"This …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

"Chloe, I hope you don’t blame me, but it may not be possible, but I still want your forgiveness," said Liu Ruoying.
"Teacher, are you kidding? How can you see Li Yi? How good your figure is! How can you be a heartthrob when you go out?" Lin Keer still doesn’t believe that it is impossible for a teacher to like a student.
"Chloe, I didn’t lie. When Li Yi saw me, I knew I should follow the three obedience and four virtues to marry him, but I still had some reluctance. Just like you said, why should I marry such a person willingly? I knew I was white before," Liu Reying said lightly
I don’t know what feelings Liu ruoying always has in her words.
"Go on, I want to hear a story!" ? I don’t know when Li Lu came quietly and sat down beside Liu Reying.
"Little heron, why are you here?" Liu ruoying asked
"I saw you telling stories, so I came to listen to stories. Listening to stories is the most interesting." Li Lu nodded.
"You don’t understand the story of Little Heron Sister, so don’t listen. It’s not good for you." Lin Keer spoke.
"No, no, I just want to listen to it. Is it because Chloe’s sister doesn’t like me? Want to kick me out? " Li Lu looked at Lin Keer with watery eyes as she spoke.
"How is it possible! Little heron has always been the most popular. Since little heron wants to listen, listen! " Liu ruoying hugged Li Lu and said
Suddenly, Lin Keer thought of one thing. It seems that he forgot to ask Li Yi and Xiaolu’s sister what they are.
"Thank you, Sister" Li Lu has learned nothing, but her mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.
"In fact, I don’t know Li Yi very well, but the first time he joked with me and I was not serious, I got to know him. Li Yi is not a penny-pinching person. He is humorous and kind, and occasionally our girl loses her temper. He can tolerate it when I cry. If other boys see the girl crying, they will run away! If you want to say when I like Li Yi, it is the time when he went to my office. "Liu Reying’s face became more and more red.
At this time, Lin Keer was also very touched that he didn’t have much contact with Li Yi, but he liked to joke with me and take advantage of me. But when I was in trouble, he helped me. Although he asked for some benefits, he really tried his best. When he cried, he never comforted himself by his side. Although he couldn’t comfort girls, he had that heart, which many boys didn’t have.
Li Lu’s IQ is not enough. Why are Sister Kerr and Sister Ruoying blushing? What, the more Sister Ruoying talks, the redder she gets? What Chloe’s sister is getting redder and redder?
Li Lu is full of doubts and ready to let her sister Chloe explain one.
"Elder sister, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so red? Is it hard? Do you have a fever? " Li Lu asked
Are you horny? Wrong, wrong, how can a pure and lovely little heron say such a thing? It must be a fever. It must be that the little heron can’t pronounce correctly. Liu Ruoying thought to herself.
Gao Fushuai, get ready to rise. I like you.
Chapter ninety-nine Talking in the living room ()
"No, no, nothing happened with your sister Ruoying," Lin Keer said.
"Little Heron, go to Li Yi first. He can give you delicious food," said Liu Ruoying.
"Oh, it’s delicious," said Li Lu.
"Chloe, actually, I really like Li Yi," said Liu Ruoying.
"It’s no use telling me these words!" Lin Keer was ready to listen to Liu Reying silently, but still didn’t hold back.
"I can see that Li Yi often bullies you in other people’s eyes, but he may care most about that you love you the most. How can I tell Li Yi if I don’t talk to you?" Liu ruoying asked
"That’s what I should do?" Before Lin Keer, I never thought about these problems. Before Li Yi only had a little heron sister, but she didn’t know anything.
By the way, I have to ask Li Yi a few questions when he sees me off.
"I … this … I …" Renee Liu didn’t know what to do at the moment.
"Mom, I finished washing my hands. I served food!" Li Yi said
"Hurry up, so many dishes need to be served," said Li Yi’s mother.
"Xiaoyiyi, where are you?" As they walked along, Li Lu asked
"Li Yi, who is she?" Li Yi mom pointed to Li Lu and asked
"She is Lin Keer’s sister, and we often meet at school," said Li Yi.
"Oh, well, you can’t be sorry for being clever!" Li Yi’s mother said
"Oh, I know, I certainly can’t," Li Yi said vaguely.
"It’s good to know that there are not many beautiful and lovely girls. Cherish them!" Li Yi’s mother said
"Little Heron, I’m here," said Li Yi.
Li Lu found Li Yi along with Li Yiyin, but Xiao Lu Lu also saw Li Yi’s mother.
What can I do? What should I say?
Suddenly, Li Lu thought of her sister Chloe and her sister Ruoying. Isn’t it called Aunt when she sees Xiaoyi’s mother? She can also say it according to the cat and draw a tiger!
"Good aunt!" Li Lu weak weak said 1
"The little girl is quite shy. It’s okay for you and Li Yi to play!" Li Yi mother smiled and said
"Mom, I took all the dishes first!" Li Yi asked with two dishes.
"Then you can go to the front!" Li Yi’s mother said
Li Yiduan went out with those dishes.
Li Lu came alive as soon as she left the kitchen.
"Small art what is this? Why is it so fragrant? " Li Lu sniffed and asked
"I know my lovely little heron has learned a lot recently, so guess what it is?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"I don’t know!" Li Lu shook her head, just as cute as she wanted to be.
"You must know," Li Yi said with a smile.
"I smell it," said Li Lu after a while.
"How is it?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Wow, it smells good. Is this delicious?" Li Lu smelled it and almost drooled.