Now Liu Feng is almost a nightmare for him.

Liu Feng took the gb team around for a week. Although the si Organizing Committee constantly disgusted them, the fans were still very enthusiastic. Liu Feng still liked the fans in Europe very much.
Liu Feng’s trip once again led to the whole game, but this further supported the embarrassment of sq.
Si organizing Committee can’t stand this kind of thing to continue to develop, and quickly let the on-site referee directly find Liu Feng and let Liu Feng quickly enter the seat competition
Liu Feng naturally won’t resist the referee in this respect and find reasons for the si Organizing Committee to wear gb shoes.
Liu Feng naturally led the team to enter the competition seat, just as they were about to take out their mouse key sleeves and insert them, the referee suddenly stopped them from doing so.
"Sorry, I’m not allowed to wear a set in this si competition!"
"What? Newblane is playing frog in front. Aren’t they themselves? " Liu Fengsong frowned and said
"They make it the sponsor of the competition, of course, there is no problem, but if you can’t, please change it and we will prepare it for you. Please understand that supporting our work is the sponsor’s requirement."
"… good for you!" Liu Feng doesn’t want to fall out with si Organizing Committee because of this matter.
But soon Liu Feng’s anger was directly detonated. They got the mouse key cover, and all the parts were broken!
This is impossible in a world competition like si, and this is why the organizing committee of si is deliberately disgusting them.
But Liu Feng still endured his anger. If he expected well, I’m afraid all the headphones he gave them were broken
As a result, when the field workers brought them headphones, they tried them and they were all broken!
And Liu Feng asked the workers to change it four times in a row, but it was broken!
When the replacement was requested, the site worker said that there was no new backup, so there were five sets!
Sq is watching gb jokes together, especially when york sees gb being disgusted by the organizing Committee. He is now in a very comfortable mood.
Liu Feng was directly angry. He got up and walked to the emcee’s side, grabbed the microphone and said fluently in English, "It turned out that my si organizing committee was a very generous organization, but now I find that I was wrong. I hereby announce that gb will withdraw from the si competition from now on!"
On-site fans heard Liu Feng’s announcement and directly fried the pot. Many people are very much looking forward to the wonderful performance of gb in the second stage of si competition.
But now Liu Feng has directly announced gb retirement!
York gloated. He didn’t expect Liu Feng to be so impulsive that he directly announced his retirement, which was tantamount to giving up the tickets for the S race directly, and sq was sure to win the first place in the group here (he thought so himself).
The organizing Committee was caught off guard. They also wanted to disgust gb. They had expected gb to get angry, but when they wanted to come, they kicked out a scapegoat and apologized.
But I didn’t expect this Liu Feng to announce his retirement directly with such a big temper!
The chairman of the si Organizing Committee is on vacation at Golden Beach at this time. The resolution of disgusting gb is actually passed by the vice chairman directly in the daily meeting without telling the chairman.
But now the basket has smashed the gb and directly announced the retirement!
If it is another team, the si Organizing Committee will not feel how to return it, just let it go and double the fine.
But gb is no ordinary team. gb background At the beginning, in the event that a reporter was beaten, the vice chairman vaguely heard the chairman say
Although he knows it is not very clear, it is definitely the si Organizing Committee that absolutely dare not offend.
Liu Feng finished retiring and directly walked out of the competition area with the gb team, leaving a full audience surprised.
When Liu Feng went out with gb, the audience was surprised that the audience finally reacted, but it was not gb, and the si organizing committee was invited to get up.
Now it’s silly to know that the si Organizing Committee has changed frequently from just now to introduce the gb team at a joint venue, and the audience has been surprisingly angry.
Si organizing Committee directly forced its favorite team to retire!
This is not bad!
The scene was chaotic, and several mineral water bottles were thrown directly to the audience. The audience unanimously demanded that the organizing committee apologize and please go back to the gb team!
Si, vice chairman of the organizing committee, saw that the scene was getting out of control, and the whole person had been stagnant for a long time, silently telling the secret beside him, "Call Chairman Frank quickly … just say that something happened here …"
Chapter 36 Door Apologize
Gb, led by Liu Feng, directly chose to retire. The si Organizing Committee died. Finally, he hurriedly let goy compete with qd in the frontcourt the next day.
The sq team won the game because the gb team retired and directly counted gb as giving up the game.
York didn’t expect such a result to lose the game in the end, so it was just a little boring, and york was still dreaming that the gb team would be punished by the si organizing committee.
But what he didn’t expect was that the si Organizing Committee was already overwhelmed, because the gb withdrawal storm was about to rush towards them soon.
First of all, after gb retired, the audience directly became angry, and some people directly launched a boycott of si competition on Twitter.
It is said that if gb can’t compete in the second stage of si one day, then they will never watch the si competition.
This tweet has received millions of likes in just three hours, which is really exciting
Immediately after that, the president of the World Competition Association issued a public condemnation of the si Organizing Committee’s behavior, and even threatened that if the gb withdrawal storm was not properly handled, the World Competition Association would consider directly discussing with roi to cancel two tickets for the S competition in Europe and America!
Then it was followed by the protest of the National Competition Association. Of course, this is a little rainy in Mao Mao compared with the threat of the World Competition Association
What is even more frightening is that the vice chairman of the si Organizing Committee directly received a message from Elsa, a mafia family in Europe.
If gb is not allowed to return to the competition, the consequences will be at your own risk.