"It’s the sovereign!" Those hands immediately rode their respective Kunpeng and flew back to thyme.

"General Huang, I won’t accompany you if I still have to be important." Baili Mo Xu threw this sentence before leaving. "Over this mountain is the Fengting border. There are experts along the way to meet you. I believe those assassins will not come to die in vain, no matter how bold they are. See you in Xilin!" Then the golden flying beast flew him away in a flash.
"The cold king is the cold king, and it is as cold and cool as it is said!" Sogeum listened to the fading sound with envy. "If only we could ride the flying beast’s back this time, we would have walked so hard."
"How many flying beasts do so many people need?" MuHuan corners of the mouth, "don’t say I don’t have the strength is Westwood night haze countries also could not come up with so many flying beasts to transport a team to see the bride off? !”
"Yes handmaiden how to forget this crop" Sogeum smiled shyly and suddenly patted his head "Princess, are you hungry? You haven’t eaten for three days, handmaiden. I’ll get you something to eat. "
Chapter 12 How to escape? !
"good!" Muhuan wants to say that she has no appetite, and the cold sample has already made her lose her appetite, but on second thought, if she really wants to escape, she must eat enough physical strength, otherwise she can’t run far, so she replied cheerfully.
On the same day, Mu Nian learned that Xilin was going to marry Ye Lan, and immediately took Mu Huan to beg her mother to stop her father from agreeing to the marriage.
If Mu Huan loves his brother very much, then Mu Nian loves this sister even more. How can he watch his beloved sister marry an ice-cold person? How can he watch his beloved sister not be happy?
However, the brother and sister never thought that their father and mother, who had always been in love with Muhuan, were uncharacteristically completely ignoring Muhuan’s feelings and saying that one day Muhuan would marry a hundred miles away for nothing, which was her best destination.
After kneeling for three days and three nights outside the queen mother’s bedroom, Mubai still got married and stamped the imperial seal of the night orchid country.
Maybe fathers and daughters before the Emperor and the Heaven is nothing. No one wants to destroy his own hands at night. If he sacrifices his children’s happiness, he can save this century-old foundation. But every king will not hesitate to let his children make sacrifices! Who made you a royal heir? While enjoying the splendor, people naturally have different responsibilities.
But Muhuan is not a real princess. For an orphan like her, longing for affection and being loved is more important than anything else. The so-called national righteousness sacrifices herself. This is not her Muhuan style. She will never bow to fate until the last moment!
For this statue, two years of princess life almost killed all her simple happiness and imperial edicts, and it was a bolt from the blue, not only to stay away from her mother and brother, but also to marry a well-known lover. For three months, the little princess often hid in the night and wept, but Mu Huan knew that tears did not change her fate and must take active action!
In the next few days, the road went very smoothly. Muhuan has been waiting for an opportunity to escape, but she found that it is not as simple as she thought. Yelan people are not generally nervous about Muhuan. It is impossible for so many people to pay attention to the root of escape.
Mu Huan’s arrow wound has healed a lot, so it’s no problem to walk independently, but even if she walks out of the sedan chair, those guards will protect her left and right, even if go to the lavatory Xiaoqin never leaves her side.
What’s more, Wei, who is elusive, will come out of nowhere at any time. How can he escape from his sight? Besides, I’m a wounded "loser". Even if I slip out of this team, how can I escape the search for land and water positions by these masters?
After several unsuccessful attempts, Mu Huan was anxious to get angry. God, do you really want me to wear my sister here to take the place of this princess and marry that big ice cube? MuHuan more think more desperate elder sister don’t, I haven’t talked about love, holding hands, hugging and kissing for the first time. Why should I marry someone I don’t like at all? !
Chapter 13 Good masculinity? !
But what if you can’t escape yourself? Really marry a hundred miles away? So can a conceited man have a good life when he marries him? At this time, people are the same as those in ancient China. Men can have three wives and four concubines, especially the royal family and dignitaries. It is a great shame to think that it is necessary for elder sister and other women to serve one wife in groups!
Muhuan lay there every day thinking hard about how to fight like fate. After that, she finally made up her mind. Actually, I can’t. Let’s pretend to force her. Anyway, I’m not interested in her. Maybe if I pretend to force her, I’ll divorce her. Isn’t that free?
At this thought, Mu Huan’s heart suddenly brightened. Seeing the hundred miles of strange heat is as good as smelling it. He has no interest in women at all. Is he gay? Could it be that he likes men? So this marriage is just a smoke bomb to cover up his masculinity? !
Yes, that must be it! Li Mo Xu chose himself because he was a "loser". Even if he found out after marriage that this fact was due to his strength, he could swallow it. If he changed things, women would definitely not be able to stand it, and they would definitely make trouble. Mubai did not dare to turn against powerful Xilin and sacrifice her daughter again.
Mu Huan can’t help but ask himself to "make a major discovery" and order 32 praises! Since this is the truth, what are you afraid of? If you marry, just marry, then the ice cubes will not interfere with each other! It’s better to enter the palace and sign a gentleman’s agreement. He can be a handsome elder sister and be a princess in name. Let him divorce her in a few years, so that she will be completely free.
So MuHuan suddenly in a good mood. Every day, she either chats and embroiders with Sogeum, or evokes her to play chess. Because she has inherited all the memories of this statue, the little princess is as handy as MuHuan. She often hums some strange tunes to surprise Sogeum.
Even Tsukiyomi ikuto felt that Muhuan was different before. If the princess used to be kind and submissive, now she is naughty and clever. The whole person seems to be haunted by a kind of vitality, and she is no longer as dead and resigned as she is in the palace.
The princess’s personality has become much brighter. At first, Xiaoqin and Ah were a little surprised at this change, but later they thought that maybe this ghost door would change their personality. Maybe the princess experienced life and death, and her relatives looked down. Moreover, the princess made them like each other more. They gradually adapted to Muhuan Xiaoqin and their feelings became deeper and deeper.
Finally, the team entered the Xilin border and came to meet the bride. It was Baili Mo Xu’s younger brother, Bailijiang san huang-Baili Mo Xin Xilin Shou Wang Ye.
Muhuan wore a veil of joy and got into the sedan chair. This brother-in-law Jianli.
See thyme Mo Xin dressed in a good texture ice blue robe, gold and silver silk thread embroidered with Yunlong pattern on the cuffs and the inner skirt, a crescent jade belt, a high nose, a handsome facial features and a distinctive temperament.
Chapter 14 sedan chair!
"Bai Li Mo Xin has seen Princess Huan!" Seeing Muhuan Xiaoqin walking out of the sedan chair with help, Bai Li Mo Xin hurriedly greeted him because the wedding ceremony had not yet been held, and he did not call Muhuan Huangsao.
"I have seen Shouwang!" Muhuan also bowed his knees and saluted. At first glance, her impression of this brother-in-law was very good, and rarely better than that of her future husband. This hundred-mile stranger Xin is not only handsome and aggressive, but also a pair of big eyes with an easy-going voice, which makes people feel like a spring breeze. A beautiful man is much more amiable than that big ice cube.