It’s really hard to find a place.

I looked everywhere for Mu Chenxing, but I couldn’t find it here.
However, Feather’s mouth is still stubborn. "Nothing. I just want to see how much silver this horse can be worth so that I can sell it."
Mu Chenxing was vaguely close to Feather’s face and gently blowing her silk voice. "My horse is a swift horse worth two thousand gold girls. Do you want to ride it?"
Feather’s head held high. "Ride if you are afraid of anything!"
Mu Chenxing smiled and untied the reins and feathers, deftly crossed the legs of the horse, and a white horse with a horse belly rushed out like a white flash.
"Ah ….." As Feather Zhen exclaimed that the white horse rushed out of the street and galloped to the suburbs.
Feather body can’t ride a horse, and now it feels like a trampoline. At any time, I feel like I’m going to be thrown back and trampled to death by horseshoes.
Heaven and earth, China Bodhisattva, foreign gods, Virgin Mary, I will never ride a horse again. Save my life!
I was praying nervously, and suddenly I felt a heavy feeling behind me. A person had gently fallen to the back of the horse and sat behind her, with his arms gently encircling the body of the feather.
Don’t look at this familiar smell is Mu Chenxing.
By this time, the white horse had run far away from the city, and the speed gradually slowed down, and the feather was so scared that its heart was pounding that it was slowly put back in place.
Baima went to a remote place in the suburbs, surrounded by weeds. Did Mu Chenxing take himself to this place where birds don’t lay eggs to take advantage of himself?
Whenever I meet Mu Chenxing, I am always at a disadvantage.
Feather is thinking about the neck, feeling Mu Chenxing’s warm breath and tingling feeling itchy.
Feather Zhen turned back in protest, just facing Mu Chenxing’s handsome face, and those gamer’s eyes were reminiscent of the scene by the river that day.
Feather Qiao face turned red and wanted to break free from Mu Chenxing’s arms "You let me go"
Mu Chenxing’s arms tightened again, and his voice was very nice. "I dare not let it go if it is an ordinary little girl, but my arms are a female thief’ black butterfly’!"
Feather’s face is redder. "I want to talk to you about something serious. Sister Feng Feiyan has been taken away by the government. Please find a way to save her."
Mu Chenxing smiled. "I know I’m trying to find a way, but I just met you and interrupted my train of thought. I wonder how you can make up for it?"
How to make up for it? Is there any justice? My sister-in-law knows how to make up for it.
Mu Chenxing still has a smile in his eyes. I don’t know what. As soon as he sees this little girl, he has a small impulse to "torture" her and play tricks on her.
Although this small and charming face is not as bright and illuminating as a phoenix flying smoke, there is an indescribable lasting appeal and pure breath that always comes to me.
He gently stroked her show, "Of course you have to pay for it. I want you to pay for it."
Then he suddenly kissed the small mouth of the feather.
Because they are sitting in tandem, their feathers and necks are always twisted, which makes them very uncomfortable. I feel that my neck is "gabba gabba" and I kiss for the first time after crossing. So the horse was taken away?
Angrily thinking about feather Zhen, he couldn’t help biting Mu Chenxing hard, and Mu Chenxing let go of his mouth.
"Oh, are you a tigress? I’ve never been rejected like this, "Mu Chenxing said gloomily." That’s because you didn’t meet me. I’ve been bitten long ago. "Feather said savagely.
"Feng Fei smoke is still in prison, but you are in the mood here …" Feather pastor’s face is red again.
Mu Chenxing smiled. "I just came up with a good idea. I don’t know if you are willing to cooperate."
"Of course!" LanYuQian holding powder fist said firmly.
Feather Beard and Fluttershy have to sneak around like rats crossing the street these days. Feather Beard has been blaming herself for not taking the stolen silver out but also bringing trouble to Feng Feiyan, who was detained by the government.
What if Feng Feiyan is punished in prison? Her delicate body but how can’t find Mu Chenxing at this time? Feather Zhen secretly worried. I wish Mu Morningstar would come out of nowhere.
Where the hell is Mu Chenxing?
At the moment, Mu Chenxing has returned to the capital. He is sitting in a teahouse, drinking tea and searching for his ears. His tea drinkers are talking about the story of phoenix flying smoke and "black butterfly".
He is still dressed in a snow-white costume and spotless, even his boots are snow-white. A snow-white silk sash neatly ties him up in a ponytail, while his head hangs freely over his shoulders. Although his face is cold, his excellent handsome facial features are simply the face of nature. His bright eyes look like a smile.
This excellent public opinion on white clothes can attract people’s attention everywhere.
But he really won’t lose a piece of meat at a glance.
But as far as he is concerned, such a big thing happened in the past two days when he was away from Beijing, and Feng Fei Yan was arrested by your honour.
He narrowed his eyes and remembered his acquaintance with Feng Feiyan. In the scene of "Liuxiang Pavilion", Feng Feiyan first saw the dust and refined, shocking Feng Feiyan. At first, he went to see this famous prostitute in Kyoto with a hint of curiosity.
He admits that he is not a good person. If he is a famous prostitute, maybe they will really have sex, but seeing Feng Feiyan and talking with her makes him feel that this is a respectable woman.
Her delicate and beautiful appearance is a heart that doesn’t make a man strong and heroic.