"It’s so stupid. How can I have such a stupid master as you? If you rush at it like this, you will just break up the clouds and absorb a fart. You can just stay here and absorb the thunder, so that you can absorb the thunder to the maximum extent!" The little black a pair of hate iron not to produce sample way

"Well, all right!" Any suspection.i Zhantian was also lectured by little black words on a black line nai way
Then suspection.i Zhantian stopped the dark clouds and didn’t rush toward the surface, but quietly waited for the thunder to fall every day.
Huangfu Zhantian doesn’t matter, but it scares Sunny and Xuejinger both of them. What else can they do? But I didn’t expect him to personally attract lightning. Even so, he can drive away the dark clouds, but they have never heard of anyone who can thunder, no matter how strong your strength is, but in the face of this world, it still seems so slim.
"Brother Xiaotian will be all right!" Xue Jinger asked with a worried face. Although she knew Sunny could not answer this question, she still couldn’t help asking [
"I don’t know, brother Xiaotian. It’s too risky!" Sunny a face of nai shake head a way
"What is this dark cloud doing? Why hasn’t it come down? It’s been so long!" Any suspection.i Zhantian twisted one’s own neck full of resentment because of upturned head and asked.
"Don’t worry, the longer this thunder is brewing, the stronger and smaller the energy will be when it bursts out. Just wait and see if you can push your strength to the realm of God in one fell swoop!" Xiaohei is full of expectations
When I hear the little black words, I will no longer travel, but concentrate on adjusting my state to the best, or I really don’t know if it will work in the face of this day.
A ring from heaven and earth finally broke out from the dark clouds, and Jing Er and Sunny Er at the bottom of the snow suddenly changed their faces after hearing the thunder. If Xiaotian can’t carry the thunder this day and let it come, I’m afraid the rain will follow, and then mother will also …
And suspection.i Zhantian finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this sound. After waiting for so long, ya, you finally came. If you don’t come to Xiaoye, I’m going to break you up.
Although he thought like this in his heart, he didn’t relax, but held the Thor hammer in his hand high like a lightning rod. On that day, Ray seemed to feel that a small ant challenged its majesty and directly hit the Thor hammer in Huangfu Zhantian’s hand.
Not surprisingly, the thunder directly blasted the hammer face of Raytheon that day, but Huangfu Zhantian was blasted by the thunder that day and fell directly towards the ground.
"What a powerful force!" Any suspection.i Zhantian was horrified and kept his figure steady. He could feel the thunder and thunder roaring inside the hammer, but gradually the sound became smaller. Then a soft Raytheon Qi poured out of the hammer and flowed to his body. I felt this abnormal pure Raytheon Qi. Any suspection.i Zhantian felt a refreshing sensation in my body, as if I had eaten a piece of ice on a hot day. That kind of refreshing sensation went to my bones.
"Haha, it’s so cool! Come again!" After absorbing the thor’s true qi, Huangfu Zhantian shouted at the dark clouds, but Xiaohei didn’t stop it at this time, but encouraged Huangfu Zhantian to be arrogant again. Because just now, the thunder of the sky lowered its quality due to fighting with the three gods, it has once again become a magic weapon. It believes that if it is thundered a few more times, it will definitely rise to the level of the magic weapon, so then it will no longer be afraid that it will be degraded due to excessive loss.
Jixue Jinger and Sunny waited anxiously for a long time after hearing the thunder, but they didn’t see any thunder falling. When they looked at each other, they cheered at the same time.
"Brother Xiaotian is so powerful that even the thunder has resisted!" Snow static son looked at the place in the sky where he couldn’t see the figure, muttered in his mouth, and his eyes were all extraordinary splendour.
Sunny is also a shock and surprise. She didn’t expect Xiaotian’s brother to actually carry the lightning, which made her curious about the mystery of Huangfu Zhantian once again. She was very curious about her unmasked sister’s mysterious magic in judging people.
On that day, the thunder seemed to hear the words of Huangfu Zhantian, as if angry, and it came down like crazy. The thunder seemed to be exhausted towards the thunder hammer in the hands of Huangfu Zhantian, and the posture seemed to break him.
"It’s so cool!" The little black side is busy transforming those thunderbolts into pure Raytheon force, and the seal of Raytheon hammer, which was just bombarded by violent thunderbolts, has been lifted again. Now Raytheon hammer has reached the peak of the earth spirit device, and it will reach the level of the celestial spirit device in a little bit. How can this not make it excited?
And suspection.i war days at this time also feel that the original stagnant state slowly rose up, which made him very excited.
Compared with the excitement of the two people, Jinger and Sunny are both worried, because there may be nothing about a thunderbolt just now, but this time it is so many rumbling and rumbling, which is very scary. Well, they found that these thunderbolts didn’t land together, and the dark clouds are no longer so dark at this time, which makes them feel a little relieved. If they want to hold on for a while, it is estimated that the dark clouds will be dispersed almost, so there will definitely be no more rain.
After thundering for a good half-day every day, I found that this little ant had not been smashed and stopped first [
"Yi how to stop? It won’t be over! " Huangfu Zhantian is dissatisfied. Looking at the sky, the dark clouds say that his realistic power has risen to the level of the higher god. If he wants more, he can rise to the higher level of the higher god. But this day, the thunder is too weak to stop, and he still wants to rise to the level of the god. It would be a pity if he stopped like this. Section 164: Lei Jingling
"Don’t worry, I don’t think it will end. This guy seems to be brewing a big move. Get ready and wait for it." Blackie is a little worried because he can feel a slowly growing breath hidden in the dark clouds. This breath makes him feel very uneasy. If he can reach the level of the celestial body, he will definitely not be afraid of it.
After listening to the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian hurried to the sky, and Thor was really angry because he smelled a little danger from the little black words, and the dark clouds did feel a little dangerous. Now he must consolidate the physical realm while the thunder has not come again. It is less and safer to do so.
Just suspection.i Zhantian has just stabilized his physical condition for a while, and an unusually strong breath broke out from the dark clouds. Feel the breath and suspection.i Zhantian’s face suddenly changed.
"How can I meet it when I’m finished!" The little black tone in some panic way
"What’s the matter with the little black? What the hell is it? " Huangfu Zhantian heard that Xiao Xi ha ha Xiao Hei had a panic tone, which said that the situation was very bad, but he had to know what it was [
"This is an extreme lightning. If I knew it was an extreme lightning, I would let you break up the dark clouds just now, but I’m afraid this extreme lightning has been brewing successfully and it will be locked. No matter where you go, you can’t escape all the hard resistance. Hum, if I reach the level of the celestial organ, I’m afraid of it. I almost missed it. It seems that I have to work hard this time." The little black tone is very dignified.
Hearing the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian also knows that he can’t get away with it this time and can rely on his own strength.
"If I can’t bear it later, then you can summon the heavenly demon armor, so it’s possible to resist it, otherwise we’ll be miserable today!" Xiaohei told him
"Well, don’t worry, it’s okay, and I feel that this time may be an opportunity for me. Maybe if I want to pick up this extreme lightning, then my strength will increase. The greater the danger, the greater the gain." Huangfu Zhantian said with a relaxed smile, but he thought that this would not be the chance that the Green Master told himself. If so, it would be too fucking. This is simply a hard life.
"Look out, it’s coming!" The little black tone dignified way
Hearing the little black sound, Huangfu Zhantian quickly stopped running. Raytheon’s true qi opened his eyes and looked at the dark clouds that day. At this time, the dark clouds have gradually turned into a very small cloud, but the concentration on that side has become dark, just like a cloud of ink.
Huangfu Zhantian suppressed the throb in his heart, held Raytheon’s hammer high and shouted, "Come on, I’m not afraid of you!"
As if in response to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the ink cloud suddenly churned up and saw a very small body emitting a Taoist spirit coming out of the cloud.
Seeing this situation, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly stared blankly. What is this situation? How did a little thing appear from the cloud?
"No, it’s not the ultimate lightning. It’s Lei Jingling’s death. How can this guy come out? Get ready for defense!" Little black hurried shouted
Hearing the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly shuddered, and Raytheon’s true qi crashed into operation. He could hear that the panic in the little black tone was not fear because there seemed to be a little excitement.
"Blackie, what is this Lei Jingling?" Any suspection.i zhantian quietly asked
"This Lei Jingling is something that is extremely difficult to breed in heaven and earth. Although it looks like an elf, it is not sane because it can do things. Just now, our actions have angered it. I’m afraid it will find us trouble. This Lei Jingling is a great disaster for others, but it is a great supplement for you, the owner of the Raytheon body. If you can absorb all the energy of this Lei Jingling body, your strength will probably jump directly to the realm of a god." Little black said with some excitement.