"You this little guy really when the old man I here is a slush fund, but this time you’re right I really have a great method here" light smile ling old mysterious looked Han Chen.

"Hey, that brother thanked the teacher first" and scratched his head. Han Chen laughed.
"But there is something strange about the evil smell in your soul-eating stick, but there is an old man, I am a seven-seal talisman, and I will help you to re-refine this soul-eating stick. Of course, the evil smell will be extinguished by instilling dragon force into it to replace the soul-eating gas." Ling Lao faint said that when he took over the soul-eating stick, a soul force of the earth quickly spread and turned out to be re-forging this soul-eating chapter 460 Long Qidan.
At this time, Ling Lao’s strength has been restored, which is even more earth than before, and he is the master of refining. Therefore, it takes less than an hour to forge the soul-eating stick, which is to expel the original black breath.
"Ha-ha, little guy, now I will replace the original soul-eating gas with the breath of the purple god dragon. What do you think?" Eyes swept the hands that is still a black soul-eating stick Ling Lao is also a carefree smile, but at this time, this soul-eating stick has no evil breath, pure soul force, and it is still Ling Lao’s own re-cohesion of the talisman.
"That’s troublesome for the teacher." Grinned Han Chen’s eyes flashed with joy. When he was also looking happy, a wisp of purple flame appeared in his hand, and he flew away at Ling Lao.
"Well, now I’ll graft the purple deep and remote Shenhuo Purple Fire into it." With a satisfied smile, Ling Lao always stretched out his hand to grasp the heart of the purple deep and remote Shenhuo. As a soul force of the earth, he wrapped the package, and then the purple deep and remote Shenhuo disappeared with a purple streamer, which devoured the soul stick.
Buzzing …
Purple deep and remote shenhuohuo entered the soul-eating stick, and a strange resistance was suddenly produced, but Ling Lao’s face remained the same, and when he drank lightly, a dragon phase force slowly ran out, and then he was instilled into the soul-eating stick.
"Coagulation" and a light drink, the terror fluctuation in the old eyebrows quickly swept through, and the waves were like the top of Mount Tai, which made people breathless.
But soon the wave of terror was that Ling Lao helped to condense a little quickly and then turned a bit of time to oppress the soul-eating stick.
The soul force of the earth abruptly squeezes the breath of the purple god, the fire dragon, and bursts of gas and explosions suddenly pass it to me. Then the two energies of the soul-eating stick seem to blend together and slowly flow, and the golden purple light interweaves together and looks quite magical.
"Well, little guy, now this soul-eating stick is gone. Now you don’t have to be as careful as before when you transport it." Ling Laoyin leisurely came and then threw the soul-eating stick to Han Chen.
Carefully took the soul-eating stick, Han Chen, a drop of refined blood, and then collected it into Kirin Ring.
"Teacher, thank you for your family." Hey hey, smile. Han Chen’s eyes are looking forward to looking at Ling Lao. The saliva is almost flowing out.
"You this little guy is so big temper didn’t change at all." Learn to Han Chen to turn over their eyes. Ling Lao is also old and disrespectful and said, "Well, now that this soul-eating stick has been condensed again, it’s time for me to give you that great method."
Speak ling old mysterious smile a finger suddenly leaned out soon is the point to Han Chen eyebrows a strange wave of light disappeared Han Chen eyebrows.
Strange light disappears Han Chen eyebrows Han Chen is also a happy face, and he also feels that information flow is like running water, and he constantly bumps into the sea. Then he also quickly combs the information flow and wakes up from the state of uniting.
"The teacher didn’t expect that you really have the advanced stick method. Hey, hey, it seems that I didn’t come in vain this time." Han Chen grinned and seemed to be very satisfied with Ling Lao’s granting himself Wushu.
"Ha ha, you little guy, now that your eyes are high, I can’t fool you with any cheap goods." Ling Lao smiled faintly. "This Tianyuan stick method belongs to the top power of the advanced martial arts, which is much more earth than your royal magic golden gun. You will know the mystery when you display it in the future."
"Hey hey, thank you very much for your teacher." Hey hey smile Han Chen seems to have thought of something and hesitated for a moment before asking, "Teacher, after three days, I will ask Ye Cheng, the Lord of the Night House. I don’t know much about her yet."
Hearing Han Chen’s words, Ling Lao also nodded gently before saying, "This night mansion is good at sneak attack, which you must know, and that Ye Cheng is the night mansion whose strength is at the double peak of becoming a god. You must be careful if you can be promoted to the triple peak of becoming a god."
"Ha ha into god double? That’s ok. "Shrugged his shoulders. Han Chen’s so-called smile is a smile at Ling Lao and said," The teacher had been at ease. This guy is not my opponent. "
"Ha ha good little now you don’t need the teacher your umbrella, you can have this growth is really my holy Mongolia … it’s really my soul division alliance." Ling Lao laughed.
"I’m flattered by the teacher, but there’s one more thing about my brother." Although there are some doubts about what Ling Lao just said, Han Chen didn’t order it.
"Ask" ling old nods.
"Teacher, can you tell me what the Night House wants my soul division alliance to deal with the Nanio Empire?" Some hot eyes asked
"Well, since you asked me that, I’ll tell you what." Sigh and look at Han Chen slightly strangely.
"Teacher, you said," Seeing Ling Lao like this, Han Chen’s face also has a smile.
"Do you know what other empires existed outside this Neo-Europe thousands of years ago?" Ling old looking at Han Chen mysterious asked
"This teacher told me before that Ling Lao’s time that Neo-European continent had four empires, besides the Neo-European empire, there was also Saint Mongolia, Arangun, Finland, Finland and the West." Han Chen said slowly, but he didn’t know what he was asking.
"Ha ha, then tell me which country the teacher is from?" Ling old still asked
"Teacher, you are a saint Mongolian," Han Chen said slowly, but then suddenly remembered something, and his face was a little horrified. "Does the teacher mean the night house?"
"Ha ha, little guy, you are really smart. In those days, the three empires were destroyed by Neo Empire, but each of them has a lot of strength to live, and my pulse is to form this alliance of soul divisions, and the predecessor of the Night House is a secret organization in Aram." Ling Lao said with a light smile on his face, which is also a bit weird.
"That teacher didn’t want to tell me the identity of Ziling before. What is this?" Han Chen finally asked his most heart problem.
"Ha ha, you will know after this" is not too much for this old Ling.
"Well, anyway, I know that so much is enough now. After three days, the teacher will watch my performance." Hey, hey, smile, Han Chen’s face is full of smiles. Although he wants to know things, he is not in a hurry. Anyway, these things will be known in the future.
"All right, little guy, you’d better practice for three days. I have a six-Dan medicine, Long Qi Dan, which is very helpful for you to practice the dragon physiognomy. Now you will be a teacher to support you in the battle three days later." Speaking, there is a golden Dan medicine in Ling Lao’s hand, and Han Chen feels a little palpitation because of the direct spread of the golden Dan medicine, but then the little inflammatory sound is actually passed to scatter the dragon spirit.
"Call" pale Han Chen eyes surprised to see that Long Qi Dan is looked up at the old ling just said "teacher, do you know what is Xiaoyan’s identity now? After so many years of experience, I also found that this little guy has no fear of what dragon veins and phoenix veins are, and those ordinary Warcraft are afraid of its blood oppression and it can actually produce and refine those heterogeneous smells. "
"I really don’t know about this little guy’s identity, but I also consulted a lot of classics and found that this little guy should belong to the spirit beast," Ling Lao Nai said.
"Oh, forget it. After this little guy wakes up completely, he will remember everything." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and chuckled when he swallowed the dragon qi Dan.
Dragon Qi Dan’s belly is full of medicine, which is the spread of terror. Dragon Qi also makes Han Chen feel appall, but soon he is also mentally moved and slightly inflamed, and his soul force quickly diffuses, that is, he quickly moves those dragon qi to the science of uniting the dragon hermetic meridians and quickly integrates them into Long Li.