Wind Luo remembered that he nodded gently.

Chloe angrily up "what’s the difference between that and killing us? Can’t we sleep and not move? I don’t agree! "
Unicorn Luo Luo said, "Different ghosts can choose to be resurrected at any time when they sleep in hot springs. We can choose 500 years or 1000 years."
Wind Luo frowned and didn’t speak. Those beautiful blood eyes shone with light brilliance.
Feather Zhen struggled to raise her head from Feng Luo’s arms. Her little hand tightly hugged Feng Luo’s neck and said affectionately, "Feng Luo wants you to stop killing human beings and let the world have a peace, even temporarily. I am willing to sleep with you in the hot spring. Believe me, I am willing!"
Everyone froze and looked at the wind in order.
Feng Luo pondered for a long time, and his bloody eyes stared at Yu Zhen tightly. "Are you really willing to accompany me to sleep in the hot spring?"
Feather Qian smiled weakly. "This is something I should have done three thousand years ago, but it’s a little late. I believe Jingxuan will let me do it."
Looking at that distressing face, Feng Luo finally nodded, "Well, I promised that the ghost family would be buried in the hot spring or killed."
The Hunger Fengluo’s orders must be obeyed whether they are willing or not.
The door of the ice and snow palace slowly hits
Wind Luo led many vampires slowly came out from the inside, and the red shawl wind Luo still looked down on the sky and despised the domineering of the whole life.
He held the feather tightly in his hand, and the slender waist of the feather leaned pale against his arms, and the two men looked so right together.
The breeze gently blows the wind, the red volume and the feather bow, and the black ink pupil hurts in the eyes.
He got up slowly and didn’t speak, but his eyes asked the feather.
Did you choose Feng Luo?
Wind los corners of the mouth with a smile glanced at shura line he smile a little scorn.
"I’m a little flattered that the underworld shura came to crusade against us in such a huge scale. You keep saying that you want to keep the balance of the human world. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid that the underworld forces will be replaced by our ghosts?"
Shura Shenjun smiled coldly "joke!"
Feng Luo went on to say, "If it weren’t for Yu Zhen and Jing Xuan, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, I promised Yu Zhen to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs for 1000 years, and then I will be born again to see if you can stop me again?"
Sleep? A thousand years? Ling Mo’s pupil, Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan all opened their mouths in surprise.
"Yes, and Yu Zhen has agreed to accompany me and accompany the ghost family to sleep together. This was our agreement three thousand years ago." Feng Luo said quietly.
"Is it true?" Shura looked at Yu Zhen in disbelief.
Feather Zhen nodded. "Yes, yes, I volunteered to accompany Fengluo Hall to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs. This is what I promised him in my previous life. I have to fulfill my promise."
Ling Mo’s green eyes became like deep pools. "Then what do you promise me?" Always proud and conceited, Shura Shenjun will feel like a knife at this time.
Feather bow, I’m afraid my tears will drip for a long time. She looks up. "I owe you back!"
Feng Luo smiled. "Well, then please go to Tianshan Hot Springs to witness our final sleep!" He made an invitation gesture quite gracefully and led the ghost clan to the back hill.
All the ghosts and gods in the underworld look for the opinions of Ling Mo Pupil. Shura Shen Jun paused and said, "Let’s follow."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five You are not my goddess
This is a huge hot spring, like a bead embedded in a wide cave behind Tianshan Mountain.
The steam curling spring is clear and the bottom of the spring can be seen at a glance.
Feng Luo waved Fei Ying and Lan Xue led many vampires to the hot spring first, then children, then women and then men. After they entered the hot spring, they closed their eyes quietly with their hands on their knees.
After a long sleep, they won’t eat here and don’t have to wake up for a long time. They are so peaceful and quiet as if they were fetuses in the mother’s body.
Feng Luo said lightly to Shura Shenjun and others, "After we sleep, unicorns will seal this cave. After 1000 years, we will wake up. At that time, maybe the world will still be us. Maybe we will fight. Now I can say that I regret it for a long time."
Shura Shenjun deeply stared at the wind and said, "I want to say a few more words with Feather."
The wind nodded "please"
Ling Mo’s pupil stretched out his hand to Feather. Feather hesitated and followed everyone in the underworld to the outside of the cave.