"Captain, thank you!"

Li Cheng smiled and shook his head and said, "There will be no more opportunities for you in this game." At this time, Li Cheng put Carter’s gambling appointment behind him, and invited them out when it was a big deal. He now has a lot of figures on the concept of dollars, but it is nothing to lose a bet on Lopez’s future and confidence. Of course, if he can win, Li Cheng is absolutely unwilling to lose.
Chapter two or three New battles
Then Li Cheng created a goal opportunity for Lopez, and Lopez realized that Li Cheng was creating a goal opportunity for him.
"Never live up to the captain’s letter!" Little Lopez in the heart andao
This attack, Li Cheng once again won the cheers of the fans on the spot through gorgeous dribbling. Although this is New Jersey, the fans here are also very fond of Li Cheng’s gorgeous ball style.
Except for some cities that hate Li Cheng, fans in other cities, such as Chicago and Cleveland, are very fond of Li Cheng’s gorgeous football style.
In fact, Li Cheng’s handsome appearance and gorgeous football style are very popular with fans, and his performance in the national team has become the reason for his soaring fame and popularity.
Carter has a good defensive attitude today, but he doesn’t have much defensive ability against Li Cheng’s gorgeous dribbling, let alone Carter. The league doesn’t have a good solution to Li Cheng’s dribbling. In a one-on-one situation, Li Cheng has already exploded a defender.
Li Cheng moved sideways and got stuck in Carter’s position, and then the Nets had to double-team Li Cheng. This time, the Nets cooperated with Li Cheng, and Li Cheng failed to blow up their defense line at one time, but Li Cheng still jumped up and prepared to shoot.
Seeing that Li Cheng has made a shot, all the Nets players are looking here, and the players who double-team around Li Cheng are trying their best to take off and block.
Li Cheng glanced at the basket and the Lopez brothers. The two of them were fighting in a rebounding position. Li Cheng exerted his strength at the waist. His body seemed to be in the middle of the game, and his strong hysteresis was staggering. Then Li Cheng threw the ball directly at little Lopez
When Lopez saw Li Chengqiu coming, he withdrew his strength and took a step forward. Then he received the basketball, and then he turned around and hooked the ball into the basket.
Little Lopez can’t compete with big Lopez in the basket, mainly because of inexperience, but this time he fell into the wind and let Li Cheng find a better chance.
"Li Cheng has a very strong ability to seize opportunities on the spot."
"I have to say that he has a very good grasp and control of the situation, and his ability to observe on the spot is sometimes beyond our imagination. Sometimes I wonder if he is watching the stadium from another angle."
"Emperor’s perspective?"
"Maybe one day after Li Cheng retires, we can make his ball into a brocade."
"That’s a good idea, but Li Cheng is now positioned as a super attacker, and he shouldn’t have many balls."
"These can also say! We won’t know until he retires completely. "
"Say yes! Let’s continue to watch the game! It’s a pity that Harris’s shooting here caused Ford’s foul ball to bounce out after sliding around the basket and not scoring 2+1. "
Carter has also found that Li Cheng’s intention for the game has changed a little. Li Cheng doesn’t want to break up with him anymore, and Carter suddenly feels a little boring at the thought of this layer.
Carter came to Li Cheng during Harris’ free throw, and he said a little angrily, "We have to change our bet."
Li Cheng said in a daze, "How to change it?"
"Those two Lopez, the two of us give them assists, and finally look at their data."
Li Cheng spread out his hand and said, "How do I feel that I am more disadvantaged?"
"Don’t I suffer from the previous bet?"
Li Chengnai tunnel "ok! That’s it, but this bet has to be tied together in two games. "
"bind together and bind together!"
"ok, then it’s settled."
Li Cheng and Carter’s bet also changed, and Harris hit two free throws there, and then Li Cheng and Carter wanted them to fight for a new bet.
The nba game is actually a comparison. Some players have to play more than one game a year. In such a tight schedule, if they don’t have some fun in the game, it will be a very painful thing. Carter likes to bet with some better players in the game.
Li Cheng’s choice before was to change the way of each game to have some fun for himself, but today Li Cheng learned a trick from Carter.
Then Li Cheng and Carter fought a new battle, but two Lopez obviously found that they received the ball more quickly.
Little Lopez was a little moved by Li Cheng’s actions. He never thought that Li Cheng would spare no effort to help him.
Actually, Carter’s bet gave Li Cheng another reason to help little Lopez. Even without this bet, Li Cheng would spare no effort to help little Lopez because they are teammates and Li Cheng has his own understanding of the word teammate.
Soon, the game became the Lopez brothers’ battlefield, and the battle between Carter and Li Cheng changed from a scene that everyone could see to a scene that no one could see, but the friction between them was more intense.
At the end of the first quarter, the Pacers led the Nets by one point 27-26, among which Lopez scored one point. At the same time, he also contributed three rebounds and one blocked shot. On the offensive end, Lopez was still suppressed by his brother.
On the other hand, big Lopez has scored 12 points, but he has two rebounds in rebounding.
"Robin, you have to refuel!" Festival break Li Cheng sitting next to little Lopez said
Little Lopez looked at Li Cheng and said sincerely, "Captain, thank you very much."
Li Cheng waved and said, "You’re welcome. Don’t forget that we are teammates."
"hmm!" Little Lopez nodded heavily.
On the other hand, Carter also told big Lopez, "Brooke, you are your brother today, so don’t be merciful!"
"He and I have our own masters now, but I will never release water."
"well! Then I will continue to create opportunities for you, and you should seize them, "Carter said."
Big Lopez is a little puzzled. He doesn’t know why Carter is trying so hard to create opportunities for him today, but he won’t give up if he has a chance to show himself. Although he likes to write quietly, he also has his own dreams and pursuits for basketball.
Chapter 24 Pacers’ Potential Shares
The contest between the Lopez brothers is still going on, and the contest between Li Cheng and Carter is also going on. They are both competitive and they don’t want to lose.
Although there are no two Lopez sitting on the bench in the game yet, they are all thinking about how to seize the opponent’s weakness and then beat him.
Li Cheng and Carter are not idle either. They are both discussing with the coach to make their Lopez brothers overlap as much as possible when they appear.
"Coach, you try to let me play with Robin! I want to help him more, "Li Cheng told O ‘Brien.
Li Cheng’s words made Stegen’s face flash across an imperceptible smile. "This little boy is a little bit like a captain."
O ‘Brien took a surprised look at Li Cheng, and he probably knew what Li Cheng thought in his heart. He nodded and said, "It’s nothing. I’ll arrange it."
Li Cheng took a grateful look at O ‘Brien and then stopped talking.
Carter also made a similar request there, and the head coach agreed to Carter’s request. The Nets’ strength was even weaker than that of the previous season. Now Carter is the only one left. At the beginning of the season, it was predicted that the Nets would become the bottom team in the league. Carter’s position in such a team is very lofty. The head coach will nod and agree to his request.
At the beginning of the second quarter, both teams were substitutes.
Judging from the present situation, the Pacers’ replacement is more powerful than the Nets’ replacement. Up to now, many people have lamented that Bird’s vision in the draft is really sharper than his choice of rookies, which are all very capable potential stocks, and the Pacers seem to be very good at training rookies. These rookies have gradually demonstrated their abilities.