comes, you don’t have to follow me. You’re bound to be free to follow me for so long. You can go wherever you want."
Set yourself free? Dark wind froze.
Maybe I wanted this before, but now what do I want? Freedom is no longer important. Losing a heart and having some forms of things is no longer what you want.
"I …"
Shen Xuefu this time it is with his back to the dark wind know dark wind is not willing to part with or leave is not turned around.
Two people have been servants for so long, not only knowing Shen Xuefu from the dark wind, but also knowing some thoughts from the dark wind.
Shen Xuefu already has a cold river curtain and two children, and it is so redundant to set off the dark wind friendship in these settings.
There was a wind rustling outside the window, and before I knew it, it was dark enough to be opaque, and the lights in the house were burning.
The warm yellow flame kept flashing but never went out.
This beam of light shines in the eyes of the dark wind, but it can’t warm the eyes of the dark wind, and it instantly cools the heart.
Even if I’m the one who was abandoned, so what? I can’t be the master.
Since it is abandoned, step on your own way home. Dark wind gave a wry smile
"I wonder if the master will leave in a few days."
"It’s not decided yet, but it’s only in these days. You go."
Shen Xuefu knows that if he doesn’t talk, the mood in the dark wind doesn’t know how to stay.
There are some things that can be done by yourself. The bad guy is cruel. Maybe things that shouldn’t be there will break. This is also the best ending.
For Shen Xuefu cruel dark wind where can not white? A lot has been said about a refusal.
Even if the river curtain is cold, it is another matter to ask Shen Xuefu not to refuse his own dark wind and believe that maybe he will have a chance to get it by himself.
Emotions in my heart sometimes drive people crazy, but the ending is doomed, and it’s time for some things to be released.
"In this case, the master should go to bed early."