Looking at what Muqingfeng said, he couldn’t even speak and kept pointing at me.

"ACTS teacher clothes washed like enlightenment jianfa can have experience? Bring me the wine. I want to show the next door what is the best wine in the day while the iron is hot. "Li Daoling staggered over and picked up the jars and went to the martial arts field.
Soon the playground came and roared.
"Smelly road, how dare you cheat me with rotten water! ! When I was a three-year-old child? I’ll let you taste my wujinjian shield if you don’t make it clear today! !”
"Ah bah! Being original and dreaming for a thousand years is the best wine in the world. Let your turtle and grandson drink half of it in one gulp and then give it back to the old road. When it is sour, it must be that your bad breath has defiled this wine. You are still original! !”
Just now, the words were opposite, and soon the martial arts field came to bang and fight.
Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiao hurried out without discussing it. You know, it’s rare to see two masters play each other at ordinary times.
Just as they were in high spirits, the dog egg came running.
"Brother, my master and Li your master are fighting. Go and persuade them."
"What do you advise? It’s called learning. It’s hard to watch carefully," Muqingfeng said.
After a while Mu Qingfeng felt a little thirsty.
"Did the dog eggs bring water?"
The dog egg untied the waist gourd.
Muqingfeng took a sip and almost spit it out. A strong sour smell came straight at him, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.
"Where did you get the water?"
"I just heard the two of them fighting. I advised them not to listen. When I came out to find you passing through the corridor, I saw a jar lying on the ground and thought it might be Master’s collection of good wine, so I poured a gourd."
Looking at the dog’s innocent eyes, Mu Qingfeng fought back his urge to vomit and commit suicide.
"That son of a bitch, you Bai Dage just asked me for a drink. Look at you. Give him some of your treasures. Maybe he will teach you some moves." Muqingfeng said with a strong heart.
"Oh, I know," said the dog egg and went to Baiqiao.
"Bai Dage my brother buy you a drink! !” The dog’s egg showed an innocent and evil smile.
Although I watched a good play, my master’s martial arts and the head of the war were really enjoyable, but after all, I have been through the storm in the rivers and lakes, and the old man will know the problem after careful thinking
"Good brother, you can’t be so busy, foolish brother. This time, I let the war uncle abort the half-life," said Bai Qiao, who was lying next to Muqingfeng.
"I didn’t expect these two old goods to have so much strength after fighting with each other. I don’t feel my right butt base now." Muqingfeng also groaned in bed.
"Brother, the master said that you should have a good rest and stop fooling around, so you won’t walk on your own legs." Qing, a dog with eyes, put today’s food on the bed and looked at them angrily
It’s a little embarrassing to look at Muqingfeng’s angry face. After all, it’s a bit of a fire at the gate.
Ordinary day was broken in a report a month later.
After such a long period of practice, Mu Qingfeng seems to have figured out what the trick is. Just when he was thinking about how to cut willow with swallowtail like Master, the dog egg came running in a panic and said, "Brother, brother, my master and Bai Dage asked you to go to the front hall for deliberation. The military situation ahead has changed. Li Daochang has arrived."
After hearing the words of dog eggs, Mu Qingfeng was stationed in the grassland outside the border after a sudden earthquake, but he didn’t retreat, which made him suspicious. It seems that the enemy has a great plan
"Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture xian brother, are you here? It seems that this time we miscalculated "see MuQingFeng entered the hall Bai Qiao said gently.
"Is the blue wolf clan coming to buckle the edge again?" Muqingfeng looked at the map in front and asked
"Not only that, but according to the scouts, it is estimated that they will be back on the wing in three days at most. It seems that the war is far from over." Li Daoling said thoughtfully
"There’s worse news," the war leader said with a secret letter and a frown.
"Actually, there is a barbarian cavalry with a number of about 20,000, who bypasses the defender’s pass behind the Yi Yangshan Mountain. After the soldiers were caught off guard, the mountain gate was burned down by them. I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to find the North Prince to borrow soldiers again."
"This time, barbarians burned our homes everywhere, and people were displaced everywhere. I don’t know if we can survive this time," Bai Qiao said, looking at the blue sky in the distance and worried.
Looking back on these two days, I saw more and more refugees, and I felt a shadow ridge.
"Not good! ! This is the enemy’s deadly trap! !” Muqingfeng big said
Looking at the people in the hall watching Mu Qingfeng, he quickly said, "In the past two days, I found that the number of refugees has increased significantly. Just now, the war leader said that our support has been cut off. The barbarians did not slaughter the people as before, but burned their houses to let them consume our food. If we don’t want to lose the hearts of the people, we will definitely put food in the warehouse, so that our food will soon run out! !”
When I heard Mu Qingfeng’s words, I didn’t look shocked, especially after Bai Qiao heard the report on the commissary. He glanced at the map and said, "This plan must be our summer rape institute. I know barbarian tactics can never be so meticulous. What’s worse, I heard my father say that Han Mu, the leader of the Qinglang tribe, has always been bloodthirsty, cruel, reckless and impatient. It is impossible to think of such a detailed strategy!"
"Bang!" A teacup in a dog’s egg hand was crushed.
Mu Qingfeng and Dog Egg both saw their anger from each other’s eyes.
Hanmu answers! ! ! ! Sanya! ! !
Muqingfeng’s body was on fire when he heard the name Han Mu’s answer. He and the dog egg will never forget the day when Sanwench was arrested. In fact, they have all spent so long in vain. Sanwench may have died, but even if there is a million hopes, Muqingfeng will spend ten thousand efforts because he promised her that he would find her.
Looking at Mu Qingfeng and the dog’s egg, he asked: "Qingfeng Yunxiao looks like you. Have you met Han Muda, the leader of the Qinglang clan?"
"I rescued these two little girls from barbarians. As far as I know, they also have a younger sister named Sanwench. Unfortunately, being original is late and I don’t know where their younger sister has been taken." Li Daoling said that it was obvious that he didn’t want to make the Muqingfeng village public.
"Okay, okay, now is not the time to discuss family feuds. Let’s deal with the barbarian army’s siege first." Zhan Yunyi pulled the topic back to dealing with refugees. No one cared about this little episode except Mu Qingfeng and dog egg Li Daoling.
To tell the truth, Mu Qingfeng lost his head after hearing the name Han Mu’s answer. He should play it. In the next few days, Mu Qingfeng went back and forth into the chamber like a puppet without making comments or thinking. Finally, Li Daoling found him on the fourth night.
"I know that your mind is full of three things now, but according to reliable information, the barbarian army will arrive at noon at the latest. I hope you can calm down. If we don’t get through this, let alone find your sister, I’m afraid we are all clay idols crossing the river. Besides, your state will obviously affect the boy in Yunxiao. Although he is born with divine power, he is still a teenager. If you collapse, he will have nothing to rely on." After that, Master patted Mu Qingfeng on the shoulder and went out.
Looking at the moonlight outside the window, Mu Qingfeng tried to calm himself down. It really makes sense for Master to speak. Impulse is not good for him. You can solve the immediate problem before you think about it.
In the day, Mu Qingfeng cheered himself up and came to the hall for discussion, only to find that the situation was getting worse these days when he was distracted.
"The refugees are no longer entering because of the war, but we are surrounded by barbarians. Our scouts can’t even get out. As far as we know, there are about 150,000 people in the other army. The leading organizer is called Hanmu," Bai Qiao said, looking at the information at hand.
"There is worse news. Our grain can last for about ten days, even if we control the supply of each person, it will not exceed one month, that is to say, one month either we retreat from the enemy or we break it," said the war leader, worried.
"Can’t we send someone out to tell the news?" said a general sitting on the right.
"No enemy is the iron core that surrounds us here. All the scouts we sent in the middle of the night were caught and killed. To be exact, they couldn’t even get a few hundred feet away from the city gate." The scout captain shook his head and said.
"What about homing pigeons? Barbarians can’t fly to the sky to catch them, can they? " The deputy head of Xuanjiamen said
"The barbarians trapped us to death this time and brought grassland falcons, and our homing pigeons became their food."
"We might as well go and fight with them when we die like this! !” A hot-tempered general said
"Qingfeng, do you have any countermeasures?" Bai Qiao asked Mu Qingfeng.
"Not yet. Our biggest problem now is that we can’t send out news and fight a protracted war. I am also at a loss about these two problems." Mu Qingfeng shook his head.
"Good things need to be bold at the last moment. It is estimated that their horses will launch a siege. We can take it one step at a time." Finally, the war leader announced that the meeting was over and the army was preparing for war
At noon, the barbarians really launched an attack, and sharp arrows shot from both positions like rain. Except for the Xuanjia army, which was dressed in thick armor, both the barbarians and the Northern Yan army kept falling as if they had been hit by a storm in the wheat field, but they were once a fresh life.
"Attack the wall with the reward of gold hundred and twenty beauty slaves each ten! !”
"Hurrah! !” "kill! ! Kill all summer dogs! !”
The tragic siege war kicked off.
The barbarian population, biting a sharp knife and struggling to climb the ladder, was rewarded with a red eye. They gave full play to their original animal nature and rushed to the wall with rolling stones and arrows. They were even more mad. Often, three northern Yan troops sacrificed to exchange for a barbarian soldier.
"Come on, let Uyghur Naza be the first warrior to be rewarded! !” A particularly strong barbarian shouted at the wall waving a mace
"Pretty dog Hugh rampant eat me a gun! !” A general of the Northern Yan Army drank a gun and stabbed it at Wunaza, and the silver point of your gun shone brightly in the air.