It turns out to be correct. After a wave of Little Dragons, the world tactician South Korea seems to be lost. There is no definite entry point, and the competition for resources has not developed steadily. This is obviously not the rhythm of South Korea.

It seems that everything is slowly moving towards the lpl borrowing group.
"It’s good for us to keep it like this to let the clockwork and big mouth develop slowly."
Yan Liang is very thorough. Big mouth and clockwork belong to the late king. It is a great benefit for the late team battle to have a stable development environment at this time.
However, the confusion of the South Korean team did help lpl to develop its stability. Even if ogn tried to do something in the wild, they didn’t have a good chance to silently continue to swim in the wild to find better opportunities.
Seven minutes will pass quietly, and this is a gank peak period, because buff will refresh at this time, and Road A is obviously under pressure.
"They’re coming. Watch out."
At the same time, A retreated to prevent ogn from blocking the road.
Seeing this scene, lpl did not vaguely mark the purple square road and blue buff roared away. The two sides did not face each other, but fought for buff. Indeed, at this time, resource competition is the key.
Lpl’s performance is very clear. If you take my things, I’m sorry, but I’ll smash your things. We’ll be 55.
Chapter 435 Furious enemies don’t chase
At the moment, both sides’ auxiliary levels are very miserable. Nami just missed Level 2. It was too long to swim in the early stage, and then she developed herself when she didn’t have it. Seeing that Feng Nv is naturally not much better, the South Korean team Feng Nv has just arrived at Level 2. The biggest sacrifice of both sides can be described as auxiliary.
At this moment, the lion dog has swam to the blue buff and waited for the buff to refresh, and Huang and Rambo have also arrived at the Q clockwork. "
At the moment, a mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds has been quietly staged.
"I’m going to hunt down, but lpl troops are about to arrive, and the offensive and defensive situation may change."
Adzuki looked at the screen and was a little excited. It was a contest between prey and hunters, and no one could see the result until the last moment.
"Yes, ogn is constantly chasing and will meet, will it fight?"
Black is staring at the screen at this moment, and a big battle is about to start. At this moment, ogn obviously didn’t notice that after all, the road has no vision, and so many people chasing a clockwork Casadin is even more igniting. Therefore, a wave of pursuit wars has also been launched, which is also a big taboo for passers-by
"crouching in the grass, the emperor winds up first and pays attention to the counter-killing."
Yan Liang’s most rapid deployment tactics strive to be concise. Of course, the necessary things will certainly not be reduced
"Come for nothing."
At the moment, I saw Casadin once again flying to the front of the clockwork face and another set of output. Ma Chao looked at it and decisively culled out of the grass. Emperor ez Erlian suddenly picked up ogn three people.
Seeing Dashu and Casadin lion dogs being caught off guard, they were fooled by their teammates behind clockwork.
As soon as Yan Liang ordered luky to turn around and fight back, he was chased for a long time. Finally, it was time to get back the joint interest.
At the moment, Dazui didn’t participate in the fray. After all, Dazui had been on the road for a long time, but it was a little delayed. Fortunately, the rest of the people responded quickly and had good mobility, which relieved the clockwork crisis for the first time. Fortunately, they were in time.
Clockwork took advantage of the instantaneous big move to quickly roll up the three people who were picked up.
"Wow, awesome."
A, looking at this ya output is not only a sigh, but also a skill cooperation, which makes the local losses heavy. Xiaodou and Hei predict well. At this moment, the offensive and defensive conversion has become arrogant, ogn. In this case, it is also possible to save the day and flee in a hurry.
"Run! Where are you going?"
Luky released another deceleration ball to let the three turtles move forward at a high speed. At the moment, they were just arrogant and disappeared completely, leaving the strength to run.
However, the deep pursuit of clockwork has made ogn’s assistance heavy. At this moment, Casadin is dying, and there is no big move. It is like a nightmare for him. He can’t escape from being beaten by lpl, and a lot of control skills have made ogn’s long hand know what is hanging?
"After killing Casadin, the second lion dog"
Lpl is well executed for Yan Liang’s command.
Chapter 436 This single play big!
"Wow, Casadin has been beaten by the gang, and the lion and dog are probably doomed."