The trees remembered that she did get up a little late, but Green Bud was embarrassed to tease her like this.

I scratched my hair. "This guy didn’t tell me such a big thing."
"Maybe he had plans. He didn’t seem surprised at all and left me alone. Mr. Give way took me home."
"Well, it’s considerate of him. Is this your outfit?"
"Oh mom is not retired? I’ll be a nanny later? "
"Nanny? Then how can I do it? How can I let you be a nanny? "
"I’m embarrassed to be a nanny, and I think being a nanny can perform better in front of old ladies."
Lin Mubai said, "Well, I wronged you."
"I don’t feel wronged. I think today is my most heartfelt day for so many years."
"By the way, I haven’t asked you. Didn’t you say you would look after her grandmother for Luya? Why did you change your mind again? "
Green Bud’s face turned pale, and she hung her head and covered her finger with "Grandma, she’s dead"
"ah? So soon? What’s the matter? " After they left, the green shoots came back, but it was only more than twenty days before and after.
"Grandma’s health is not good. Every time I see her, she always says nothing. This time, I stayed at home for a few days before I found out that she was lying to me. I knew that she was unwilling to spend money. I dragged her to the hospital to find out that the terminal stage of lung cancer was hopeless. My father and brother took advantage of my absence to accept a gift from others to sell me. My grandmother didn’t want to be rescued when she fell at the table. How can I stay at that home?"
"The father and son incredibly how hateful? Treat your own mother like this? "
"He has his son in his eyes. No one else has ever had any scruples about me after grandma died. They wanted to sell me on the same day. Fortunately, I escaped in a hurry."
"What about Murray? Didn’t he say he would protect you? Why are the two fathers so bold? "
"Murray? Farewell. I haven’t seen him since I returned to the village. "
"Don’t be too sad when grandma goes."
"I know that living in that way, dying at home is like this before liberation, and now grandma is like this."
"Well, this is your home after you figure it out."
"I said what are you whispering at the door? Is there anything you can’t say in? It’s blocking my light. "
The master wore a pair of reading glasses and sat by the window with a newspaper in his hand. The sun just came in through the door and shone everywhere, but the trees and green shoots just blocked the light. They didn’t want to move.
"Grandpa wouldn’t you say it’s eavesdropping on our speech? Otherwise, isn’t it better to have sunshine outside? You have to sit here. "
The master looked up. "Who eavesdropped on your conversation? I’m used to doing it here, okay?"
"Don’t you like sitting outside the pavilion? You still have to take it. You said that smelling the flowers can keep out the cold in summer and bask in the sun in winter is the best place in the whole courtyard, "said the green bud."
Master let go of the newspaper carefully looked at the green shoots "how do you know this little girl? Mumu told you? Hey, I used to like it there. The gazebo or Chloe’s girl helped me choose the location. She also helped me build it. Since she left, I rarely went to that girl. Although I didn’t talk much, I missed a lot of things, but my old man thought she was more pleasing to the eye than that wine. Now I want to come to her and do something wrong. It may be that the wine framed her. That girl never argued or excused. It’s really distressing. "
Green Bud suddenly got a little excited and squatted down beside the master in a few strides. "I … don’t worry if I have this sentence from the master. It’s worth it if she is wronged."
Her move startled the master, and she was even more surprised to see her eyes full of tears. "Did you once know Kerr?"
Green Bud reacted by overreacting, almost scaring the master to droop his eyes and sniff. "Yes, I know her, too. She told me."
The master looked at her suspiciously. "Didn’t Mumu say that she only knew you in the cottage?"
Trees walked over and said, "Yes, Grandpa, she knows Chloe, and I know Chloe’s office. We just hit it off. We became attached to Chloe."
"So that’s it. Chloe used to love to play around and know a lot of friends." The master didn’t doubt what he thought, so he imagined that this person was Chloe, but what can’t he tell him at this time? We have to scare him or they are abnormally possessed by spirits.
194 is stained with her husband’s light
After Luya breathed a sigh of relief, she should be cautious and rational, and she should not get excited easily.
"You are a good friend of Chloe and Mywood. Isn’t it too wronged for you to be a nanny in my house?"
"No, no injustice, Green Bud feels very good."
"After that, if you need anything, just tell Mumu that our family will not treat you badly."
"Okay, I see. Thank you, sir."
"Grandpa hasn’t arrived at the cooking point yet. I’ll pull the green shoots to say that I will whisper."
Master thought for a "well", but he didn’t want to accompany him after all.
The trees took Green Bud to the house where Chloe lived before. Green Bud looked at everything in front of her, so familiar and strange, and her eyes could not help but turn red.
"it’s naive for me to look at what I liked before."
Section 325
All kinds of dolls are pink. She was happy before, like a princess who lived in a castle and didn’t know what to worry about. Now she has experienced life and death, rebirth and humiliation in that family. She has already seen through everything and her mentality is completely different.
There is no color in her life, and now she likes the dark colors of gray.
"Slowly, you will regain your original heart. I have come over like this before, and now I am doing well."
"By the way, why don’t you tell me how you and your third brother met? I’m so surprised. It’s incredible that such a person will get married one day."
"Well, let me tell you something about it, mainly because my personal charm is too great, and secondly because you start with Shengshi Hotel …"
The trees deliberately relaxed their tone, so the experience was too heavy and they endured so many humiliations and twists and turns. How can they bear all this if they are not humorous?
From Cedric’s deception to dumping, from his fierce pursuit to the destruction of alcohol, I suddenly found out that in recent years,
She doesn’t even know how she survived.
Green shoots followed her, sad, sad, happy and happy. The wonderful degree of their lives can be equivalent to several reincarnation of others.