"Bang" A black man was shot in the leg, but then the sniper’s position of the blade directly blew up a mass of blood. "Bang" The black man sniper is not a vegetarian.

The blade sniper was obviously not as lucky as King Arthur. He was killed by a sniper in black as soon as he shot the gun. King Arthur’s eyelids were slapped and then he swept away at the gun position.
Sure enough, a figure was withdrawing his gun, but King Arthur didn’t hesitate to directly "bang" at the black dress person, that is, a gun suddenly blew up King Arthur with a blood flower and didn’t look at his achievements.
Decisively carrying a gun, rolling and hiding behind him, "bang" exploded a cloud of dust. Obviously, there was more than one sniper in black. If he had left slowly, he would have been hit by now.
"Ta-da-da-ta" Suddenly, the bushes behind King Arthur came again with guns. As soon as King Arthur gripped his hand, the gun suddenly fell down.
Rolling and crawling forward, King Arthur once again entered another shooting position. At this time, there was a short tired voice in his earphone. "Boss, don’t be busy. If you can break through, you can break through first. We are surrounded."
"The men in black have blocked the periphery, and we have been discovered now." The low voice on the other end of the earphone is hoarse. "The plug, pine cone and stab sword are all dead, and now there are five of us."
King Arthur sipped his mouth and said nothing, but he bent slightly and said to the dwarf, "You can count as many as you can go out when you break through."
Then he pulled out his walkie-talkie and headphones and dropped them on the ground. He just grabbed a sniper rifle and walked back to the depths of the forest. He made several booby traps along the way.
Then continue to retreat, only to see him quickly retreat to a small river, and then bend down and gently sink into the bottom of the river to swim and escape to the Woods, and continue to fight bloody.
Short at the side of the last blade was shot directly hit the waist "pa" a crunchy that blade waist like a broken tofu.
Scarlet blood and steaming dirty were smashed by the warhead and splashed all over the floor. The blade screamed in his mouth and tried to cover his wound. However, there was nothing too big.
"Give me a good time." This is the last request of the blade. The short pain covered his forehead and pulled out a pistol to resist the blade’s forehead. "Bang"-the blade’s head was punched with a small bullet hole and the other side of the head was blown up with a blood hole the size of a fist.
Gray brains and scarlet blood splashed all over the floor, and those gray eyes were gradually losing their spirits. They glanced at the blade and whispered, "Dude, you won’t be lonely. I’ll accompany you now."
Said the short pistol muzzle into his mouth, and then suddenly pulled the trigger, but heard a "bang" shot short the whole crown was rapidly shot into the warhead and the whole lift.
The gray brains and splashes of scarlet blood "shout" spread to the half-lost brain control body twitching and turned to the ground about 50 meters in front of the short body. Groups of men in black are constantly touching with the help of bunkers.
"This morning, the patrolman found a group of unarmed men on the outskirts of Paris. Due to the large number of the other side, the police immediately notified the relevant departments to deal with it. A gun battle broke out at the scene and a total of 30 armed men were directly killed."
"The police said that they have not found out the identity and intention of the other party at present. All departments will follow up the investigation and we will continue to report the situation."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Heavenly Road into the Underground Gate
"Horse evacuation" is the only sentence that the giant wolf gave Hou Dasheng. When he heard this sentence, Hou Dasheng didn’t ask anything. He chose to rush directly into Lisa’s room and call all Bao to leave here quickly.
Everyone did not board the bus, but according to the evacuation route planned by Otto before, and after being dispersed in disguise, they evacuated directly through the secret door at the back of the house and at the corner about 200 meters in front of the secret door.
There is a coffee shop. Hou Dasheng took Lisa directly into the coffee shop. The employees in the coffee shop seem to turn a blind eye to their arrival and continue to wipe their coffee cups.
There are no guests in this coffee shop, Hou Dasheng. They walked out of the back door of the kitchen directly through the coffee shop without causing any interest. There is a common Citroen car in Paris quietly.
Otto got into the co-pilot seat without telling his face to be painted a sallow elixir, but with a glance at his face and a belly.
Lisa, who has a gray eye pupil and a silver gray hair color, is now very old with wrinkles and age spots. She got into the car with Hou Dacheng, who has blond hair, a deep European face and blue eyes.
"Whoops!" When the car started, the siren sounded in the middle of the night. Hou Dacheng and others looked up and saw several vehicles approaching the house where they were in front.
Lisa didn’t ask what happened, but she kept her head down and said nothing. So far, she has been at a disadvantage. Obviously, Albizi Jr. has found a helper who helped him get rid of the political dilemma.
What’s more, he won the support of official channels, otherwise so many bad guys wouldn’t suddenly appear here and surround Lisa’s house. With political resources, Albizi Jr. has now completely occupied the wind
When the car slowly got out of the tens of meters, some poor guys set up roadblocks to intercept it.
"I’m sorry, sir, please show me your ID." The elixir stopped the car inexplicably at the other party’s conductor and then shook the window. "Is there anything wrong? My wife still needs to attend a dinner party. I hope you won’t delay too long."
"No, no, no, no,no." The poor guy glanced at the car. Although the lights were not very bright, he still saw Lisa in her doddering state and Hou Dacheng with a face of awe.
The poor guy glanced at the elixir again and Otto looked at Otto with a briefcase in his hand and said with a smile, "Can I see your ID?"
Otto frowned and gave the certificate directly to the policeman without saying anything. "Mr. Policeman, I respect you very much and cooperate with your inspector, but I need your warning number now. Can I have it?"
The poor guy immediately glanced at Otto and handed him the certificate. Looking at Otto’s certificate, he couldn’t help but gulp down the water. Otto said that he was a big lawyer.
It’s definitely not a good thing for a barrister to ask you for a warning signal. This policeman is a bit difficult to ride a tiger.
"Well, we have to go to the dinner party, so we don’t have to be difficult." Sitting in the back seat, Lisa blurted out at this time, but she heard her voice getting a little old. "This is also his job."
"As you wish, your honor." Otto shrugged his shoulders like an ant who offended an elephant but was stopped from stepping on it by a herd of elephants.
The poor guy who checked the papers was grateful to look at Lisa. He is not an idiot. This area is either rich or expensive. No one can be provoked by this little poor guy.
At this moment, he is a little annoyed that he is loyal to his duty, but he still meets a good heart. If he meets a stingy person and gives him a crooked mouth, he will really get more than one bargained for.
"All right, Mr. Poor guy, can we leave now?" Lisa smiled at the poor guy and said, "My guest is still waiting for me to be late. It’s not a good habit if you need to see my ID."
"No, no, no, it’s not necessary, madam. You can go to the appointment now." With this, the poor man quickly returned the ID department to the elixir and Otto, and then waved to his colleague for release.
The car slowly left the area and the sirens and roadblocks were left behind them. Hou Dacheng was holding the staff in his hand. Just now, they came up to the police from the moment and several deputy armed men in black.
If you check that they are these men in black, can you walk away? This is really unknown.
The car left this area and then disappeared. In the darkness, it turned left and right a few times. These two humble cars immediately entered an alley, where they skillfully drove and hit the rolling gate at the end of the alley.
After the car was put in, everyone unloaded the camouflage rolling gate, which looked like a warehouse. There were boxes and sundries piled up everywhere. It seemed that a box was taken out at random, and a lux holiday was given to Lisa, and then another pair of slightly green contact lenses was given to her.
Hou Dacheng changed the golden wig elixir and handed it to him. He must have a slightly longer gray wig. Without looking, Hou Dacheng went to the corner with a tight leather coat and quickly changed himself.