"Shut up" Ripple’s face changed and his eyes pointed like a cone. A bunch of silver needles was expected to fly away towards the leading black man.

"Ding" black men naturally don’t slow to pull out a meniscus knife and turn back the silver needle of ripples, and they all set aside. The pillar was silver and almost dazzling.
"Shadow god needle? How can you stink? How can you make a shadow needle? " When the leader looked at the silver needle, his tone suddenly changed and he was shocked. "No, it’s not like the master’s shadow needle. Who are you?"
Ripple looked at the black leader with disdain as if he didn’t see a silver needle in his hand.
Provocative. This is definitely provocative.
Sure enough, when the leader in black robe saw the ripple, he immediately became furious. "His mother, the king, the lamb, the turtle and the grandson answered the old question."
"Who is turtle Sun cursing?"
"turtle sun scolds you"
"Ha ha, yes, yes, turtle Sun doesn’t have a tutor at all." Ripples sneer at the black leader.
"You, you, you", the black man, realized that he was rippling. When he scolded himself as a turtle, Sun was so angry that his eyes almost popped out.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." Old Eleven laughed unceremoniously, gave a thumbs-up to the ripples, and wiped the corners of his eyes. It seemed that tears were laughing, and he felt that the ghost name was born to be a turtle grandson. It was really gratifying!
"Don’t leave one", the leading black man, was completely angered and waved his hand at the already arranged formation.
The scene changed instantly. It was called tight encirclement Array, which was a movable frisbee descending from the middle, and everyone cooperated well, waving their weapons like a mechanical super flywheel.
Gradually approaching the ripples, quietly looking at the flying human flywheel behind Chihiro, thinking about the cracking method, it seems that you can hear the huge airflow blowing through the air with a silvery white knife, and it seems that you can spin people into the knife’s sharp sword to strangle them into mud faces, but you can feel the cold breath in the gasp and Pentium rotation for a long time.
"Do you still want to stay?" At this time, Chihiro doesn’t seem to be worried at all that the so-called tight encirclement formation is looking at the ripples deeply. A pair of eyes are as deep as the sea, and if the concentration is not enough, they will be deeply trapped. The starlight is very beautiful.
Ripples looked at this and looked at it with a sigh. The generous and slightly cold hand that had been gathering in the white robe sleeve firmly held it.
Tone than sincerity "don’t go"
It seems that I’m still not sure that the ripple sounds seem to come from far away. "If you stay today, you may die here. It won’t be difficult for you to leave them." This means that if you don’t stay, you may be dead and still be alive. This is betting on only one life in your life.
One side has already come with a clash of weapons. Obviously, Chu Qiao and Lao Eleven have been fighting with the black-robed man and others to make room. It is really not allowed to talk about the mood at this time, but so what? They are willing to give this time desperately, and obviously they have done it.
"Didn’t you say I was your man?" Ripples ask
Chihiro narrowed his eyes and then ordered a head.
"Good. Since I am your person, you are also my person. Since I am my person, I naturally want to protect my person from harm. Now I will not leave. I will fight side by side with you and teach this group of uneducated turtles a lesson." Ripple said with great pride.
A thousand miles away, my eyes squeeze out a little warmth, and I hold the rippling hand. "Good fight together" is also a pair of high spirits. I am not wrong about the wrong person.
See ripples falling away with his back to his back Chu Qiao old eleven is tightly covered beside them.
See they were trapped in a silvery white sword shadow, with swords spinning around their heads to draw the mans.
Ripples shot the silver needle in the sleeve as the top secret weapon toward the silvery white sword, followed by a bang bang. Obviously, the silver needle hit those swords.
Chihiro slowly patted his hand flat on his chest, and his five fingers turned into talons. His wrist kept spinning and then spinning, and then the palm gradually showed a cherry blossom that was transformed by force. It was still a rare golden cherry blossom. With the rotation of his wrist, the palm turned into more and more cherry blossoms, one after another, and they were different in size but dazzling.
The spike happened in this instant.
Seeing that the original cherry blossoms are still spinning in the hands of Chihiro for a second is like a split flower, mixed with broken sounds, and it doesn’t matter whether it can hit people or not
Two people cooperate well, as if they were born with each other. The petals of golden cherry blossoms are rippling, and the silver ferns and needles are golden, and the silver ferns are mixed with gold, and one move is followed by another.
Gradually the situation changed.
The petals and needles of several hidden weapons-like golden cherry blossoms heard a loud bang when they were in contact with the silvery airflow. The perfect silvery white sword fern seemed to break the mirror and cracked with the petals hitting.
"Bang" a head of silver sword awn exploded like a bomb.
Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
Of course, the silver sword awn around them was no exception, and it was hit by the golden cherry blossom petals and hit the ground.
"Oh," some men in black were lying on the ground with painful faces and heavy injuries. They covered their chests and gasped, while others were stuck in the silver needles in the hands of ripples and fell to the ground as if they were dead. Of course, this was due to the fact that the silver needles in the ripples were filled with materials.
Turned to see his face a little pale and Chihiro frowned deeply.
"You" ripple looks a little bad. Look at this wandering heart and secretly curse: Is this guy really desperate? How dare you hurt someone so badly?
"Lord" Chu Qiao has rushed to Chihiro’s side in the ripple mouth for a second, and he started to worry and watched Chihiro’s face change.
"Ahem, I’m fine. All these chop suey still think of me coming to Weifu to die. Ahem," said Luo Chihiro coldly. It’s very disdainful to look at those people who are crying in black robes.
"Lord, you can’t do it again." Chu Qiao withdrew his pulse hand and solemnly said that the restless airflow of the main body has been escaping. If you do it, the recurrence of the injury will be more serious than before. The pills you are refining now can’t get up at all.
"I know my own body," said a sentence.
Chuqiao’s impulse to hit people is all there. You know, you know, you know, you still do it casually. You know, you still don’t listen to dissuade you. You know, Chu Qiao listed many dangerous things in his mind. Oh, then he frowned. He is really like a street sister-in-law. No one is willing to listen to his advice.
The leading black-robed man saw that he should be proud of tight encirclement, so he was lost in a thousand miles and that smelly little trick was killed and half of them were killed in flight. Suddenly, his face was as green as summer leaves, and it was difficult to see the pole.
"Chihiro" gnashed her teeth
The black man was completely furious, and his left and right hands kept paddling around him, and then the body crashed like a meteor ball, and as he got closer, it became more and more like a cone.
"Hum Diao Bug Skill" looked at the cone-shaped meteor ball with a cold hum, but it was blocked by ripples.
"To deal with this little chop suey Lao Gong, I can do it myself." Ripples said lightly, making eyes at Chu Qiao. That Chu Qiao is also a fine girl, and together with the old eleven, she will fall in love with him.
"Smelly little boy, you’re getting impatient, aren’t you? I’ll send you to see your grandmother today." When the black man saw the ripples, his eyes were burning with anger, new hatred and old hatred.
"Yo yo turtle grandson is really a big mistake. I’ll teach you a lesson for God today, you long-eyed turtle grandson."
"Bang" a ripple smoked Chu that has been pinned to the waist with a lux whip. Speaking of this whip, everyone is not unfamiliar. In the jungle, the skin of the slaughtered boa constrictor was made into a lux whip mixed with ripples. It was more skillful to hit the cone-shaped meteor ball, which seemed to be the target whip.
But when the whip touched the cone-shaped meteor ball, I clearly heard a cry of pain. Obviously, the whip of the ripple really hit the leader of the black robe. The leader of the black robe snorted and fell to the ground. A carp turned up and resented watching the ripple and the whip in her hand.
Ripples are even more puffed up. It’s obvious that I’m going to slap you today. Even your mother doesn’t recognize you.
"Hey, you can hit it like this." Old Eleven was surprised and opened his mouth with a face of disbelief. Looking at the red whip in the hands of ripples, I couldn’t believe that it was born to be a cone ball. Where is it? You can’t see clearly. Look at the ripples. The whip just hit the black man’s forehead. It’s not a coincidence or something.
The black man took a look at the ripples and rose faster and faster again. This would not make him into a cone, but cut him with a strong airflow like a sword towards the ripples.
Even watching Chu Qiao is frightening. But he knows that the ripple body has no power. What does she take to resist the strong power of the ghost hall master? It seems that she has to do it herself.
Just like this, I was thinking that the figure of the black man was getting closer. Chu Qiao was about to pick up this recruit. The figure of Nai ripple dodged like a ghost, leaving a ghosting image in the air. People couldn’t see how she moved, but she had already disappeared. However, the black man, who was mixed with vigorous force, chopped hard on the ground and threw the ground out of a pit more than one meter deep.
Chuqiao was surprised when the ripple figure miraculously swooped down from the back of the head of the black man.
The black man seemed to feel the danger and was about to flicker to avoid it, but the ripples didn’t give him the chance. All the strength of the palm mixed with ripples hit the black man in the middle of the back.
Poof! One mouthful blood gushed out from the black man’s mouth as expected.
"What’s this wonderful martial arts skill? It’s fast enough. It’s bizarre to explain how ripples are powerless." Chu Qiao pondered over how she did it. She asked herself if she could avoid a fatal blow at such a close distance and then give the enemy a move. He answered honestly and couldn’t be more excited. Great! But it is their own, of course, the better.
"I think this should be the first time that she played against the killer door in Talomon. It was a good move. It was indeed my chosen person." Looking at the high-spirited ripples in the battle with a face of admiration, I didn’t find how proud and spoiled I was in my tone, even the corners of my mouth reminded me without knowing it.
Ripples on this side can see that their hands are really hitting the black-robed man, and the satisfaction evokes the corners of the mouth.
Girls, don’t worry about jumping into the pit!
Ask for support! Ask for a first order! Ask for a collection! Well, all kinds of pursuits
124 ripples are terrible
The black man is like an angry mad lion, roaring in the same place towards the ripple. The trick is mixed with vigorous force, but it all hits the wall and ground column.