At this moment, when the door of the guest room was opened for a while, I came to Shuilian Month’s side and asked about the situation of Xiao Er. After that, I scolded Nangong Yuhang in succession.

The shopkeeper couldn’t help it any longer, and others around him scolded him. He suddenly stepped into the door and frowned, pointing to Nangong Yu and said, "This man, I want to say a few words about your mother’s dedication to you, but it’s a bit too much for you to treat her like this."
Shui Lianyue saw that Nangong Yu wanted to open his mouth before he came to the shopkeeper and choked, "The shopkeeper doesn’t want to say that my family’s" xianggong "and he can’t control himself at the moment. I don’t blame him."
This sentence caused outsiders to enter the room one after another, pointing to Nangong Yu. You said everything with me.
"Married such a good wife, you are so dissatisfied. You are lame and have such a big temper. What qualifications do you have to treat such a beautiful and virtuous woman? You are really embarrassing us men."
"Yes, an excellent woman like her is rich if you treat her like this. Which woman is willing to find a disabled person like you to be a" xianggong "?If my daughter marries a poor scholar, it will be enough for her to be a complete person."
"Ah, it’s really cruel to send things to heaven. If this woman marries my baby, will she come? How dare you lay a finger on her? You really don’t know when you are blessed."
Look at Nangong Yu’s face, even if it is covered with thin skin and water, you can feel that his face must be very dark at the moment, but it’s not good now. His dark blue eyes exude bloodthirsty light and he can’t help shivering.
"You bitch, I didn’t expect you to act like this." Nangong Yu raised her finger to the water ripple month, which caused more accusations.
"Girl, you’d better remarry. You’ll suffer a lot after a man like him."
"Yes, girl, you’re so kind to follow him, even if it’s ruined. If you agree, we’ll find you the best matchmaker in town, and you’ll be happy and safe in this life."
Listen to the words of the people around you, and then look at the Nangong Yufa’s dark face. At this moment, the bottom of my heart is laughing. It’s really great to win this time.
My heart is full of joy, but the surface is still weak. I said, "Don’t say it again. As the saying goes, you can marry a chicken even if he is not good to me."
When Nangong Yu heard the last sentence, he called him a dog. It’s outrageous. Everyone reacted in persuasion. No one paid attention to this sentence. If he continues to care about the water, even things will be endless. Just let her hum the damn woman for a while. It’s best not to commit it in the hands of the king, otherwise you will suffer ten times.
In a blink of an eye, Nangong Yu changed his attitude and begged Shui Lianyue to forgive him for coaxing him for a long time. They stopped accusing him of telling him to be nice to his mother and let everyone disperse quickly. Nangong Yu had to nod and admit his mistake, which made Shui Lianyue stunned.
The shopkeeper saw that Nangong Yu’s attitude of admitting mistakes was good, and he no longer entangled to disperse the crowd and gave him two new rooms. The storm was receding.
Fang Nangong Yu gnashed her teeth at the water, and her black eyes were very cold. "You’d better not make it in the hands of the king or the king will make you look good."
Shui Lian Yue leisurely pinched her legs and leaned against the bed and looked at Nangong Yu with disdain. "You have said this to me many times, but in the end, you never succeeded and you were bruised all over. Don’t you think you are a failure? I will cover up for you as a woman." [
A word directly poked the Nangong Yu’s sore spot. He frowned and just wanted to turn around, but he smiled lightly. "Wang can’t compare with you. You lost your wife and lost your soldiers. This sentence is the most appropriate for you."
The same sentence also deeply stimulated the water ripple on the nerve. She rose from the bedside and looked at Nangong Yu coldly. "Nangong Yu, like you, is not as good as a villain. No wonder Nangong Ling doesn’t. If you were a younger brother like you, I might as well strangle you."
"No wonder your dad doesn’t hurt your sisters, and your dad shouldn’t have let you be born with such a bad star, otherwise the family wouldn’t have ended up like this."
""The Nangong Yu’s voice just fell into the room and suddenly it was quiet, and even a needle could be heard ringing.
Water ripple month angry stare at the nangongshan yu but no longer speak eyes a ruddy turn she lay back to the nangongshan yu can’t help crying shoulders trembled slightly.
Nangong Yu’s quarrel was just a struggle, but his words poked at her wound, which made her feel painful. In my mind, I saw the situation that day, and my mother was so weak that she was kicked around by Nangong Ling. Finally, a Hosta was inserted into her heart and saved her life.
After that, all her plans went up in smoke, and all her hopes melted into ashes at this moment, and some of them were full of hatred and resentment.
Tears slipped, and she suddenly missed her mother. She thought that the warm hand touched her and made her feel at ease. She thought that the loving eyes looked at her and made her feel cared for. She thought that she was kind and smiled at her, and each other’s lives blossomed brilliantly.
Now she is left alone.
The nangongshan Yu frowned and looked at the trembling shoulders. Suddenly, some people were stuck in panic, partly because of the ripple of water and partly because her words hurt him.
Aunt Yun didn’t escape the tragic fate this time, did she? The only person in this world who gave his heart to him was implicated again and again because of him. Before that, it was because Shuijia was afraid to take Aunt Yun because of his Nangong Ling. Now, the Queen Mother even hates Aunt Yun. It is worse than death to fall into their hands.
Thinking back and looking at the weak body, Nangong Yu involuntarily wanted to apologize to her, but he blocked such an idea. He should hate her, shouldn’t he?
I struggled again in my heart, and the sentence I’m sorry was never said in my heart.
The next day, Li and his wife left the room and left the town. There was no abnormal water all the way. What should he do as if nothing had happened yesterday?
But there seems to be something slowly breeding in Nangong Yu’s heart. Even he himself is not chapter 194 Hu City.
Left the Jinxi dynasty as peaceful as ever, and many did not have the officers and men to interrogate Shui Lianyue and took Nangong Yu straight to Dongshuo country.
In the middle of the remote farmhouse in Suzhou City, there stood a woman in a plain blue dress with long hair and a white hairpin to sweep away the moth’s eyebrows, which was beautiful and refined. Looking at the distant sky, she was particularly absent-minded
A man in the cabin behind him came out with a bowl of porridge dishes. When he saw the woman’s back, he couldn’t help but stop and said with a sigh, "Come in and eat something. It’s autumn, and it won’t be long before it gets cold."
When the woman heard the male voice, she snorted contemptuously, and her lips turned cold. "After so many years, you once cared about what I would do, and now you will be pretentious" [
The man frowned slightly and turned around and put the porridge dish into the house. He slowly walked to the side of the woman and looked at her. The voice was a little lighter than before. "After so many years, you are still so concerned about the fleeting time, and you have to hold on to it."
The female figure is stiff, the tip of her nose is sour, and she looks at the male eyes with a reddish sneer. "Zhuge Ling, you know my heart, but you repeatedly pretend that you can’t see it. You go your own way and I go my wooden bridge. Now you have rescued me. What is it? You can still pretend that you can’t see it and let me die. What did you tell me?"
Zhuge Ling brushed her eyes and looked at the distant sky. There seemed to be geese flying over one by one, and small black dots were arranged neatly. "You and I are both past the prosperous age in the cloud, and we are clinging to the past. You are also white-hearted. I think you are my sister."
"Stop talking about Zhuge Ling. She has been dead for so many years. You left the living alive and didn’t cherish it. You asked the dead person to keep your heart. Besides, is that person’s love for you stubborn or me?"
"Who is important? In this life, my heart is as calm as water and my heart is as dead as water. I don’t want to ask you again. Believe it or not, she is an indelible obsession in my heart and I will rescue you even if I am a passer-by." The words sound just fell and Zhuge Ling turned and left behind, leaving her eyes full of resentment and looking at his back.
"What do you have to say so absolutely? What? You won’t even give me a chance for so many years, and you are still so indifferent to me?"
Tears fall but can’t call back the tall and straight figure.