Lazio fans gave a blizzard of cheers.

"Juventus is behind-! ! !”
They’re going to pass this sound to the court.
In fact, the stadium players were surprised to see the boss suddenly jump out of the coach’s seat
But then they heard the cheers of the fans, so they soon realized what had happened.
Something happened in favor of Lazio at another stadium!
"Damn it!" Prandelli saw esposito rushing to celebrate the goal, and he angrily punched the coach’s seat ceiling.
But Prandelli was not as angry as he showed.
Because he believes in the strength of Juventus, it should be no problem for Juventus to score a goal to equalize the score in the remaining time.
Juventus can win the championship if they want a draw.
Compared with it, the pressure is really much less.
There’s no time to perform anger now.
His horse called the nearest Juventus player and gave him instructions to reach the goal.
Actually, all Juventus players know what to do without Prandelli’s adjustment.
They can’t be careless now. They must get serious!
They watched Cagliari cheering and celebrating, and there was a murderous look in the players’ eyes!
Well, although you need to win to avoid relegation, you can also say that you are sorry!
Lazio knew that Juventus was temporarily behind and cheered for a while. Lazio people didn’t think their team would win the championship.
With more than 20 minutes left in the game, Juventus will score a goal to equalize the score. Lazio is still a joy in the end.
But Lazio fans suddenly don’t care about seeing Chang Sheng off at this time.
They are as preoccupied with the ownership of the league title as ever.
Is there any hope for Lazio this time?
Esposito’s goal rekindled the hope of Lazio fans!
Chapter one hundred and fifty This is Cagliari fighting Juventus.
Juventus, they will soon break Cagliari’s goal and equalize the score. In the future, they will disrupt Cagliari and go to hell completely.
After the game resumed, they made a fierce attack on Cagliari’s goal exhibition.
They believe that they can score goals soon, maybe one minute, maybe three minutes, maybe five minutes.
It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes at the latest.
But unfortunately, it is counterproductive.
A minute passed and they didn’t score.
Three minutes passed and they didn’t score.
Five minutes later, they still didn’t score.
Ten minutes later, they still didn’t score.
There are about thirteen minutes left before the end of the game, and the score is still 1. The home team Juventus is behind.
Juventus tried almost everything but failed to break Cagliari’s goal. They always thought they could score without blowing off dust.
Now they find that the situation is not what they imagined.
Cagliari is very, very tenacious … every player is just like a fearless hero. Everyone can give his life to catch the eye in the face of Juventus. Every Cagliari player is desperate in the 50-50 chance fight.
Juventus seem to have been dragged into the quagmire by Cagliari, who struggled desperately but achieved little, while Cagliari players were like a duck to water.
In this process, Juventus players are getting more and more restless.
They carefully organize the attack, and when the football reaches the range of about 30 meters, they will choose a rough way to end the attack, either long-range shooting or directly grabbing points in front of the door on the side.
It’s a pity that Cagliari obviously made a detailed study on them, and the tactical arrangement of the game was very targeted
From Cagliari, this game is based on the idea of defensive counterattack, in which defense is the most important.
It is precisely because of this that Cagliari has never conceded a goal in the past. Although Juventus has shown a little carelessness, it cannot be denied that Cagliari players have worked hard.
Cagliari coach Zola looked at the stadium with a serious face on the sidelines.
When Juventus kept attacking Cagliari, he always looked very nervous.
Can Cagliari avoid relegation in this game?
Before the game, everyone was not optimistic. They thought Cagliari would never beat Juventus in the away game.
But Zola doesn’t believe in evil. He made very careful and careful arrangements before the game, and his training was also very targeted.
To his satisfaction, Cagliari players also had excellent tactical execution ability in this game.
This is the result of all people working together and finally getting together.
Cagliari scored a goal and now leads the powerful Juventus by 1.
Zola doesn’t care about the feud between Juventus and Lazio. He knows that his team needs a victory and a three-point score to keep his team from relegation to Serie A. Only in this way can this small club have a chance.
"The score was still 1 Cagliari in the tenth minute." Rudy Gonzalez tried to make his voice sound less excited.
He has been a winning assistant coach for 23 years, and the two of them have experienced various seasons together, but no season has been so difficult to win the league title as this one.
Before, whether in Hertha or Valencia or Lazio, their team always used to take the initiative in their own hands, and they celebrated the league championship before the final round of the league.
As it is now, in the final round of the league, we are still fighting for the league title and it depends on other people’s faces. Rudy Gonzalez has never experienced it …
Does this mean that Lazio is reaching its limit in the regular hand, and it will go all the way to the bottom?
Changsheng nodded when he heard Rudy Gonzalez’s words.
He didn’t comment.
He can’t express his opinion either.
This is no longer a Lazio fight.