From a distance, you can see that dozens of miles near Mingjianfeng Mountain range is full of fairy beasts and supernatural powers, which can be called full swing.

Half a month passed quickly, and there were two months left before the final evaluation.
The circle has been built in an orderly way, and no one expected it, then suddenly something went wrong.
The new problem is that the materials need to be invested about 10,000 Jin less because of the construction in the middle and late period of the circle. The product of dumpling scales J and NG Jinming Jianzong is less than 300 Jin. First, this thing is too rare. Second, it is quite difficult. They are going to purchase from the whole celestial world, but they can barely make up 10,000 Jin of dumpling scales J and NG Golden Eye in the plan. It seems that it is difficult to get half of it!
Chapter two hundred and forty-one The new bureau (there are two chapters)
Under normal circumstances, it won’t be too difficult to buy ten thousand Jin of dumpling scales j and ng gold from the celestial world. Now it’s hard for Ming Jianzong to get three thousand Jin. Someone is behind it.
Ming Jianzong’s reaction was also quite quick. He immediately complained to the price theory that he would receive enough weight for this thing, but the effect was not optimistic. Some organizations with dumpling scales J: ng gold simply regarded this thing as a treasure and said that they would not sell anything.
Ming Jianzong sent someone directly to the mine, hoping to have a chance to produce this mine. After all, the dumpling scale J and NG gold is needed in the middle and late period of the construction of the circle, and they have 3,000 kilograms in hand to support it for a while. However, this method is quite unreliable because there is no special dumpling scale J and NG gold mine in the celestial world. This mine is associated with several other minerals, just like Niu Bao and Goubao. It seems that even if the dumpling scale J and NG gold is really produced, it may not be sold to Ming.
So a dumplijīng scale j and ng gold didn’t get much, but a few days passed …
Zong Wangren, the peak of Ming Jian, "bang" slapped him on the coffee table and roared, "Hyun Yang Zong, Jialing Road, a nest of snakes and rats are cruel! !”
"Brother, calm down. In fact, we had expected this, but now there is another Jialing Road." Zuo Ningqing encouraged him.
"Alas ….. who would have thought that such an unpopular fairy material was needed to build such a large array? This world rarely produces it. When it was acquired, it was impossible to keep it secret. Now that there are Xuanyang Sect and Jialing Road, it is better to settle for the next best." Zong Wangren sighed that from the point of his easy compromise, he knew that his attitude has indeed changed.
At this time, Nan Yunqing told the truth, "As far as I know, it can be a good substitute for dumpling scales J and NG gold. This world is not produced. If inferior fairy materials replace dumpling scales J and NG gold array, it will always be greatly affected, and it will play a maximum of 60% power after completion."
"Sixty percent …"
Everyone in the room frowned and thought that Nan Yunqing designed this array according to the standards of the Twelve Immortals. Although it can only exert 60% power, its real level is stronger than that of similar arrays in the celestial bodies. But if it is stronger, it will be necessary to build such an array. In fact, they have already recognized the way to get there, and it is not so important to compete with Dianjing Lake. They are just taking advantage of the situation to build a circle now, and it is their first consideration to upgrade the strength of Zongmen!
Now this big project has been on display for a month, and Ming Jianzong has put all his manpower into it. It is really unacceptable to give up now or to build a magic circle that only meets the level of celestial beings.
After a long time, Zong Wangren finally made a decision. I can see that when he made that decision, he was actually quite sorry. "Well, first, the project will go on as usual. Let’s finish the hand dumpling scale J and ng gold first, and then if we really can’t make up the other half, we will replace it with secondary fairy materials."
At that moment, in fact, everyone knew that Zong Wangren had already recognized it …
They also feel sorry, but they are also very pleased to see such a wise and steady patriarch!
Xiao Wen also attended the meeting. After the meeting, he couldn’t calm down for a long time.
That night Xiao Wen finally rang the door of Nan Yunqing.
"Miss Nan, can you tell me more about the power of that magic circle?" After entering the room, Xiao asked seriously
As a result, Nan Yunqing only said two sentences, Xiao Wen was shocked and worried. "How did this happen? ! Not to build … Is Master Bo actually giving up this competition? "
"He told me not to say anything. Now the whole Ming Jianzong knows about it. It’s just you, me and the patriarch."
"Ah …"
In fact, this decision was made after comprehensive consideration of the type of circle I am good at.
"Oh, my God …" After learning the truth, Xiao Wen was shocked and speechless for a long time before saying, "Is this dumpling scale J and ng gold really so important?"
"Yes, I can help you describe one."
Then Nan Yunqing found a pen and paper and painted it on the table. At the same time, Xiao Wen explained that when the Nanwu God came to the celestial world, he actually had two injuries and slowly raised the other one. Speaking of it, she was actually quite at leisure, and Xiao Wen, who is the most familiar person in this world, didn’t hate it. Maybe it was because she was stingy with Xiao Wen and taught her what she knew.
When coming out of Nan Yunqing’s room, Xiao asked an idea in his heart and strengthened it a lot.
In fact, the construction of this circle has gone beyond the level of competition with Dianjing Lake, but it is about the fate of Ming Jianzong!
At this time, it’s really hard to be a Ming Jianzong, especially the benevolent Xiao Wen, who has changed the outlook of the Sect to a certain extent.
There are dumpling scales in the stone paintings, J Ι ng gold!
That root is not a fairy realm, but a true fairy realm!
It takes a lot of money to build a pulse-level array, but the required fairy materials are also clearly divided into levels, just like the fairy materials needed by Ming Jianzong’s eyes, not only the true fairy realm, but also the fairy realm.
However, there are only a few rare ones, such as dumpling scale J and NG gold, and the sniper chosen by Xuanyang Sect and Jialing Road is also dumpling scale J and NG gold.
Hyun Yang Zong and Jialing Dao can of course attack from more materials, but they are not so rich that they have no place to spend it. Since small efforts can hinder Ming Jian Zong’s great events, they will do it with enthusiasm.
At this time, if you are not stupid, you can guess that Xuanyangzong and Jialing Road are complacent. For them, this is really a beautiful victory!
Clashes are like chess. Never let your opponent know your move.
After coming out from Nan Yunqing, Xiao Wen stayed in the courtyard for a while, and then strode to Zhen Yan Zhai. He didn’t fly, but walked, as if to strengthen his determination with that heavy and powerful step.
"Brother Shifu has something to see."
"Come in."
Xiao Wen pushed the door and made a salute to the left, but it was the first way to say, "What doubts did you encounter in practice so late?"
"No, that’s not the case. I vaguely heard my stone master say that they actually hoarded a lot of rare minerals. Now, aren’t we short of dumplijīng scales J and ng gold? I think I can try my luck with him."
Zuo Ningqing shook his head with a wry smile. "Not to mention that if you can’t find him, even if you can find Liang Xinzhu’s vein, it’s just a loose repair. Even if you hoard some dumpling scales, how much can you have?" I don’t care what you think, but it’s not a matter of one or two people to solve it. You’d better practice in the peak. These things will be left to us elders to ā o. "
Xiao asked early guessed Zuo Ningqing reaction service road "How do you know if you don’t try? And I think maybe everyone was cheated by Liang Xinzhu’s pulse. They might even be doing loose repairs. In fact, they have long been a Sect, but they have not publicized it. "
Zuo Ningqing couldn’t help but ask Zheng, "How did you come to this conclusion?"