Far Hanshan stone path oblique

There are people in Bai Yunsheng.
Parking Fenglin love to sit late
Frosty leaves redder than the February flowers
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at a winding path at the foot of the mountain and reached the top of the mountain. In the place where white clouds were floating, a few people could not help but read a poem they knew. Now he is in a maple forest, covered with maple leaves that have been hit by heavy rain.
Zhang Zhongxuan stepped towards the mountain road leading to the top of the mountain, and the gentle wind blew slowly, which made people awake. At this time, it was just the beginning of the heavy rain and stopped in the middle of the mountain. A rainbow was slowly rising. The beautiful mountain was as white as snow clouds, and the rainbow after the gorgeous rain constituted a beautiful landscape.
Zhang Chongxuan’s purpose of this trip is to find a beautiful place to rebuild the old site of Chongxuan Sect. Today, he flew here and thought the scenery here was good, so he stopped.
When I went to the top of the mountain, I met several other people. Everyone was eating happily on the top of the mountain, talking from time to time, and then smiling happily. One of them, a strong man in his thirties, saw Zhang Zhongxuan saying, "This student is here to enjoy the scenery of Qingyun Mountain. It’s a coincidence that we should eat together."
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t mean to be hungry, but he couldn’t bear to brush his mind when he was so hospitable. "Just have a bowl if you are hungry."
As soon as Zhang Chongxuan had finished speaking, the woman behind the strong man came into the room and filled a bowl of rice with some dishes stacked on it. Zhang Chongxuan thanked him and took the rice. He also learned that everyone found a stone in the mountain and sat down to eat a few mouthfuls. Zhang Chongxuan said, "I wonder if this mountain is called a mountain?"
"Qingyun Mountain" invited Zhang Zhongxuan to dinner. That strong man is obviously the person in charge of these families.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "This mountain has a beautiful scenery."
The big fellow laughed and said, "Listen to my grandparents, this Qingyun Mountain is just so-so, which is much worse than when they lived in the ethereal peak."
"ethereal peak?" Zhang Chongxuan paused and looked at the crowd, only to find that no one in the crowd had learned the practice method of Chongxuan Sect. "Do you have it with Chongxuan Sect?"
The strong man is quite generous to hear Zhang Chongxuan’s words, but he doesn’t smile. "I didn’t expect you to know the Chongxuan Sect by chance. It seems that my grandfather can die in comfort. At the beginning, he was always worried about the Chongxuan Sect, but he was invaded by many demons. He also moved to Qingyun Mountain. He often read that the Chongxuan Sect was as powerful as before, but now he can’t even keep the address."
Zhang Chongxuan asked, "The Chongxuan Sect was guarded by many demons and didn’t go to other places for help?"
The big fellow smiled and laughed. "You don’t understand that the heavy Xuanpai was the first big faction in the first day. Those in the Kunlun Mountains of shushan wish that the heavy Xuanpai would fall, so it would come to help. If there is no way to go, it would be in vain. According to my dad, it is the heavy Xuanpai whose luck has run out."
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and laughed. "Your father is looking at it."
The big fellow took a mouthful of rice, ate the rice in the bowl and swept the rest of the rice into the prone road. "People go their own way. Since we don’t have the ability, we will go to this matter."
Zhang Chongxuan also handed the bowl of rice to the big fellow, saying, "The Chongxuan Sect will revitalize this world one day before long."
The big fellow said with a smile, "You’re a scholar who values metaphysics, and you can’t take it anywhere."
Zhang Chongxuan looked up at the towering peak of Qingyun Mountain, saying, "Qingyun Mountain will be the new land of Chongxuan Sect" and ignored the big fellow walking towards the mountain.
The big fellow shook his head and looked at Zhang Zhongxuan’s back andao "What a weirdo"
Zhang Zhongxuan came from Qingyun Mountain, and later arrived in Qingyun Mountain. Recently, Cangmu City is sewing downtown streets. People come and go, and businessmen are shouting and selling everywhere.
I haven’t set up the Tong Ren Tang for a long time. Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the broad street and couldn’t help saying, "I wonder if there is a Tong Ren Tang for saving the world in this city?"
"Zhang Gong" sounded bright and clear, and then the crowd around him made a well-dressed middle-aged Han lead a follower towards Zhang Zhongxuan.
Zhang Chongxuan looked at it and felt that the bearer was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was.
The man walked up to Zhang Chongxuan and said with a smile, "I wonder if the imperial doctor still remembers Xiao?"
Hearing people calling themselves imperial doctor Zhang Chongxuan suddenly reminded me of a humanitarian, "You are An Sok, right?"
"I can’t believe that the imperial doctor still remembers me."
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled faintly. "How do you know that I am an imperial doctor?"
An Sok confidently said "guess"
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded. "How have you been these years?"
An Sok sighed with emotion, "At the beginning, thanks to the advice of the imperial doctor, I came to Aomucheng behind the world. I started from a coolie and now I am rich. I want to go back to Xingcheng to thank Zhang Gong personally. Who wants my wife but has been pregnant and stopped for a while? Now Zhang Gong has come to Aomucheng, please be worshipped by Song An."
Zhang Zhongxuan hurriedly held Song Andao "don’t have to be like this"
Song An there obstinately Zhang Zhongxuan knelt down and didn’t go. He said, "Since Zhang Gong has come to Cangmucheng, he must go to my house or look down on me An Sok."
See Zhang Zhongxuan An Sok a face of sincere way "ok".
Song An followed the people in the street ahead and naturally made a way, while Zhang Zhongxuan and An Sok walked to the largest mansion in Cangmucheng.
Along the way, Zhang Zhongxuan learned about some conditions in An Sok. In Aoki City, An Sok was already a famous figure. Almost 50% of the property in Aoki City was monopolized by An Sok. Even when Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang founded Song Anshi in Aoki City, he gave a hand behind his back.
As soon as I entered the house, the pregnant woman came out and said, "Xianggong is back."
Song Anshuanglang replied, pointing to Zhang Zhongxuan, "Madam, this is Zhang Gong, who made me reborn as a black curtain doctor."