Ji Dong thought for a moment, "I’ll try."

As he spoke, the dragon’s back on his toes was gently lifted and his body flew into the half-moment. At that moment, the sacred sacred armor of the sacred fire had completely covered his body. It was more intense than the golden red exclusive Guanghua, and it was reserved from Ji’s departure to blossom to his extreme double fire, and it was completely injected into this Guanghua, bursting into a very horrible attribute to suppress the breath.
Ji Dong’s purpose is simple. He wants to subdue these fire crows with his ultimate double-fire earth momentum and make them collapse without fighting.
Ji Dong is now crowned with double attributes and exclusive brilliance. On the whole, even if the Dragon Emperor wants to kill him now, it is not easy and he must pay a certain price. When he keeps his breath, momentum and exclusive brilliance, even the friendly saints can’t help secretly staggering. Reddy Frey can’t afford to compete with this little teacher younger brother. Only Ah Kin and Chen Sixuan can keep their eyes unchanged.
Sure enough, when Ji set off, the exclusive Guanghua release immediately had an effect, and those ravens who had been approaching all stopped coming near.
At this time, Ji Dong is floating like a giant sun, where the atmosphere of the earth is constantly spreading like waves, and this exclusive Guanghua also contains his holy soul fluctuation, which is completely overwhelming.
As Frey said, if it is not difficult for Ji Dong to kill these fire crows, it needs a large-scale super-killing skill, and none of these 100,000 fire crows can survive. However, considering that they are flaming people here, Ji Dong is unwilling to kill them, and he chose the deterrent method.
Through the breath of soul, Ji Dong handed out his thoughts and scattered them in two words.
Strange scene happened personality so stubborn fire crow Ji Dong exclusive Guanghua soul release is a short stagnation after actually so dispersed and is scrambling to disperse as if met what horrible things like scattered for a while is a moment before or tense has been restored to the flat Chapter five hundred and fourteen Ji Dong is equal to the fire crow king?
"Is this ok?" God-dried saints looked at the scattered flamingos and were dumbfounded. Ji Dong didn’t do anything! It is flying in to release his exclusive Guanghua, plus some soul suppression and attribute suppression at most.
Although the effects of soul suppression and attribute suppression are extraordinary, he faces the suppression of 100,000 opponents. Naturally, it is necessary to suppress one or two opponents in large numbers. How can the effect be so immediate?
Let’s just say it’s a dry day. Even Ji Dong is surprised at this time. He really wants to deter the 100,000 fire crows, but he hasn’t really taken out the steel to deter the killer. The fire crows actually dispersed as if they had obeyed their orders. This is really confusing for Ji Dong.
Ji Dong was surprised when he found that not all the fire crows were scattered, but more than a dozen stayed in the middle curtain and approached him carefully, at the same time, they also sent out a friendly soul message
There are more than a dozen flamingos left here, which are much larger than the previously dispersed turkeys. Each of them is more than two meters long, and their feathers are also somewhat golden. Especially, one of them is extremely huge and has a huge body of three meters. The feathers of the flamingos have faintly presented a golden red luster, emitting a soul breath, and are much stronger than other flamingos.
Feeling that these turkeys approached Ji in good faith, the strong golden red light also converged, and the wings behind them relaxed and freehand, controlling the surrounding air and letting themselves float there. Although he didn’t know what was going on, the threat posed by the raven in front of him had completely disappeared, and his soul was bundled up and headed for the biggest raven.
Once again, something unexpected happened to Ji Dong. It was obvious that the fire crow leader did not resist at all, and Ji Dong’s soul invaded its soul and formed communication
The fire crows that had been caught before were violent and stubborn.
"Great Lord, you have finally returned to your people." As soon as the souls of both sides were connected, Ji Dong immediately felt the breath handed over from the raven, which was full of worship and general respect, which made Ji Dong puzzled.
"Are you mistaken? I’m not in charge of what you say," Ji Dong responded.
"Great Lord, do you still want your people? Your people need you to lead! Without your commander in chief, we will always be able to swim on the first and second floors, and it will never be brilliant again. "The message handed over by the fire crow became even more strange.
Ji Dong eyebrows slightly wrinkled "how can you be sure that I am your Lord? Don’t you see that I am human? "
"Great master, you have finally evolved to this point and finally become a human being.
I will never admit that your breath is stronger than before, but it is still so real. Great Lord, we will always be your slaves, even if you let me die at once, I am willing, but you must not leave your people! "
Listen to this fire crow’s words, Ji Dong carefully felt the memory in its soul. Because the fire crow’s soul was undefended, everything it thought was clearly presented in Ji Dong’s mind. Ji Dong finally understood what was going on after seeing an image from its memory.
This fire crow has one of the most memorable images in its mind, that is, a big bird with a perfect body, shining with great strength and the sun background. Isn’t it the three-legged sun that died in the hands of Ji Dong and was swallowed up by Ji Dong?
Ji Dong suddenly realized that these turkeys were not afraid of their own strength and suppression, but of the smell of the three-legged sun! I once swallowed the crystal nucleus of the three-legged sun. When I just released the exclusive brilliance, I belonged to the three-legged sun. Naturally, these fire crows changed their attitude and were so respectful to themselves.
Understand the situation, Ji Dong can’t help but feel a little ironic, but he naturally won’t correct these fire crows. There are so many fire crows. With their recognition, at least the first and second floors of the inner world can bring them great help.
Thought of here, Ji moved to the fire crow and asked, "How many people are there now? Are they all staying on the first and second floors? "
As soon as the fire crow heard Ji Dong say that the word "clansman" had been recognized by Ji Dong, she was immediately surprised and quickly replied, "There are tens of millions of our clansmen on the first floor and the second floor. Just now, you saw that these are my great main network. What’s your command?"
Ji Dong said, "So now I have evolved into an incarnate person, so as to avoid misunderstanding. Come with me for the time being and take me and my friends to the second floor. I have to go deep into the center of the earth to deal with some things."
As soon as the fire crow heard that Ji Dong was going to bring it a big surprise, "Yes, Yes", she croaked a few times. Those behind her were also bigger than ordinary fire crows. The fire crows also called for a few minutes. They had just scattered 100,000 fire crows before, but they were surrounded by Dayan Flame Dragon. But this time, they were very excited. Obviously, the fire crows were going to let these people escort them to the second floor.
Ji Dong immediately handed the message to the fire crow, "You don’t need to bring so many people. Just go with us yourself and let them do what they should do."
The fire crow nodded his head when he was stunned by the drought. He also wanted to use Ji’s breath of three-legged golden birds to show off in front of his clan. Now it seems that he has done it.
Re-demobilize the fire crows, lead the way and fly straight ahead.
The Great Yan Flame Dragon Back Heavenly Immortals have been sharing information with Ji Dong, and everyone can’t help but be a little funny.
When Ji Dong returned to the back of the Great Yan Flame Dragon, he couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect that! It’s amazing that our holy king is still the king of fire crows who can command so many fire crows. Wouldn’t it be an invincible army if we went to our human world? This turkey is as numerous as locusts. "