Nine people almost shouted at the same time to get the federal chairman Zhu Yu and those senior federal officials one by one. I don’t know what happened. These nine ares are crazy here. One person is crazy. It is enough for this person to mobilize all the troops of the Capital Star. If these nine people are involved, it will not let people live!

Of course, although they want to speak out to stop this matter, they dare not dare to say that it is not their turn. These people are talkative here, although their status is already very high, but in their view, the roots are not worse. Each of these ares represents a huge power, and the roots are not what they can compete with.
"No way! You guys! Don’t even think about it! " The other party sliver Li Zegu dared to come out at a glance and took a look at the people around him. He immediately shouted to talk and cut off the screen image without saying anything.
Several other people didn’t say much about this, but they cut off the images one by one and ordered to investigate who Li Zegu was looking for. The information images of Tang Ziyan have been all over the hands of every soldier in the Federation for a long time. This is convenient for finding Tang Ziyan, but it is not difficult for these individuals to find out if they want to find out. After they got the news, they immediately mobilized their troops to query Tang Ziyan.
The whole federal machine is running like crazy. Almost all spy detectives, military police and family experts have searched for Tang Ziyan through a variety of spider webs. The whole federal force has been launched. Of course, several ares and Tang Ziyan didn’t want to blackmail Ye Guchen. They didn’t dare to lose the courage. They wanted to find and send it out first, so they might be able to get a breakthrough by playing well with this mysterious master Li Zegu, the 19th or 20th grade. This is their dream!
Want to have a little hope, even if it is to pay more, these ares masters are willing, so all the federal forces are almost instantly adjusted to find Tang Zi smoke, which is several times higher than that.
Ye Guchen smiled and didn’t say much after he got the news, but Li Zegu was not in such a good mood in this prison command room. At this moment, he couldn’t wait to show off the news for himself with two big mouths. This time, nine shameful old guys are shameless to find this Tang Ziyan. If they find it well, what can they do if one of these old guys finds it? Even if your master doesn’t talk about himself, he’s embarrassed to tell his old man that he wants to break through the method. Even if he can’t do this well, he still has room for himself under the guise of others.
After listening to the news, Li Zegu’s eyebrows here are wrinkled into a Sichuan word. Looking at the surrounding generals, he shouted, "It’s been two hours! You are eating for nothing! Why haven’t you heard anything yet? Others have already started to look for you guys, who are always awesome. Now, if you find someone, you will be fine. If you find two million troops and find someone, you will find no news for two hours. What are you doing? If those old guys find Miss Tang Ziyan first, I’ll lose all my face! The army company has been lost to you, and I will shoot you myself! "
That said, none of the generals dared to refute their sufferings and smiled one by one. Then they lowered their heads and cheeks. Two hundred thousand army members mobilized to find a little girl, including the Military Justice Department of the Military Intelligence Department, and so on. Now there is no news, which is really shameful. Although I don’t know who this little girl is, other forces have stepped in to find the news. They already know that if people really let them find them first, the military will lose their adults this time. This time, the military is so serious, martial law and search, and it will take action more than an hour before others.
Of course, the director of military intelligence, who looks the most embarrassed in his early fifties, buried his head like a peach, and the head of the military intelligence machine was looking for someone with so many people to cooperate and make such a big noise. He has not been found so far. It is really shameful.
Seeing such a scene, Li Zegu took a little breath away after a burst of swearing and then closed the screen. Now, no matter how anxious this situation is, I can’t sit here and wait for news quietly.
Li Zegu scolded these senior military officials one by one. These guys are angry and naturally want to go back and scold the helper for oppressing the army layer by layer. The speed of action is getting faster and faster, and the efficiency is suddenly several times higher. Otherwise, those guys are trying to find it now, especially after hearing about the supervision of the military personnel street. Those army soldiers of fortune are more energetic than anyone else.
"Du ~" Five hours later, a screen in the place where Li Zegu is located suddenly lights up. The military intelligence agency will appear in the screen with a red face. After giving a military-like salute to Li Zegu, he shouted, "Marshal Marshal, I have found it! !”
"Brush ~" is still listless. Li Zegu blinked and said, "Did you find it? Where is it! "
"In the city of Tang D, Tang Ziyan was caught in their home. According to our intelligence, this Tang Ziyan should be the illegitimate daughter of the Tang family, but it has been discarded. Now they are catching Tang Ziyan back, which is said to be due to the accidental death of their ex-daughter, because they want to marry the minister of finance. It seems that the minister of finance saw it the day before yesterday and liked it very much. This Tang Ziyan horse is about to get engaged, but according to our intelligence, it seems that Tang Ziyan is not very willing to be imprisoned by the Tang family now, just in the Tang family!" The intelligence minister, beaming, said that he was able to get the news by accident and found out the location of Tang Ziyan with the investigation. He immediately came to report!
"Pa ~" Li Zegu slapped me on this table with a big smile and said, "Ha ha ha, it’s good to find it. You report to the military immediately. I’m also going back to order your military intelligence personnel to keep a close eye on Tang. By the way, there’s that stupid wealth minister. Lao shifu also dares to move. I think he’s tired of living. Let the Military Justice Department catch Tang’s father and two bastards for me. In addition, let people control their family. Right, let the special forces block all intersections near Tang. Is it an order to forbid people to travel? All the troops entered D city and ordered Taijun to martial law. Don’t let other forces near there. Damn it, this can’t let other old guys beat me to it. I’ll go to Tangjia immediately and I won’t go back to the army. You also go there. Haha, it’s a good job this time. Wait for the old man to arrange a fleet commander for you! "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Sorrow Tang
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Sorrow Tang
He left the prison as soon as he turned around. At this time, he didn’t want to delay the old guys’ means. Others didn’t know him. Li Zegu was very clear. After getting the news from his side, they would know it in half an hour or less. If they hadn’t arrived by then, it would be in trouble.
Li Zegu, the first marshal of the Federation, did not hesitate to go to Tang immediately after hearing this. On the other hand, he had reported the news to Ye Guchen, who played the screen. Li Zegu looked at this sitting in the military office with a cup of red wine in his hand. Ye Guchen was immediately excited and said, "Master, we have found the situation."
Speaking Li Zegu immediately told the whole story without hiding anything, explaining in detail this Tang Ziyan and this Tang family. After hearing these things, Ye Guchen frowned and got up lightly and said, "You wait for me to go at once, and you have done a good job in this matter. I am very satisfied with the promotion to the 19th level method, and I will award it to you after rescuing Ziyan."
"Thank you, master!" After hearing this, Li Zegu flashed his eyes and said that he seemed to see a rare treasure. Ye Guchen smiled and immediately said, "I don’t want to be an apprentice for the time being. My apprentice can’t do it that simple. I will give you a complete set of achievement methods. Let’s talk about it if your performance makes me satisfied."
Say that finish cut off the screen Ye Guchen in this Li Kai led to tang now Li Kai for Ye Guchen that is more respectful, after all, this is the granddaddy, his granddaddy, isn’t that his granddaddy? Although Ye Guchen seems to be very relieved, please come on, everyone knows that a master of fifteen can change his age, and a super master like Ye Guchen simply can’t tell from his appearance that he is young. For others, changing his age is just a piece of cake, and he naturally has to show great respect.
Out of the military gate, dozens of military flying cars, hundreds of military master guards, left and right leaves, and a line of people went straight to this D city Tang family.
This Tang family is famous in D city. Although it is not the top first-class family in this Federation, it has been able to be discharged into the ranks of second-class families. The family flag has dozens of cities and almost occupied 30% of the federal catering industry. It has become a hero in a certain field. The strength of the earth is hundreds of billions more than the family assets. Therefore, this Tang family is quite famous in this D city and has an independent mansion with footprints.
The Tang mansion is located in the most prosperous Suzaku block in D city. There is a mansion garden covering an area of more than 200 acres in the central position of Suzaku Street, and there are hundreds of high-rise buildings around it, which is in fresh contrast.
At the moment, a middle-aged man in a room in Tang Mansion looked at Tang Ziyan with a cold face, and his eyes looked at Tang Ziyan, who was sitting in bed with a face of self-effacing, and said, "Ziyan, you are also my daughter. Your sister died unexpectedly now, but we can’t break the engagement with the Warnes. Now Master Walter values you very much, so don’t be stubborn. It’s good for you to listen to me and marry in the past. You should be a Tang family. I hope you can think clearly and stop fighting!"
Tang Ziyan didn’t speak to this. Qiao face immediately responded with a hint of indifference. "I said I won’t marry that Vaughan. I won’t marry him. You have no power to manipulate my life! And I don’t have to pay Tang! How about Tang Jia? I do. I don’t even admit that I am a Tang family. I know that my mother died when I was three years old. I don’t have a father. I was raised in an orphanage and didn’t have a Tang family! "
"F * * king! What are you talking about? How can I have you without the Tang family! Now let your family pay, how dare you say such a thing! " When the middle-aged man heard this, his face turned cold and he immediately said that he had no feelings for the so-called daughter in front of him. At that time, her mother and herself were just a one-night stand. At that time, when she was drunk, a female college student heard that she was pregnant, but she didn’t care about herself. How could she care about a person when she had too many debts? If it wasn’t her daughter’s accidental death and she happened to get the news of Tang Ziyan, how could she be ignored?
"There is no tang can have me I long so datang family gave it to me? It was the orphanage that raised me, and I have been able to live until now. It is my own efforts to live with Tang without Tang Long’s trouble. Please don’t say more here and let me go immediately. I will not agree to your request! " Although Tang Ziyan is weak in appearance, she is very strong in heart, especially when such a matter of principle is involved. There will never be any concession!
"Hum! It’s not up to you! I tell you that you are going to attend the wedding with Master Walter in three days. You’d better behave yourself then, or don’t blame me! " Tang Long got up with a cold face and said that there had been a trace of cruelty in his eyes.
"Ha ha, I don’t blame you, but I won’t agree with what you can do to me. I would rather die than promise you! " Tang Ziyan’s eyes flashed a little decisively and then responded coldly to tit-for-tat.
There was a flash of anger in Tang Long’s eyes, and then his mind flashed and he remembered that he had obtained an intelligence before. He sneered and said, "Tang Ziyan, if I remember correctly, then you should have a little lover. You killed people and were sent to Landao prison, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Hehe, do you think if I touch me, can he live in the Blue Island prison? "
This one export Tang Ziyan suddenly got up to Tang Long shouted "don’t you hurt him! If you dare to deal with him, I’ll kill myself at once! "
"Ha ha, if you don’t want to die, then you should do as I say. Marry Master Walter and help our Tang family get through the current situation. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that your little lover will die!" Tang Long sneer at a noncommittally said.
"mean!" Tang Ziyan gnashed her teeth and said that she really couldn’t believe that the person in front of her was her own father. Although she vaguely remembered the resentment before her mother died, she still had fantasies about what her father was like, but now she finally knows that she was full of resentment before her mother died in that snowy night. This person ruined her mother’s life and now she wants to destroy herself.
Tang Ziyan has never hated anyone so much, but now she hates Tang Long more than she hates Tang.
"Inside the Ministry of Human Resources, give me weapons and surrender. Everyone is not allowed to stay in the room in the hall. Don’t walk around at random or shoot! !” Suddenly, there was a noise outside the Tang family mansion, followed by a sound. The number of special forces operating in the capital garrison wearing green camouflage has surrounded the Tang family courtyard. Thousands of elite soldiers armed with guns rushed in and surrounded the Tang family mansion. At the same time, powerful tanks have blocked the whole street and hundreds of small warships have covered the whole Tang family. All traffic people are not allowed to approach the Tang family gate.
"Gentleman bad bad! Please go and see us quickly. We are surrounded by the army! " Butler in a flurry rushed in to the front of Tang high call way
“! How come! How can the army surround us, Tang Jia! Let’s go and have a look! " On this side, Tang Long showed one leng, then his face suddenly changed a few times, and then he said that he would go out when he spoke. He really didn’t know that Tang Jia was a businessman and rarely had contact with the military. Now the military is surrounded by Tang Jia?
However, after taking a few steps, Tang Long seemed to think of taking a look at Tang Ziyan and immediately said to the housekeeper, "Keep an eye on her and don’t let her leave the door for half a step. Just stay here and I’ll take care of this!"
Soon, when Tang Long walked downstairs, he was startled to find that less than one thousand soldiers rushed into the Tang mansion with weapons, which was comparable to the hall of a five-star hotel. At this moment, the Tang mansion hall was full of people, and at least 500 people, including servants, bodyguards and their families, were taken to the center of the hall. One thousand soldiers took weapons at them, and when they came, a large number of soldiers continued to enter and search the rooms from all sides.
"You are people! How dare you make trouble in my Tang mansion? Is your military really legal? Be careful that I complain to the Federal Parliament and the Military Justice Department about you! " Tang Long shouted at the central steps when he said this. The Tang family lives in Tangjia. Now he can’t show any weakness, and now he is the only leader in the family. No one else is qualified to speak if he doesn’t speak himself.
Of course, he said this with confidence. A second-rate family, the Tang family, is very powerful. With the police department and the federal parliament, they can directly deliver the news to the parliament. Now they are very close to the Warren family. That’s an absolute first-class family. There are people in this federal power, both military and political circles, who are more powerful than directly being able to work with the military special agency, the Military Justice Department. This is where he dares to say so much.
But it’s a pity that no one responded to his words. Those soldiers didn’t look at him after they finished. They still did what they should do. They didn’t look at this Tang Long at all. They looked at this Tang Long at all, which made Tang Long very angry.
Also want to say when a voice suddenly sounded at this time "military? If you want, you can always go to the military court to complain and tell them that I am General korol of the Military Intelligence Department and let them come, but I’m afraid you don’t have this thing and they don’t have the guts! "
This let Tang Long first one leng and then face changed a face of disbelief. Looking at General korol in front of him, he was surprised to find that General korol turned out to be a real marshal of the third rank in the Federation. The most real person is equivalent to the level of commander-in-chief of a fleet and the other party signed up for military intelligence. It is certain that the present person must be the mysterious military intelligence director!
Tang Long’s face changed. He didn’t know that the military real person would come to his home, and it was obvious that he was looking for trouble. Tang Long really couldn’t figure out where Tang had offended the high-ranking military intelligence chief and let the other side kill him with the army.
"General pavilion with all due respect, we don’t seem to have sinned against you, do we? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Now you send troops to surround our Tang family? Didn’t Ge forget the imperial law, and the army could not be mobilized unless a chairman ordered it? Aren’t you afraid that I will sue you in parliament? ! Besides, I should know that our Tang Jiama is going to marry the Warren family. General, the Warren family will be very unhappy if you do this! " Tang Long hesitated for a moment call noncommittally said.