Haikui smiled sincerely when he saw the little girl. "Sister in law, don’t worry. It’s Ye Ge’s my treat today. Yuan Yuan, please order!"

Yuan Yuan also smiled and looked at the two of them. "It’s okay for you to eat." He said that he turned over the menu to order.
"An abalone in oyster sauce"
Li Yanbin and his wife quickly went to find abalone in oyster sauce followed by the price of 12.
"lobster sashimi"
Find the price quickly 2
"West Lake Bird’s Nest"
Turn over and see the price of 699.
"Tricholoma matsutake sea cucumber"
They doubled the price by 599.
Li Yanbin’s eyes are staring straight. These dishes haven’t been played yet after his salary for several months. He hasn’t looked at them, and he feels distressed and has a sense of strength.
Haikui looked funny. After Yuan Yuan ordered two more dishes, Haikui said, "Give me a bottle of juice and I won’t drink in my car. You three should drink less red wine recommended by aier."
Sheng is a 27-year-old woman with a tall and beautiful figure. The food in this hotel is so expensive and the quality of the staff is high. If the staff is too ugly, they are afraid that the guests are not in the mood to eat and will not come again. The staff laughs. "There are two years of Lafite wine at present."
"How much is it!" Haikui asked.
"ten thousand"
"How much?" Haikui asked again
"ten thousand"
"Miss, I can’t hear you clearly. How much is it?" Haikui smiling at member beauty said
"Mr. Wan!" Member of a high bay said
Haikui nodded. "I only listened to Bai Wan this time. What a bottle!"
Li Yanbin’s eyes are popping out, and his girlfriend is all at a loss.
Haikui ordered some good food and said to them with a smile, "Don’t mention it later. Let’s continue."
Li Yanbin and Zeng Yulan really didn’t eat much. Although these delicacies are the first time for them to taste in this life, they always feel that they are blocked and heavy, and they are not so happy. They are not as good as they thought, even ten thousand yuan of red wine is very heavy to drink.
Haikui keeps giving two people a bite to eat. Li Yanbin still has a lot of complaints about Haikui, but now he doesn’t dare to take a fancy to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t know how many years it will take him to earn so much money without eating or drinking, but people have a meal.
After dinner, Haikui sent the two men back to school and asked Li Yanbin and Zeng Yulan to return to Yuan Yuan Company Road and gave Zeng Yulan’s telephone number to Yuan Yuan. "After Yuan Yuan, Zeng Yulan, you often ask her out and ask her to go to a coffee shop, teahouse or shopping."
Yuan Yuan looked at Haikui suspiciously. "I feel a little strange about you. You’re not looking at that Zeng Yulan, are you?"
Haikui smiled for a while, but Yuan Yuan immediately said, "Haikui, you really looked at someone else’s girl and then you were going to snatch her from that little hand. Why didn’t I realize that you were such a sensitive person!"
Haikui Khan said, "Do you think I am such a person?"
"I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe it."
Haikui scratched his head "?"
Yuan Yuan sneer at a "one has two, two has three, you men don’t think your women are mostly eating a bowl and looking at the pot".
"I’m not like that!" Haikui guilty way
"Do you believe it?" Yuan Yuan ask again!
"I really don’t have that idea about that Zeng Yulan at present!"
"Listen to the present yourself!"
Haikui found that he couldn’t say anything but Yuan Yuan. "Well, I can’t say that but you and I admit defeat. Actually, I think this girl is pretty. It’s just a flower stuck in cow dung, but this guy has a high ideological consciousness. I just want money bait to test them. If they dare to continue and walk, I will give them money as a reward. If I divide it, I will have a memory."