The fact that the night feather forcibly set up the passage is much stronger than the passage between unstable insects and gods in the passage of time, and the fact that the insect world is unified with the insect world and the human world is unified.

"That …"
After walking for a while, Timothy hesitated and asked, "My Lord, has something good happened to you recently?"
"Ah? Why do you ask? "
"My Lord, your smile has never been broken until now … Night feather touched his face and really laughed all the time.
No wonder he was in such a good mood. He didn’t expect Xuan Ming to take the initiative to seduce him that night.
For fear of his physical condition, Xuanming suddenly gave up the attack in the middle of the time and took the initiative to wipe himself with sesame oil and invite him to enter.
Red face, waist and legs, blinking misty eyes, inviting him to enter Xuan Ming’s romantic scene, which has made the night feather blood swell until now.
"Well, something happened."
Xuan Ming’s figure in qi is unstable and can hardly maintain invisibility.
Timothy shook his head in doubt and followed the cheerful night feather to the biggest building in the city.
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Chapter 32 Mobilization
People learned a lot of information from Hugh and Noah leading Lobby to carry out the trial of Mitchill.
Worms and monsters have their own classes and their own systems. The highest level of the worm emperor is twelve worm generals, then twenty-four worm soldiers, and then thirty-six worm soldiers. Of course, these are all humanoid worm demons. Mitchill was the worm soldier who was eaten by the worm soldiers before he was recently promoted to worm soldiers because of provocation. If there is a threshold between ordinary worm demons and worm soldiers, then the worm soldiers and worm soldiers will be three or four thresholds apart, not to mention the comparison between worm generals and worm emperors.
Night feather frowned after listening to Xiu and Noah’s narrative.
Because these worms and demons are not originally from this place, their ability roots are not bound by this law. Although the night feather connects the worm and demon world with this one, the ability of these worms and demons to be bound by the law is quite small.
In addition, even the night feather is not allowed to destroy a race. Although the night feather has the ability to directly destroy their departments, it has to adopt the method of analyzing the weaknesses of insects and demons and eradicating this race with the help of Noah and Xuanming.
The same is true of the battle between the human world and the demon race. The stronger it is, the more you can’t intervene in some things. This is the so-called sorrow of the person.
"There are at least 100 million worms and demons, and the protoss currently has hundreds of thousands of people. The Zerg all have their own unique abilities. If we really want to go to war, the situation is quite unfavorable to us."
According to Noah’s consideration, if the night feather and them solve all the bugs and demons, then the protoss will have a dependence.
Since Night Feather told the three people that he was building a channel to connect the two worlds, Noah had an idea that he could no longer distinguish between the gods and the protoss of the human world and communicate with human beings like ordinary people.
It’s rare that this idea has won deep approval.
Now that the protoss is so weak, it may be necessary to learn from humans in turn, and it may be trampled on by humans. If the protoss sees that the protoss is oppressed by ants before, it will definitely be tearing his hair out. I hope that the protoss will be unlucky again. Who let the inferno and the protoss have always been sworn enemies?
Night feather doesn’t quite agree with the idea of repairing, but he also thinks that the war can’t be fought by them. After all, they can’t take care of the protoss generation. After the passage is opened, human beings and protoss must learn how to protect themselves. Let this campaign be the protoss training ground.
Although one is that Ulysses made a mistake, it is his father who really needs to take responsibility, but in the final analysis, it is still the consequences of the protoss’ own disappointment. w w w thinks how high-spirited the protoss was when White Dad was still there.
"Lord Noah, have you forgotten that there are still our demons?"
While Robbie hurried forward and volunteered.
You know how many souls there are in a worm’s body. If you can eat them, just imagining them will make Robbie drool.
Night feather knocked on his head. "Don’t I don’t know what you think."
"Can those polluted souls eat?"
Lobby spat out his tongue.
"But the night feather …" Noah interjected
"This time, maybe we really need the demon clan’s power."
"Just now, we have done a lot of experiments and found that humanoid worms are very resistant to physics and attack magic."
"I can divide the common insect into several wind blades, but I can cut his lichen. I have tried all kinds of wind magic, including energy bombs, and the results are either bounced or absorbed."
Night feather nodded, "Come to the protoss body and get the ability after eating the ancient protoss."
"But dark magic seems to have no effect."
Xiu frowned. "I corroded his body and destroyed his dirt, but he is still alive."
"And if something is given to him, his body will recover slowly."