"Alas, don’t say more if you are brothers." Li Zhuang immediately interrupted Li She to speak.

"Thank you, Brother Li!" Li said with tears in her eyes
As expected, everyone in this game has their own feelings, and Li She has personally experienced them.
"Ha ha, now it should be possible to build a village," said Li Zhuang.
Li she took a look at the village drawings in her hand, and sure enough, a button appeared, which made Li she more conscious.
"ding! Amazing news! Congratulations to player Li Shecheng, the 62nd player to establish a village, and hereby announce the day! "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have successfully established a village, please name the village! " Unified indication
"Tianmen!" Li involved confused stare at the same scene and said
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Please explore for yourself after naming the successful game! " Disappear immediately after the unified display
"Er, is that enough?" Li involved in uncertainty said to himself
"That’s it!" Li Zhuang said
"Pit dad? That’s it! I * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Because you abused Tong, you were banned for ten minutes. "
Li she stood in situ with a black line. A breeze blew through the roofs of the ten houses just built, and all of them were blown away by the wind. It was very desolate and miserable to leave a few wooden boards in situ and cooperate with Li she in front.
Chapter V Tianmen Village with One Poverty and Two Whites
"Li Zhuang, the right-hand man, met the master and congratulated him on having his first village as the village head!" Li Zhuangke threw himself down regardless of Li’s loneliness and also got a fright at Li’s involvement.
"Brother Li, who are you?" Li she asked
"Don’t you want Li Zhuang to follow you?" Li Zhuang asked
"No, no!" Li involved hurriedly way
"Then don’t get Li Zhuang to visit the master." Li Zhuang worshipped again
"Brother Li, get up. Our brothers don’t need this. Just call me Xiao Li." Li She said that she would help Li Zhuang up.
"no! The ceremony can’t be abolished! " Li Zhuang’s insistence on refusing to get up means that Li She won’t get up if she doesn’t agree with him to call the master.
"All right, all right, but Li Dage, I feel uncomfortable listening to my master. Why don’t you call me the village chief?" Li is involved in this. It’s just a matter of getting cheap and telling the truth.
"All right!" Li Zhuang bowed their heads and considered some kind of got up and said
"It’s getting late for the village chief. Let’s have a rest first!"
"Well, rest together."
(Why does this sound so awkward?)
"By the way, Brother Li, I still don’t know where this is?" Li she Li Zhuang fell asleep at night (sleeping in two bunks). Li she was so excited about the future that she couldn’t sleep and asked.
"Oh, we belong to jiangling county, the south county of Jingzhou," said Li Zhuang.
"Those who get Jingzhou from Jingzhou will be blessed!" Li involved like talking to himself and thinking, with a little disappointment in his tone.
In fact; when Li She wanted of get a foothold of the local area; the folkways of Liangzhou and Yizhou were very tough and easy of defend and difficult of attack. Whoever owns Liangzhou is like owning an object library. Not to mention the other one, so is the so-called land of abundance
Easy to defend but difficult to attack; And there is one thing in common between the two, that is, if there is a horse, there will be a day
However, Jingzhou can also do it. In those days, Jingzhou was governed by Liu Biao, but Woye was thousands of miles away, which fully reflected Jingzhou’s wealth and its geographical location was very important. It was very convenient to attack the north and south in all directions. If you could,
Getting Jingzhou is not far from the sky.
Liu Bei, the Shu Han Dynasty, took Jingzhou as his overlord. Dongwu Lu Xun Lu Kang’s father, General Feng Hou, commanded Jingzhou to be in the ruling and opposition; Cao Wei Sima Yi’s garrison in Jingzhou was unified by Sima Yi and so on.
It is important for Jingzhou.
"What’s the matter with the village chief?" Li Zhuang asked.
"Oh, nothing. It stands to reason that Jingxiang should have a large population. Why is this place deserted?" Li She said
"How can we have a large population here in the suburbs?" Li Zhuang said
"If there were no people, we should take in villagers and develop villages," said Li She, who was worried.
"This is no problem, there will be some refugees coming over." Li Zhuang has been in a daze but still comforted Li She.
"What if there are no refugees coming?" Li asked again after half a ring, but he didn’t get a response. He turned to see that Li Zhuang had fallen asleep.
Li She smiled and said, "Hehe, who cares? When you cross the bridge, you will find the Duke of Zhou."
In reality, Li She also went to sleep with her helmet at this time. Although a day has passed in the game, it is only an hour in reality. After all, Li She has deeply realized that the game in January is a year.
watch from a height or distance
At this time, the country has already been boiling, and the reality of playing games for one year in January has been proved. This shows what human beings mean, but this method is equivalent to prolonging their life. At one time, Chinese people expressed their desire to buy helmet officers.
Fang has also given a definite answer that helmets will not be sold until January, and when the game warehouse will be available, the Chinese people will hold their breath and wait for the public beta in January
In the game, the sun shines brightly and the roofs of ten cabins are easily installed by Li Zhuang (that is, a pile of grass). At this moment, Li She is quietly looking at the plain in front of her, and Li Zhuang is also chatting and walking the dog.
Li She suddenly remembered that she hasn’t looked at her village attributes yet. Hurriedly bring up the’ village information’ button on the panel to watch. This is a look at the black line and I want to hit the wall.
Cunmingtianmen village
Low-level villages (including imperial city, king city, county city, county town, town and village).
Existing residents, the largest residents 2, 2 (that is, Li She and Li Zhuang)
The surrounding area is 1 square kilometer.
Resident satisfaction
Village popularity information
Li She saw several subsidiary buttons next to the button "Village Information", namely "Existing Buildings", "Constructable Buildings", "Residents" and "Upgrade Conditions".
Li she finished the sentence of "existing buildings" first.
Existing buildings, village head’s office, simple wooden house.
Village head office Village head rest office
Simple wooden houses can give villagers shelter.
Then Li she ordered the’ buildable building’ to meet and wrote
The simple fence of the primary fence can prevent some small animals from harassing, and it takes only a carpenter and a certain amount of wood.
The primary warehouse can hold some things, and the room needs a primary mason and a few pieces of wood.
A primary tailor’s shop can make some simple clothes, which requires a "primary tailor’s shop drawing", a primary tailor, a mason and some wood.