Even Fang Zhou said with a sigh and a warm heart.

Aunt Zhang smiled with relief. "I’m not afraid of you saying that I’m leaning on the old and selling my elders. I really take you as a daughter!" "
"that’s my blessing!" Said both of them laughed.
Lian Fangzhou suddenly asked, "By the way, Aunt Zhang, how did you know this?"
As soon as the couple arrived at Zhang Xiuer, they should have come to tell themselves. Aunt Zhang knew how to perform in Chapter 458 of Chapter 458.
Aunt Zhang sighed, "They don’t know that you moved to the compound and went to your previous place to find you! Your brother Sanhe went back to tell me specially! I’m afraid half the people in the village know! Others also just you have to prevent your big uncle, aunt don’t collude with them one thousand … "
Even Fang Zhou had a headache but called Aunt Zhang to wake up and nodded, "I see!"
Even Fangzhou changed her mind all the way, and got some words from Aunt Zhang, and finally settled down and became less completely blind.
Aunt Zhang accompanied her back to the compound, but instead of going in with her to see Liu Gu and Chiang Kai-shek, she gossiped with Lee at the concierge and asked Zhang Xiuer to secretly watch and call her again if there was anything wrong.
Someone else is here, so at least you can say something soothing.
When Lian Fangzhou stepped in, he saw a man of medium build in his thirties and thirties, dressed in white indigo and short brown, and a tall and thin woman in a burgundy floral dress.
Men have square faces, dark skin, wide foreheads, and deep horizontal wrinkles. When they look honest, they are treacherous when they smile. The woman’s thin lips, pointed face, big eyes and deep eye sockets are very neat.
The man sat in a chair with his legs crossed, drinking tea and eating snacks was very rude, while the woman kept smiling and talking with Qin steward, asking questions about all kinds of things in Fangzhou’s house, which was very uncomfortable to listen to.
Qin steward face expression almost would be visible to cope with two people is waiting for suffering.
He is not afraid to deal with people, but he is shameless and doesn’t treat himself as an outsider. It is really difficult to deal with it.
This is the kind of person who asks questions about everything, regardless of whether he should ask or not, forcing him to answer "I don’t know" or "I don’t know"
Rao is so, but she doesn’t believe it. Did she ask herself if she deliberately kept it from her?
Really funny!
She’s an outsider. What do you mean "keeping it from her"?
Qin steward also can not consider what reserve, what polite can not consider what face to maintain, hard carrying just don’t know!
And keep looking out.
Even fangzhou appeared, he immediately saw it and secretly breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.
"The girl is back!" Qin steward interrupted Jiang’s words and immediately got up and fled, as if to meet him out and smiled. "Girl, you can come back!"
Even Fang Zhou has never seen Qin steward with such a sorry comfort smile at him. He walked into the living room accompanied by Qin steward.
Liu Gu and Chiang Kai-shek looked at the door and their eyes were bright. I haven’t seen this girl like this for years!
Lazy and tired, leaning back in the chair, Liu Gu, seemed to grow a bone again and smiled and said to his daughter-in-law, "It’s back!" Then get up.
His style. A stare he made at him expression of eyes bass fast way "sit down! We are elders. What are you doing out? "
Elders have to be like elders! There has never been a younger generation who respects and welcomes the elders. Without the elders, they have to go out to meet the younger generation!
Liu Gu suddenly realized that scratching his head hey hey smiled and really sat straight and pulled his skirt.
Even Fang Zhou and Qin steward came in and saw that these two men were sitting upright with great momentum. His style will even look at Fang Zhou and rush even Fang Zhou to nod and smile. "Are you Fang Zhou?" Come back! Azeri, what about them? Why not? "
It seems that they are the masters!
Qin steward’s cheek muscles twitched severely, and even Fangzhou lamented how girls are such relatives! Fortunately, it’s good to have a Su family!
Even Fang Zhou feels funny. An outsider is an outsider. Their master is an outsider no matter how flamboyant he is! I don’t know. What is this? For Ma Wei? It seems the other way around, doesn’t it?
Lian Fangzhou nodded at Chiang Kai-shek and smiled faintly, which was a response. He sat in the square and ordered, "Pour some hot tea for my uncle and aunt and see if there are any snacks!"
Nowadays, these things at home are never broken. I often go to town and buy them in the city.
Qin steward ready and agreed and went out to command Zhang Xiuer Zhang Xiuer busy.
After a while, Zhang Xiuer brought in a tray with tea lamps and snacks.
Liu Gu’s eyes lit up at the sight of delicious food, and even Fang Zhou’s eyes swept away and saw it. With a smile, let Zhang Xiuer put snacks in front of Liu Gu and laughed. "Uncle, please! You’re welcome! "
"You’re welcome, you’re welcome! Hehe! " Liu Gu is really welcome.
"Does it taste all right?"
"Very good, very good, hehe!"
"Eat more if you like!"