The schedule is not good for Valencia

This is a team-level achievement.
Changsheng brought new tactics and football concepts to the team after coaching Valencia.
It also benefited many players.
In addition, he advocated the introduction of players and played an important role in the team, which once again proved that he has a precise eye for players.
A very important feature of mad dog tactics is that the attack points are scattered. Because of frequent running, it will always be pulled out. If a player appears there, it is possible to score goals.
Adding a striker is the most important thing in mad dog tactics, not shooting, but running, which involves attracting the opponent’s defensive attention and pulling out of the door to create opportunities for teammates.
In addition, Valencia is a team that is very good at attacking from the back.
Ba Laha will score a lot of long-range shots if he is not injured.
All these characteristics determine that Valencia spends more and many people have a prosperous situation of scoring goals.
In the league, the top scorer of the team is still suspended by the winning team, Ibrahimovic, who has seven goals and two assists.
Villa took advantage of Ibrahimovic’s suspension and now has five goals and one assist.
The No.3 shooter is the captain of the team. mendieta scored four goals, but mendieta’s greatest contribution was not to score goals, but to assist. He had six assists, second only to aimar.
Then aimar and Vicente both scored three goals.
Left-back Aurelio scored two goals.
There are as many as five players who score a goal.
There are eleven players who have scored many goals in the league …
In terms of assists, aimar’s seven assists are the highest in the team, but now he has been driven to the side wall of team B by the constant victory, wondering if it is possible to be surpassed by mendieta.
The King’s Cup played a game, which has no statistical significance or reference value.
On the contrary, Valencia scored a lot of goals in four UEFA Cup matches, just like the league, and the scoring points were still evenly distributed.
Apart from Villa’s four goals, five people scored one goal and one person scored two goals.
The assists are equally scattered, because only 442 got the chance to start. Kalou did well in the UEFA Cup. One goal and three assists were the most assists for the team.
From this dispersion to goals and assists, it can be seen that the winning team does not rely too much on a certain scorer in Valencia. Maybe there is no top scorer in his team, but it minimizes the possibility that the team will eventually fail because the team’s top scorer is stared at.
This is the embodiment of football that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.
The league didn’t go on until the beginning of November, when it was only 11 rounds. Valencia had scored 42 goals in various competitions, which shows how powerful their attack is.
Valencia definitely didn’t have such an excellent offensive performance last season.
The arrival of the winning streak really made Valencia look brand-new and full of vitality.
Even when pitarch, general manager of Valencia Club, chats with President Oti, both of them will think of the wild words that Changsheng said before signing with them.
Maybe this Valencia team led by that China … can really win the championship?
Chapter 60 Sorry, Coach
Valencia is leading the way with victory.
This is the happiest thing for Valencia fans.
At the beginning of winning the coaching team, they expressed doubts about this young China who had never had the experience of teaching in the first division.
They do have reason to doubt, because there are too many suspicious places in Changsheng.
First of all, he is 29 years old. Which first-division team coach is so young? He’s not as old as many players on the team. Don’t you expect him? It is better to count on those veterans. The head coach is a position that needs experience, and experience needs to be accumulated by age.
What is the real material of this young man without accumulation?
Secondly, he experienced that he had never coached a team in a place like the first division before, and before that, he had a season of first-team coaching experience or was in the second division.
Such a pale resume really makes people wonder how many brushes he has.
Thirdly, he is from China, which makes Valencia fans feel even more uneasy.
Table tennis in China is very strong, but football … Is there football in China? Can people in China also play football? Can China people also be football coaches?
They feel that it is better for Valencia Club to find an African witch doctor than an China head coach …
But now there is no such doubt.
Winning an amazing achievement proved his ability to everyone.
Nine wins and two draws, first in the league!
If anyone still doubts such a good grade, it must be brain damage!
Now Valencia fans not only don’t doubt the constant victory, but also sing praises.
Valencia fans are proud of the performance of Valencia team.
But not everyone will do this.
Some people are not happy to see the team being so kind.
Zahovic is a kind of.
Ibrahimovic is the second.
Ibrahimovic has been very unhappy recently. He feels that he has been forgotten and will slowly rot in team B, and no one will ever know.
He scored a hat-trick against Villarreal a few weeks ago, and he was so beautiful at that time.
When I went out, I was surrounded by fans asking for autographs, and his giant advertising poster was posted on the outer wall of the mall.
The media praised him.
What about now?
The media can’t find his name anywhere, but the advertising pictures on the exterior wall of the shopping mall are still there, but why does it give him a shabby feeling every time I see it?
When I go out, I rarely meet crazy fans asking for his autograph.
And what are the reasons for all this?
It was after he was demoted to team B.
Ibrahimovic is in a very bad mood now, perhaps knowing this, his agent Raiola has come from Italy.
As soon as I saw my agent Ibrahimovic, I poured a bitter water on him.
"I can’t stand it anymore! I have to leave the team here! I’m training in team B and I can’t play in the first team … "
Ibrahimovic’s father also said, "maybe we can ask the players’ union for help?" Don’t they give players dimension? "
Raiola didn’t mean to help Ibrahimovic. He shook his head. "Forget it. The players’ union is mainly responsible for economic disputes. Does Valencia owe you salary?"
Ibrahimovic shook his head. "No …"
"Did you get fined?"
Ibrahimovic also shook his head. "Er, there is still no …"