Chapter 12 Yu Zhanghang (5)

Chapter 12 Yu Zhanghang (5)
I heard that what is this girl across the street? Yincui gorge Ma Yun hurriedly looked at it carefully for a few times, and secretly thought that this person would not be the princess I was going to marry on this trip//Update the fastest 7s // Ma Yun was kicked out of the duck rack, so he didn’t agree with this marriage, of course, and he didn’t bother to ask whether it was the marriage. Moreover, since he came to Li Tang, he has been thinking about how to escape or how to deal with Li Tang officials all day, and he didn’t care about this marriage at all.
However, when suddenly facing a princess in Li Tang, even if you are preoccupied, Ma Yun can’t help but wonder what kind of person the other half of this political marriage is. The slender willow eyebrows can’t help but make people dream of white women. At that moment, Ma Yun seems to be a little crazy.
Being * * naked staring at random aiming at the girl can’t stand it, not to mention that this person is Princess Li Tang. Soon Hongxia will be full of the whole face, and her heart is naturally shy and slightly angry. When she can’t help but cough gently.
Ma Yun suddenly woke up from this cough. He quickly withdrew his eyes and looked around as if nothing had happened. Then he thought that he was embarrassed and couldn’t help secretly looking at the woman across the eye, but it happened that the woman’s eyes seemed more embarrassed than this scene.
Li Yu seems to suddenly think of something like cocked his head and smiled. "Are you the king of Chu? Isn’t that my third brother-in-law? "
Ma Yunwen one leng didn’t expect it to be her.
Yincui gorge suddenly became a little embarrassed and added, "Sixth Brother wants you to talk nonsense." She said, pulling Li Yu straight out of the hospital without looking at Ma Yun.
Cangsong left Ma Yun alone.
Suddenly, he suddenly thought that he was lost. He hurriedly dropped out of the courtyard and looked at it again. It was the same when the courtyard was quiet. The cloister, rockery and pavilion mom were too big.
Ma Yun came from one hospital to another and finally saw a man coming in a hurry and said, "The Five Sovereigns have found you. Our Sovereigns have already hosted a dinner party for you."
So Ma Yun followed this man and finally came out of this maze-like place connected with the courtyard.
In the main hall, Li Jie, Zhao Pu and Chen Jue accompanied several local officials in Hongzhou, such as Li Hongji and Hongzhou Secretariat, and none of them were there.
Seeing Ma Yun’s questioning eyes, Li Jie said, "The five princes, Wang Nanchang and Chen Daren, have gone to pick up Song’s adult, so they should come back."
Lord Song won’t be Song Qiqiu?
An accompanying official said, "It was the imperial edict of Song Qiqiu Song’s adult a few days ago that ordered Nanchang Wang Zhen Navy to make our time, and now Song’s adult has come to the place." The official said that he suddenly remembered something and secretly looked at Chen Jiao. Shut up and stop talking. This expression change was more or less a little uneasy.
Ma Yun nodded with a smile in his mind, but he couldn’t help but see that Jinling Tea House had information about Song Qiqiu. When the civil servants in the Southern Tang Dynasty pushed Song Qiqiu and Li Bian to be in power, Song Qiqiu’s official residence, the prime minister, and Pingzhang took various measures to show agriculture and mulberry, which made Li Tang "open up all the land to explore mulberry fields", that is, there was no wasteland where every family raised silkworms and planted mulberry. Li Tang was rich. After Li Bian’s death, Li Jing acceded to the throne, and Song Qiqiu, such as Chen Jue and Cha Wenhui, became more and more marginalized in Li Tangzheng.
Chen Jue asked Ma Yun to sit in the guest seat and then stayed with him. After chatting for a few words, he actually enjoyed tea.
Soon Li Hongji came in with an old man in gray in his fifties. Ma Yun quickly got up and walked a few steps to greet Song Qiqiu, followed by Zhao Pu, who secretly kicked Ma Yun’s shoes first. Ma Yunxin was surprised that he didn’t do it when he stopped.
Li Hongji laughed at the moment when Ma Yun bowed down and respected himself. "Lord Song, let me introduce you to Ma Guangyun, the five kings of Chu. Behind him are Li Jie, the messenger of Chu and Mr. Zhao of Zhao Pu."
What a coincidence! It just happened that Ma Yun was embarrassed. Song Qiqiu squinted at Ma Yun’s mouth and snorted. I don’t know what to say or what to say. I didn’t say it. Even if I said hello, I didn’t look at Chen Jiao’s self-care and went straight over. I sat down in the position of subject and guest, and then I said with a big smile, "Chen Jiao, you have made a great contribution this trip."
Chen Jue’s eyes flashed with anger, but he said with a smile, "It’s a long way from Jinling to Hongzhou. It’s a hard journey." He also asked earnestly, "I heard that the adult was ill the other day, but it’s a pity that the emperor didn’t come to visit today. Seeing that the adult must still look much better?"
Song Qiqiu strange eyes a turn said, "you don’t say I’m sick as soon as you leave. Today I came to Hongzhou and suddenly felt bored."
Before Chen Jue could speak, Li Hongji laughed again. "Please sit down, my lords and five lords. We’ll talk over dinner."
Song Qiqiu, however, ignored Chen Jue and said to Ma Yun, "I heard that the five princes are training elite soldiers in Jingnan, paying taxes and attaching importance to agriculture. Is Sang Qizhi afraid that it is not just four States?"
Chen Jiao is looking on coldly. Li Hongji is just testing Song Qiqiu’s words. This is a bit of a whole heart.
Ma Yun’s face changed slightly and secretly looked at Li Jie with a smile. "Song’s adult joked with me. This training is to prevent the north."
Song Qiqiu smoothed her beard and pie mouth. "When did the Khitan and Dajinzhong attack each other?"
It was born when Li Bian was alive. Once, Emperor Yeludeguang of Qidan sent an envoy to Li Tang. At that time, Song Qiqiu offered a plan to prevent Dajin from coveting the Jianghuai area. When the envoy returned to Qidan Road, he sent someone to pretend to be a Jinn to assassinate the envoy. As a result, Qidan did have a gap in Dajin, and Song Qiqiu often became complacent afterwards.
Ma Yun shook his head and said, "The soldiers and horses in Dajin are strong and the sergeant Chu is weak. If there are enough soldiers in the south, how can we not train for the enemy?"
Song Qiqiu laughed. "I’m afraid I’m not in the wine."
Looking at Li Jie and Ma Yun, Chen Juekuan said, "Don’t take it seriously when adults in Song Dynasty are drunk and joking."
Song Qiqiu glanced at Chen Jue coldly and said, "Lian Po can still eat meat for ten pounds in his seventies. What about me? Chen Er pour me wine, "said staring straight at Chen Jiao who was holding a hip flask and preparing to pour Ma Yun wine.
Chen Jue, the second child, was originally a diner in Song Qiqiu. In the past, Song Qiqiu could kindly call him "Chen Er". It’s a pity that Chen Jue is still a Tang Dynasty envoy today, but Song Qiqiu is not as good as a phoenix. This "Chen Er" is also called him a little embarrassed.
Ma Yun also recalled that there was something wrong with these two people. Li Hongji, of course, was even more aware of it. He personally gave Song Qiqiu a glass of Song Qiqiu, got up and gulped it down. After putting the glass down, he also clapped and read, "Although the tortoise is still alive; The snake rides the fog and ends up in the dust, and the old horse crouches in a thousand miles; The martyrs are full of courage in their twilight years. "
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, all kinds of colors keep flashing in Chen Jue’s face, but eventually they turn into a smile. "Song’s adult, you were really a hero at that time. In fact, the south of the town is in danger. It is really a blessing for the people of Hongzhou to be here."
Look at Song Qiqiu’s sample. Today, I want Chen Jiao to look good, but Chen Jiao has already developed a pair of iron faces. The so-called man who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile, Song Qiqiu, stared at Chen Jiao’s eyes and sighed and said nothing.
This noisy banquet was actually quiet, and there was no sound at all. Everyone here was a bit tasteless. Li Hongji was the host and was ready to speak with a strong smile. At this moment, suddenly a samurai with a knife came in quickly outside and whispered a few words in Li Hongji’s ear. Li Hongji looked at the crowd in the hall and waved his hand to let the samurai go.
Li Hongji smiled and raised his glass and said, "Today, it’s really a pleasure to have friends coming from afar to celebrate the marriage of Da Chu and Da Tang, and secondly, the adults of Song Dynasty have come to you to welcome us to drink this cup."
This meal was so salty and tasteless that everyone had their own worries, which was beyond concealment. Ma Yun took advantage of drinking to block the toilet and came to the hospital. Before he left, he secretly gave Zhao Pu a color.
A little while later, Zhao Pu also came out of the west wall of the courtyard. Ma Yun asked quietly, "How is Mr. Today?"
Zhao Pu laughed. "Is your majesty worried that Song Qiqiu will see through our plan?"
Ma Yunshen said, "When you come, you will be safe. This old man has become wiser and I am afraid of him."
"Report rest assured that this person is really good, but this person is still excluded from the imperial center. Hey hey, even if he is narrow in popularity in the imperial court and has made bad friends with Li Jing many times, he is broken. We have no place to say it and no one will listen."