Zhu Yinzhen saw three people toasting and talking happily, and his face looked pale.

How can it not make people angry that two people who were grounded by him stepped out of the moon-holding building without saying anything and even had a drink with his new wife?
Seeing Shen Menglu’s face smiling like winter sunshine, Zhu Yinzhen was so sick that he wanted to vomit blood. Before and after Shen Menglu’s wedding, it was a luxury for Shen Menglu to give him a good face because of various contradictions, not to mention such a gorgeous smile.
But now Shen Menglu shows such a beautiful smile to these two annoying men without stint! An eyesore! Zhu Yinzhen really wants to shoot them in smoke with one hand! Whether they are dream lifesavers or not!
But Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t take Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi seriously, but Shen Menglu can’t!
"Mom, why don’t you wait for your husband to eat together?" Zhu Yinzhen choked back the impulse to kill, hung a gentle smile and occupied Shen Menglu’s waist and sat next to her
"Are you awake?" Shen Menglu smiled at Zhu Yinzhen and Zhan Yan tenderly. He filled a bowl of soup, "Drink the soup first and moisten your voice."
"Thank you, Mom!" Shen Menglu’s sudden tenderness and thoughtfulness surprised Zhu Yinzhen. He took the soup bowl with surprise and gulped it up.
"Drink slowly and be careful to burn …" Shen Menglu woke up two seconds late, and some hot soup almost made Zhu Yinzhen gush out.
Zhu Yinzhen opened his mouth and breathed a few breaths, then he managed to swallow the soup in his mouth and smiled. "It’s delicious if it’s not hot!"
Zhu Yinzhen’s performance is as small as puppy love, which makes Shen Menglu slightly embarrassed and slightly sweet.
Chu Dai ‘an and Yan Yi looked at each other in unison, and then sighed tacitly and silently at the same time. When Zhu Yinzhen came, they suddenly became the wattage-full light bulb.
"Mom, you just woke up and shouldn’t drink." Zhu Yinzhen pushed the glass in front of Shen Menglu. He just drank a soup bowl and handed it to Shen Menglu again. "Mom, this soup tastes good. Try it."
Shen Menglu reached for the soup bowl and was stopped by Zhu Yinzhen. "Mother, open your mouth and feed you!"
On hearing the word "good mother", Shen Menglu could not help but think that Zhu Yinzhen was such a slightly tough girl who wiped her clean.
Shen Menglu’s face was slightly hot. She glanced at the field of Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi and looked at Zhu Yinzhen stubbornly holding a spoon. This is really embarrassing. "The report has guests! Let male and female servants themselves … "
It’s still 6 thousand today!
A new week is coming again! I wish you all a happy, jealous and loving mood? This man needs a good training!
Shen Menglu’s face was slightly hot. She glanced at the field of Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi and looked at Zhu Yinzhen stubbornly holding a spoon. This is really embarrassing. "The report has guests! Let male and female servants themselves … "
Shen Menglu’s refusal was interrupted by Zhu Yinzhen’s strong words before he finished. "Shiro or her husband and mother-in-law must call themselves concubines."
Zhu Yinzhen automatically ignored the sentence in Shen Menglu that there was a guest. He squinted and handed the spoon in his hand to Shen Menglu’s mouth. "Let your husband wait on your mother when she recovers from a serious illness!" Mother opened her mouth! "
Please! She’s just poisoned and unconscious, not broken hands, feet and soup. It’s not enough to ask Zhu Yinzhen to feed her!
Shen Menglu gave Zhu Yinzhen a reproachful look, indicating that he should stop fooling around. Zhu Yinzhen returned with a koo expression. The spoon in his hand was still attached to Shen Menglu’s delicate and charming lips. "It’s cold if you don’t drink soup!"
This childish man! Shen Menglu nai blushed and opened her mouth with a spoon in her mouth.
Shen Menglu’s soup hasn’t been swallowed yet. Zhu Yinzhen persistently handed the second spoon again and didn’t forget to blow it carefully. "Lainiang soup is not hot!"
Shen Menglu language to the bottom of my heart turned supercilious look! Zhu Yinzhen, dare you be a little more naive? Is this a deliberate show of love rhythm?
He’s not Xiu En Ai! He is trying to tell others that the couple are really in love! Why? Zhu Yinzhen proudly rushed Shen Menglu to pick his eyebrows.
This Zhu Yinzhen is simply childish and outrageous! Chu Daian felt that Zhu Yinzhen was feeding Shen Menglu soup. The picture was too beautiful to look straight at him. He simply turned his head and pretended not to see Yan Yiyi drinking with a smile on his face.
Yan Yiyi’s mouth has been holding a little smile like a spring breeze and raising a glass in response to Chu Daian’s attentive drinking. Seeing Zhu Yinzhen being so considerate to Shen Menglu, Yan Yiyi is half gratified and half disappointed.
Zhu Yinzhen refused, so Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi watched and fed Shen Menglu a bowl of soup. See Zhu Yinzhen and want to make persistent efforts to show her love. Shen Menglu quit. Is it really good to have a guest room where their host is doing this and hanging Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi?
"Yin Zhen, I’m full." Shen Menglu stopped Zhu Yin Zhen from grabbing food. "Yan Gong is my savior. Yin Zhen might as well entertain Yan Gong and Chu Dai ‘an!"
Hospitality? Zhu Yinzhen’s sharp eyes swept through drinking Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi. Even if he didn’t throw them into the dungeon, he still wanted him to entertain them.
"Yan Gong saved Wang Niang’s life. The king is naturally grateful. Wang Ding will send a generous reward to thank Yan Gong, but Wang Niang still needs to cultivate and forgive Wang Niang for not being able to get along! Zhanyang, please treat the two of you on behalf of Wang Wangfei! " Zhu Yinzhen threw this sentence at Zhanyang and stretched out his hand to pull up Shen Menglu and turned to go.
Shen Menglu has a black line. This Zhu Yinzhen is deliberately looking for fault!
"I’m all right" Shen Menglu wants to earn Zhu Yinzhen’s hand, so what does it mean to lose Yan Yi and Chu Daian? Zhu Yinzhen grounded them both enough.
"Mother Yan Gong is your doctor. You have nothing to do but ask Yan Gong to say it." Zhu Yinzhen tightly buckled Shen Menglu’s hand and wouldn’t let her loose. "Yan Gong, do you think Wang Niang still needs a good rest?" Zhu Yinzhen looked menacingly at Yan Yiyi.
Yan Yiyi drinks and drinks. He gently bows his hand at Shen Menglu in his glass. "Empress poisoning has been solved, but it’s always good to cultivate more. Let’s listen to your report and rest at ease!" I will do some solid training for the empress again. "
It’s strange that Yan Yiyi’s superb medical skills and Yan Men’s inscrutable Dan medicine will still have toxin residues in her body!
Instead of feeling uncomfortable, Shen Menglu feels comfortable. It seems that the accumulated garbage in the blood has been cleaned up! I’m afraid it’s Yan Yiyi. She detoxified and recuperated for her at the same time!
Shen Menglu’s natural white Yan Yi’s clearance means that she glared at Zhu Yinzhen naively and blinked at Chu Daian. "Then I’ll go back to the palace and rest in Chu Daian. You treat Yan Gong well for me! If anyone dares to disrespect the savior of the palace, the palace will not be spared! "