"people! ! ! Depend on yourself! ! ! The strength of others is only an aid. "

"Everyone should learn to grow up"
JiFan sat there and shouted at JiLu sentence by sentence.
Jilu nodded and said, "Brother Fan, give me a chance."
Ji Fan took a sip of tea and said to Jilu, "Then from today you should say,’ Master, give me a chance’"
The deer knelt on the ground and said firmly, "Master, give me a chance!" "
JiFan looked JiQingQing.
Ji Qingqing God "color" complex nodded and said "let him do it"
JiFan sighed and said, "God, I’ll write a call. Go get it. I’ll go first! You pack up and go the day after tomorrow at the latest. "
Jilu nodded.
JiFan walked out of the door and sighed. God’s "color" was complicated. "Let JiLu enter the trap camp. I’ll see if I can get Seibel to let him in. Ah, it’s really memorable to practice favoritism for the first time."
Ji Fan knew that according to Seibel’s "sex" case, there was a great chance that she would not agree, but she tried.
JiFan shook his head and walked towards the palace.
Xun Yu was still there, and JiFan walked over without saying anything, "Write me an order to transfer JiLu to the trap camp as a commander."
Xun Yu blinked some consternation.
JiFan some depressed said, "what’s the matter? No? "
Xun Yu shook his head and said, "First, I know that this is not possible. Second, I am afraid that this is not possible. Third, this is your first time to synthesize three points for personal gain. I must be surprised."
Ji Fan rubbed his head and said, "I can’t help it, my brother."
While the mountain secluded party went to Xiangyang, Jingzhou.
The fifth chapter Cao Min Cheng Xiao
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You and your party finally arrived in Xiangyang, Jingzhou.
Go directly to Xiangyang Palace after entering Xiangyang City.
The secluded road in front of the palace was blocked by four foot soldiers, and the God "Color" kept an eye on them.
One of them swept the "color" warning on the first face. Four people, three men and one woman asked, "Other people are not allowed to enter."
Shan You asked, "Is Cai Tianhua inside?"
Since the man is one leng calling Cai Tianhua by his first name, he must be a high-minded person or someone close to the master. His tone is much better. He asked, "I don’t know if the master is in there."
Mountain deep and remote tone very insipid said "looking for him to do business in bulletin"
When the man heard that it was a businessman, he shouted, "Go and go, and the businessman ran here to queue up."
You looked at the mountain and said to the three people behind you, "If you don’t kill people, you’ll get hurt. Now we’ll kill them."
When Hong Ming, the murderous blade in his hand, slammed the back of the knife on the man’s back
A few people behind him are also closely following.
All the way to triumph is to kill one person.
Cai Tianhua was looking at the data of Xun Hugh’s delivery of materials, but at this moment, there was a fight outside the door, and his brow wrinkled and his spirit immediately became tense.
Cai Tianhua has got up and sipped "What happened outside?"
One of the guards rushed in, grinning and obviously suffering a lot, saying, "Four people broke in outside but didn’t hurt us. It seems that we didn’t kill anyone."
Cai Tianhua frowned and muttered, "No murder?" Looking up at the guard, he said, "All right, let them in and shout in 500 foot soldiers."
The foot soldier bowed his head and promised.
Cai Tianhua is sitting in a position with a frown and doesn’t know what’s going on.
A little while later, he walked into three men and a woman, and the first one was holding a sword-like weapon, a sword-like weapon and a knife-like weapon, and his face was "licked" with the blood-thirsty god "color" and "color" lips.
Just looking at Cai Tianhua is enough. Cai Tianhua has a very strong premonition of danger.
This man is very powerful.
There is no doubt about this.
Cai Tianhua seems as if nothing happened. "You want to see me?"
The face of the mountain replied proudly, "Yes, we are looking for you to do a business."
Cai Tianhua took a sip of water and glanced at the four people’s hearts, but they were dumbfounded. "They are all top military commanders. Four top military commanders gave me a slot."
A mouthful of water almost gushed out. Cai Tianhua was still "colored" as he often said, "Oh? What business do you do? "
Shanyou frowned just now, and he had a very uncomfortable feeling. He heard Cai Tianhua’s question and Shanyou answered, "I help you kill people and you give me money."
Cai Tianhua face "color" strange looking at the table this information.
"Guiyang has a peerless warrior, and we are defeated."
Cai Tianhua nodded and said, "Ok, how about you go to Guiyang to help the army there kill a peerless warrior? I will give you 520 yuan in gold."
Mountain deep and remote readily nodded.
The two hit it off, and the other 500 foot soldiers stared at each other and didn’t know what to do.
Cai Tianhua hit a huff and said to 500 people, "Go ahead."
But at this moment.
A foot soldier rushed in and said to Cai Tianhua, "There is a man outside the master’s door who claims to be an official."
Cai Tianhua frowned and said, "Let him come in first and let me have a look."
Yecheng in Hebei province
Ji Fan once again issued a recruitment order for Xun Yu to take care of it.
Then JiFan "touch" into the warehouse again.
Many of the aristocratic families, such as Hua Jia, Gao Jia and Tian Jia, were brought from Luoyang, and the rest were bribed.
JiFan thinking about so many families a piece of genocide should be summoned once.
640 thousand
astronomical figure—enormous figure
JiFan thought of here and thought it was too cheating.
Ji Fan sneaked into the warehouse and looked around.
If Xun Yu knew it, he would probably look for JiFan again.