Chapter 142 Full moon night

It’s getting dark, and nearly 3,000 people have come to the Central Plains, but there are no signs of preparing for the attack, and the priests in the university town are completely unaware of their arrival.
Coincidentally, today is a full moon in the middle of the month, climbing slowly, and the soft moonlight is raining like light and rain. Suddenly, the world is silvery and white, and it looks good. Seeing such a scenery, Jinyang Tianling also follows a slight shock, and the heart is inexplicably quiet.
An hour ago, Jinyang had received a report from bald Li that Yue Changqing’s family of three had arrived in new york safely. Bald Li was receiving them, and he was ready to hand over all the work at hand to Yue Changqing slowly. After that, he specialized in intelligence, which was no longer contaminated with economic things.
In fact, money doesn’t mean much to Jinyang, but human nature is always greedy. It is also very pleasant to watch the Arabic numerals of bank cards increase little by little, even if it can make you feel happy, it is quite worthwhile.
Besides, in today’s society, if you don’t have money, you can’t do it. No, those rare materials are the most common ones. Most of the materials used for flying swords belong to rare metals, which are almost as worthless as gold.
Take the Shushan Sword School as an example. In order to meet the demand of more than 10,000 people for flying swords, a small branch was specially set up in an ordinary mountain in Mongolia. Hundreds of people gathered in it to occupy a large area of rare metal mines.
Now, it is definitely worthwhile for Jinyang to find a reliable person to collect money secretly for a large number of rare metals to make a large number of flying swords.
Gradually the full moon rises to the highest.
Jinyang three people are people who refine gas and fix the truth. If you persist in this practice, even if you don’t fix the realm for a day, you will go back a little. At this moment, it is a good time to practice in the dead of night, and the three of them will be spared.
The Hunger’s corpse is extremely cold energy for The Hunger’s old ghost, and the moonlight at night is negative. For his body, The Hunger’s corpse is very pure. The first one is suspended in front of the window and absorbs the green moonlight almost devouringly.
Although in the secret room of Jinyang Manor on that day, the magic of changing the weather was used to delay the passage to the hell when it was closed, it was cultivated into a scattered fairy body with the help of the nine yin shaqi of hell, but after all, it was not slowly polished by itself little by little, and it was still necessary to slowly reconcile the nine yin shaqi with the essence of the moon.
Jinyang and Yichen are constantly absorbing the sun in the daytime, and at night, it is convenient to refine the Vulcan body and exercise the physical strength to rise to the realm of Vulcan True Solution.
Although the fire aura is absorbed all the time during the day, it takes half an hour to absorb the fire aura for a whole day when you really practice, and you will be sacrificed and refined.
At the moment, it belongs to the night. Without the sun, you can’t continue to cultivate a dust. You can immediately chat and absorb some heaven and earth reiki in the air to sacrifice the magic weapon. The communication will be smoother in the future. After all, in some cases, the magic weapon is also decisive for the war.
But Jinyang is different. These two magic roots, Zhu Rong Armor and Zhu Rong Zhanqi, need to be sacrificed and refined. They are integrated with Jinyang. Unless Jinyang dies, they feel that they will not leave Jinyang, and the power of two peerless magic weapons will gradually emerge with Jinyang’s own realm.
In addition to these two peerless magic weapons, Jinyang, the most powerful of several magic weapons, is the’ Zen-induced Demon Array’ composed of thirty-six golden buddhas. Since the Golden Lohan forcibly ascended to the realm of Jinyang and ascended to the heaven, Jinyang has felt more and more smooth in controlling the array.
Before Jinyang, it was the old monk who helped him before he left. However, since the cultivation of Vulcan, many things have suddenly come to mind, knowing that the old bald donkey’s heart is really vicious and completely destroyed the foundation of Jinyang’s cultivation.
If it weren’t for the accidental fusion of Vulcan Zhu Rong, the broken and unyielding God Jinyang Gen, you wouldn’t have found this point, and you would still be complacent.
Since then, Jinyang knows in his heart that this 36-year-old Buddha will never be as simple as it is now, and the war between Buddhism and Buddhism will definitely bite back. It is just an illusion that unless the Buddha nature is expelled, it will never belong to Jinyang. The whole thing is a time bomb placed in the body.
Actually, Jinyang can throw away this baby, but in my heart, it’s a little reluctant to give up 36 golden bodies. Lohan flies to heaven and stays in the golden body. Before Jinyang, there may be no such concept.
But now I have a part of Vulcan Zhu Rong’s knowledge, and my heart is like a mirror. If I can absorb it into the body, I should be able to rise to several levels immediately. It is exciting to think about it.
In private, Jinyang asked a dust more than once to drive out the Buddha nature of these 36 golden buddhas and refine all the 36 golden buddhas into the original energy.
A dust in his heart is white, but he doesn’t know what to do. After all, it’s thirty-six golden bodies. Lohan stays in the golden body. Although there are several battles in his heart that can be done, a strong smell of the vast array of the vast expanse of the vast expanse will surely attract rivals, Buddhism and several major sects, and those bald donkeys will surely come at the first time, and the loss will outweigh the gain.
A dust explains that every sentence is true, and Jinyang is not strong enough to be good. I feel a little sorry in my heart, but it is not yet time for those bald donkeys to turn against each other. I don’t think I will take back this baby, and the world will find a good way.
After all, there is still no strength and Buddhism to be hard. Although there are 60,000 people in the forbidden area of Jiulian Jianzong Houshan, it is said that 30,000 people have returned to the level of ordinary people in the’ Tianzhong’ clan, that is, to the level of ordinary immortals. It sounds that the strength is quite good.
Actually, no matter whether it’s the fairy or the Buddha, just give some people a hand, and this person will be finished.
There are 3,000 Buddhas in Buddhism, and a few 30,000′ Tianzhong’ people have come to annihilate the Buddhas in an instant, but they are all masters at the same level as the celestial heavenly king, and there are also two big leaders who are in thirty-three days away.
Chapter 143 Swallow the magic bottle
Chapter 143 Swallow the magic bottle
Sighed slightly, and a golden light shot out quickly. Jinyang never liked to put too many magic weapons. This thing is more expensive than fine. If you have more magic weapons, it will be turned into scrap iron and sent to scrap iron for recycling.
The golden light flashes and the golden urn becomes a foot-long golden urn. What is the name of this urn? Jinyang didn’t know that Qingyue didn’t say when he served that day.
Jinyang knows that it’s a very important one. The golden urn left by the destruction of the friar’s body will automatically be absorbed when it is seen. It’s extremely powerful. Jinyang muttered to himself, "A good magic weapon of the right path has such a whole thing. I don’t know if it’s better than the’ blood jade vase’."
Under normal circumstances, if the monk Yuan Ying’s body is broken, Yuan Ying can still find a living creature to seize his body and drag out an ignoble existence. However, if the realm of the elixir is separated from the monk’s body like an ancient artifact, it will surely dissipate and return to the source of the aura of heaven and earth.
The biggest thing about this golden urn is that it can make the embryo of then sword not dissipate, which is cheap. Once the embryo of then sword of Jinyang has Vulcan body, it can’t escape, and it will be melted into the original energy by Zhu Rong Zhan in the abdomen. Although it is not a fire aura, it is also of great benefit to the Vulcan body to absorb it.