"We’ll live here for the time being."

Looking at the strange environment at night, the courtyard with white walls and black tiles is deep, elegant and quiet
Phoenix shadow ink holding her hand pushed the door and pushed in.
"This is the third time that you have come to this place for the first time. I know that Mo Qianyu will come to this place to find you. I urgently asked Zhang Shuo to dress up as a third master and come and take you away from you. I want to stab me against Zhang Shuo. At that time, Zhang Shuo brought you to this place. The second time was when I was married to Shen Yanxue. At that time, we just had a heart-to-heart meeting and you lived in this place."
Night away. Listen
I don’t know what to say
She still has no memory at all.
When she entered a wing, Feng Ying Mo went to the front of the wardrobe, opened the cupboard door and took out a clean dress, so that she could exchange her red gown.
What does he think? Why does he feel dazzling?
Although she is really beautiful in this suit.
But he didn’t wear this suit.
"Remember that you can wear this kind of clothes alone in this generation!"
Help the night away to change his robe. He threw it into a waste bamboo basket at his feet and said
Night from looking at him.
The original stranger Qianyu is the most overbearing man she has ever seen. I didn’t expect others to be even worse.
It’s strange that she doesn’t resent him for being so strong, overbearing and stingy.
And I don’t know if I heard him talk about their past reasons. Although I’m not used to getting along with them, I no longer contradict him.
Sometimes I feel at ease for no reason.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Phoenix shadow ink a turn head to see her setting him.
"Feng Yingmo, if we have so many unforgettable memories before, I will take the initiative to’ return to the year’?"
Shouldn’t you be willing to love someone no matter how painful or hurtful it is?
If she loves him, even if he falls into the sea and dies, she will remember and cherish everything with him more, won’t she?
How can you choose to forget?
"Who said you take the initiative? All this is done by Mo Qianyu! "
Feng Ying Mo gently pulled over her shoulder and let her face face to face. Suddenly, she looked into her eyes. "Although the memory of this year is really important to both of us, it’s not a year. There are many things in life. We are together every year, every month and every day. Forget it this year."
Phoenix shadow ink sound low alcohol eyes sticky moment not instantaneous looked at her.
Night away is also staring at him.
Suddenly the night left "Snow" and laughed.
The man’s face sank in an instant.
Night from know he must have misunderstood her laughing at him while explaining "not phoenix shadow ink.
Do you know that?/You know what? I’m not used to you being so serious. "
In her memory, he still doesn’t really look at her, or satirizes her and hates her. She is used to it.
Thinking of this, she asked, "By the way, did you hate me that much before?"
"When I was a eunuch"
Feng Yingmo raised her eyebrows. "Do you think it’s normal if I like a eunuch?"
"I don’t want you to like you, I hate you, and I don’t make you hate you?"
"I don’t know …" Phoenix Shadow Ink’s face suddenly dimmed to bend his lips. "Maybe it was because I saw a group of eunuchs when I was a child that I was killed."
He spoke lightly or smiled slightly.
But how can a person who has also experienced the pain of killing people not understand his mood at the moment?
Is … She suddenly remembered one thing "yi? Didn’t you say at that time that the Wang family in Ningyang was harmed by mountain thieves? "
"Well," Feng Ying Mo nodded and narrowed her eyes slightly, as if remembering that "it was really a mountain thief, but I saw that they were all wearing eunuchs in the court."
Night away from some shock.
"So what do you think is that you must be desperate with the royal family to save the stranger?"
"Well" Phoenix Shadow Ink nodded again.
It seems that I don’t want to do more unhappy things. I stretched out my hand and pointed to the clothes in her body. "Change both the clothes and the pocket clothes. Anyway, you prepared a lot of clothes in the kitchen."