After the game with red was over, the game was already over, and his game with ud was delayed. There was a League of Legends semi-final in this throne competition, which was arranged in late gold time, which proved the popularity of League of Legends.

Later, when I arrived at the backstage player lounge, I found that Wang Yang was waiting for him, and another uninvited guest, Park Youhuan, was talking to Wang Yang. It seems that the expression of the two people is not bad, which makes Liu Feng have a new understanding of Park Youhuan. It seems that this person is not as difficult to get along with as expected.
"Liu Feng, you’re here. Park Youhuan has something to talk to you alone. My game is over. I’ve already booked a ticket to the Imperial Capital. I’ll tell you, don’t send me off. Talk to Park Youhuan." Wang Yang said to Liu Feng when he saw Liu Feng coming in and smiled freely.
"Wang Ge … then I won’t say much. Bon voyage, rest assured, I will definitely leave the competing emperor behind." Liu Feng didn’t care about Park Youhuan’s presence, but directly said his goal. In his view, there is no need to hide it. He or Park Youhuan both know what the other party really wants. Their goal is to compete with the emperor!
"mikyo, or should I call Liu Feng, don’t worry. I’ve always been very concerned about money. This two million euro prize is mine."
"Oh, I’m sorry, this sentence is also what I want to tell you. It’s a pity that you have to make a trip in vain!"
"Really?" Park Youhuan’s lazy expression became serious, and her eyes narrowed at Liu Feng.
"Of course!" Liu Feng is also unflinching, keeping a close eye on PiaoYouHuan. Two people’s eyes seem to have sparks.
"Hey, I said that you two don’t perform in front of me. What do you mean by staring at each other? Do you know that I am very hurt?" Wang Yang joked when he saw the tension between the two people.
Wang Yang’s words really made both of them give up eye contact and Liu Feng coughed awkwardly, while Park Youhuan resumed his laziness.
"Park Youhuan, although I feel like talking to you, I still want to tell you that this title of competing emperor will definitely stay in China!"
"Ha ha, don’t you think you, a former loser, are very weak to say these words now?" It’s rare that Park Youhuan didn’t look so lazy when facing Wang Yang, but joked with a big smile. I have to say that Wang Yang’s social skills are really sighing.
"Ahem, don’t say this. I’m going to be sad now, but you have to hit me like this … just know that you’re not friends enough. Xiaofeng, remember to teach him a good lesson then!"
"Well, just watch!" Liu Fengshuang, promise me quickly.
"I don’t think he has the strength to achieve the results you want!" PiaoYouHuan is opposites replied.
Wang Yang couldn’t help but sigh that this may be a special way of communication for the same level of experts. When Wang Yang looked at it, he found that it was really late, so he directly said goodbye to two people and left freely.
"He’s a good and respectable opponent … Meet me again. My name is Park Yoon-hwan, the chief ad of the captain position of the sb team in China."
"Liu Feng idmikyo, the chief ad of gb team captain position"
"Hello!" "Hello!" Two people hold hands together!
"Wang Yang said just now that I have something to tell you that you should not forget it?"
"Of course I’m not so forgetful."
"Good, so it’s time for lunch. Let’s talk while eating. It’s not a big deal. What do you think?"
"Of course I have no problem if you have no problem."? What would you like to eat? This lunch is on me, right? After all, you are a guest ~ "
"Since you are so serious, of course I can do it. There is a good Korean barbecue near here. I have been eating there these days. I think we can go and try it."
"Well, let’s go!"
The two quickly found the store that Park Youhuan said. After sitting down and ordering food, Park Youhuan pushed his glasses at Liu Feng and said, "Actually, it’s very simple for me to find you. I hope to reach an agreement with you. If one of us loses the League of Legends project, I hope that the department that loses the remaining competition will give up the final championship!"
Chapter 215 Meet backstage
"Oh, tell me what you think?" Liu Feng eyebrows a shrug a little surprised and asked him if he really didn’t expect PiaoYouHuan to make such a request for himself.
"It’s simple because the two of us need World War I. Other games are redundant, aren’t they? I always don’t like to do unnecessary things, "said PiaoYouHuan indifferently.
"…" Liu Feng mused that he knew that Park Youhuan said that it was reasonable for him to reach the point where he wanted to make rapid progress. It was almost impossible for them to have a game with 10 games and 100 games. Either Liu Feng developed a method to restrain Park Youhuan or Liu Feng still lost to Park Youhuan.
"Yes, what you said is very reasonable. There is no problem on my side. I am confident that I can beat you once, and I can beat you nine times left. But as far as I know, your H National Competition Association is very strict with the management of players, right? Aren’t you afraid that you will be taken away as a professional player if you choose to end the game like this? "
"Ha ha, this is not something you worry about. I need to know your opinion. Have you decided yet?" Park Youhuan smiled proudly when he heard Liu Feng’s words. That sample was that H Guojing Association dared not eliminate his identity.
Liu Feng shook his head and smiled, but got up and held out his right hand and said, "It’s a deal!" "
"It’s a deal!"
Having said what to say, the two people suddenly became silent, but neither side took the initiative to break the silence, so the meal was finished in strange silence.
After lunch, Liu Feng and Park Youhuan had a game in the afternoon, so Liu Feng went to the competition venue with Park Youhuan and arrived outside the competition venue. When fans in country H and China saw Liu Feng coming out of the car with Park Youhuan, their eyes widened.
Everyone feels a little messy in the wind. Shouldn’t these two be the biggest enemies now? Why did the car come together …
What do fans think? Liu Feng and Park Youhuan naturally don’t care about two people’s cars, and then they don’t say hello to each other. This makes the fans in country H and the fans in China messy in the wind. It’s really incomprehensible that they really don’t understand this mysterious world of two people …
It was still early before the game. Liu Feng decided to go to the backstage players’ lounge first. No trace of Park Youhuan was found, but he saw an acquaintance who was dany. At this time, he was talking and laughing with a boy who looked fourteen or fifteen years old. Liu Feng had a good impression on dany, so he took the initiative to say hello.
"Hi dany!"
"Hey? ….. Oh, it’s Liu Feng! " Dany was also very happy to see Liu Feng coming over and said hello. On that day, the two exchanged ideas in the competition field, which made them feel a little appreciate each other.
"I also you have been back to M country? I didn’t guess wrong. Is this ud? " This teenager’s identity is still very good. I guess there are two games in the afternoon. The opponent of Park Yoon-hwan’s game he has seen is naturally ud.
"Ha ha, I haven’t introduced ud yet. This is Liu Feng mikyo. Liu Feng, this is Li Zaicheng ud. My former teammate in wb is now called the first order in country H!"
"Hello, I’m Liu Feng, please give me more advice!" Liu Feng shook hands before hearing dany’s advice. As a result, ud didn’t know what was hostile to Liu Feng. When he saw Liu Feng’s outstretched hand, he was cold-tongued, but he ignored Liu Feng’s kindness.
"Well … you don’t care about him when he was a child … windy was dismissed as a professional player by Jin Zhengde because he failed in the game with you. It’s always difficult for children …"
"I am not a child!" Ud heard dany yell, "Senior dany left wbwindy, and senior Dany was dismissed as a professional player because of this person in front of him. Are both seniors gone wb or former wb?"
As he spoke, ud broke into tears. I think this sentence has been in my heart for a long time. dany looked at ud’s heart and felt guilty. It really brought a lot of pressure to this 14-year-old child.
"I’m sorry again, but please forgive me. I also have my dreams …" dany looked at and cried ud, and his heart was a little sour. He watched ud grow up step by step, and he was the first single player in H country. However, things have changed, and now ud is left to support Dany, and he feels a little sad …
"Sure enough, it’s still a child!" Liu Feng primly said 1
"What did you say?" Are you crying ud or hearing Liu Feng’s words? Raise it directly and stare at Liu Feng with tears in your eyes.
"Isn’t it? Isn’t it that your predecessors left the team? So you can make excuses for your weakness? If you are a professional player, you should try your best to lead wb to higher glory, so that a real man can do it! Do you understand? "