As soon as Ink Dye Chen entered the school, his stunning elegance immediately attracted everyone’s eyes. He looked at those women and looked at themselves with amazing anthomaniac eyes. His heart was full of pride. There were quite a few beautiful women in this school, and he didn’t waste his visit.

Saint-yi has never seen such an outstanding stunner, and I’m afraid the school grass Lingmo is not in front of this young man …
When I longed for sugar, I felt a bad feeling. I had a premonition of school, and she really understood what this feeling was.
Looking at the stunning man surrounded by a group of girls in front of her, she was really amazing. Everyone loves beauty, but when she saw him throwing himself at all the women, she couldn’t help but despise him.
What’s wrong with being good-looking? She’s just a scum of the golden jade, a beast with a perfect face. She hates this kind of playboy! I have a bad cold in my heart, and I am longing for sugar chun to keep going. It’s all about her. She’d better go to the classroom quickly!
But if she knew that the man in front of her was her fiance, she would probably vomit blood with anger.
Saint-Louis Noble College, as the name suggests, is the largest and most luxurious high school in the city, with a large area and beautiful scenery. Almost everyone has a secret base of their own, and Mu Tangchun is no exception …
I like this little gazebo next to a small lake full of lotus flowers. When she talks, she likes to sit in the gazebo and watch the fish swimming around the lake. She will feel very comfortable, and the trees around her are very secluded. Almost no one will come here. This is also her exclusive site.
More importantly, it’s very close to the teaching building, because there’s a path that leads to her alone …
Mu Tangchun is going to play in the pavilion as usual, but today things seem to be abnormal!
Looking at this slender figure lying on the stone bench in the gazebo, a small flame in her heart rubbed up, and there was a message in her head that her territory had been occupied!
Meow, do you want to go so far? At home, she was occupied by a black and stingy snake. Now that I’m at school, an outsider has taken over her secret base and slept here so soundly!
I couldn’t help it any longer. The desire for sugar is pure new anger and old fire. She walked past with her hands around her waist and aggressive …
"Hey …" She just said a word, and the harsh words didn’t come out yet, but she swallowed all her words back because she saw the young face.
So … so beautiful! What a stunning face this is!
Although the teenager didn’t open his eyes in his sleep, the delicate face like jade, the beautiful outline like a knife, and the sexy thin lips made him curse the whole face even more confusing … The micro-long silver hair gently covered his face, making it look hazy and charming, which was simply the most shocking thing for the emperor.
If it is amazing to see that playboy just now, what is the feeling that her heart is suffocating with excitement?
Cough, cough, evil smile one summer. Guess who this person is? There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what you want …
[15] Stupid woman
If it is amazing to see that playboy just now, what is the feeling that her heart is suffocating with excitement?
Mu Tangchun just stared at him, forgetting his words and what he wanted to do. The whole soul seemed to be sucked in by this peerless shock. She felt that her heart could no longer be calm, and her heart was so fast that it seemed that it would burst out in a second …
Fortunately, he should sleep in such a deep and quiet place. If he were outside, he would definitely be besieged by the group of anthomaniac girls. It would be terrible to think of that scene. I was so jealous at the thought of that scene.
Well, let him sleep here and don’t wake him up! After he wakes up for a while, he will definitely leave. She has finished thinking like this without paying attention to a pair of beautiful ice blue eyes.
Mu Tangchun is so hopeless that she makes a decision. She has to go back and look at the evil face carefully and carefully, deeply remembering that she has to look at it once in case she doesn’t see it, then it will not be worth the candle! I made up my mind to go back immediately, but for a second, she screamed directly and then quickly stepped back several steps.
He ….. When will he wake up?
The teenager looked nervous as if he had done something wrong. The young woman’s handsome eyebrows wrinkled deeply. This woman can’t change her rash character anywhere.
Just now, although he was asleep, he still sensed that someone was approaching him with keen senses, pretending that he didn’t know anything, continuing to pretend to sleep and seeing what the visitor really wanted to do, only to find that it was actually her!
Last night, my father entered his dream and told him the way to restore his mana. Before sunrise, he had already left the pure room of Mu Tang. When the first ray of morning light shone on the earth, he had recovered his human body and hidden his long hair, which became more normal in modern society. When he entered this school, he was looking for someone who was destined to restore his mana early …
I wanted to say goodbye to her when I left in the morning, but I couldn’t bear to wake her up because she slept so soundly, so he left directly. I don’t know how this woman reacted when she found out that he was gone.
Mu Tangchun looked at his ice-blue beautiful eyes, which were almost straight. It was so beautiful, but Mao found that these eyes were so similar to her stingy snake.
Hallucinations must be hallucinations!
It’s just a snake, but in front of you is a real person. The roots are not of the same race. How can the two be compared?
"Idiot!" Looking at her face of shame, anthomaniac, Fei Yue rewelding was more than I could bear. My thin lips were tight and precious spit out two words coldly.
God, how familiar the sound is, even the way of swearing feels exactly like a stingy snake. Mu Tangchun leaned forward with wide eyes in amazement. "Have we met?"
Ahem, she really didn’t mean to strike up a conversation. She just felt that he had given her a familiar feeling, but how could she forget such a stunning creature if she had really met her before?
[16] narcissism
Ahem, she really didn’t mean to strike up a conversation. She just felt that he had given her a familiar feeling, but how could she forget such a stunning creature if she had really met her before?
Fei Yue rewelding stared at her for a long time with a slightly complicated look. The handsome face just raised a disdainful look and said coldly, "Seen it? How is it possible that this way of talking is out of date! "
He is not going to tell this woman that he is the snake. On the other hand, he can’t trust her completely. He comes here but he wants to find the imperial concubine as soon as possible and restore her mana, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with a humble human being.
"I … I didn’t mean that!" It’s too much for someone to say that the other person is still a handsome and terrible handsome guy, who craves sugar, is ashamed and looks good, and can’t be so harmful. She can’t look away from that Uber delicate face and secretly meditate on the narcissistic villain.
"Aren’t all women the same? I don’t know what’s the difference between you and them." Is it just a face that she looked at her spoony heart just now?
"Hey, don’t go too far, okay?" Mu Tangchun finally couldn’t help but get angry. "You are the one who inexplicably appeared in my private base and now you are still yelling at me. Your good-looking personality is so bad that Miss hates it!"