From then on, he will have a future!

Chao Haiqing’s mouth felt bitter and desperate at the thought of his previous ridicule and contempt for Su Yu.
Fear, despair, remorse and other emotions fill Chao Haiqing’s heart, which is unbearable like a hundred ants eating their hearts.
If ChaoHaiQing didn’t have previous arrogance and hubris and didn’t try to suppress Su Yu’s desire to please the big emperor, how could he fall into such a field!
Unfortunately, there is no if in life.
Chapter 131 Don’t kill you, don’t surname Sue!
"Master! Young master! "
Several servants of Chao family rushed in from the outside, and they were too anxious to look up at Su Yu.
The servants frantically carried Chao Haiqing, who had lost his mind, straight away from the martial arts banquet.
Everyone in the Imperial Capital knows the rules of the martial arts banquet.
Although ChaoHaiQing was abolished today, ChaoGu couldn’t count this account as Su Yu’s head.
The warfare doesn’t kill people, but it doesn’t say it doesn’t waste martial arts!
What kind of knives, guns and clubs don’t kill people?
Don’t take part in the warfare if you are afraid of death!
How can the fighters’ road be always smooth sailing?
It was not until ChaoHaiQing was carried to the martial arts banquet that the people reacted at this moment.
"psst ~!"
They gasped in succession and looked at Su Yu with horror and shock.
"One move to defeat the enemy!"
"Wu Bang Chao Haiqing lost his hand, and his strength is absolutely hundred years old!"
"It’s unbelievable! How long has it taken him to step into budo? How can he have the strength of a hundred years old! "
"This is simply convincing!"
Many people talk about it with their heads down, and some people are still stupid. wait for a while looked at Su Yu and didn’t return to absolute being.
Su Yu’s one move to kill Chao Haiqing’s trip to stimulate everyone is extremely shocking.
The fighters who are inclined to the Great Emperor are embarrassed and full of shock, while the face expressions of the nobles who are inclined to Su Wangfu are full of excitement.
No one expected Su Yu to win the first warfare!
Then try Su Yu, too lazy to scabbard the true imperial sword.
Su Yu’s calm eyes swept across the field with a long sword. The sound was dull but full of bullying. "Is there anyone else? Anyway, the left and right of you will lose, so just come along! Wang has no time to wait for you to dawdle! "
This is a forced war!
If armed men, who can resist such provocation!
The emperor’s face was also ugly, and he made a wink at the crowd without moving.
A young aristocrat with the same sword got up and his white face was full of gloom. He strode steadily to Su Yu and sneered, "Is it possible that the little prince took ChaoHaiQing himself?" Wu Kui’s name is not so easy to get! "
"People against but mind cruel broken humane future! Today, I, Rong Yunzhe, have learned the viciousness of the little prince! "
Rong Yunzhe angrily denounced Su Yu with a long sword.
"Shadow sword RongYunZhe! Wu Bangdi! The third order of a hundred years old! "
"Even his field! Little prince hung up this time! "
Someone’s expression is shocking. This time, the martial arts banquet is far more wonderful than before.
The former Wu Kui stopped at most, and the top ten in the martial arts list came out now!
You know this is the second scene!
"Are you blind? It was he who just tried to kill the king! "
Su Yu looked up with indifference.
What a shame these people are! ChaoHaiQing previous murder so obvious this RongYunZhe incredibly still dare to samaritans reprimand angrily to oneself shouldn’t cut ChaoHaiQing hands!
Do you want Su Yu to sit back and wait for someone to kill him?
"Hum! Shame! Dare to argue! "
RongYunZhe sneer at the right hand gently shake the sword whistling a "come on! Let me see if you really have the strength of a hundred years old! Let me teach you how to use a sword! "
RongYunZhe sword suddenly stabbed with a cyan streamer suddenly appeared towards Su Yu throat key!
The moves are biting!