Farm doesn’t know what these red lines really represent, but he vaguely knows that every time these lines fall, it’s when the weather gets cold. The more they fall, the colder they get. Since the messengers left, he has come to observe these lines every day. Today is the only day that has not fallen.

Farm respectfully closed the small wooden door and made two prayers before the artifact, and repented-repented that he took the mushrooms first. Although it was not a crime, these mushrooms were left to everyone by God, but he still repented that Farm knew that God had left little food, and everyone could get less food every day. These mushrooms are very important to everyone.
For Farm, too.
The last patrol point takes a long walk. When Farm walked all the way, he took out the freshly picked mushrooms from his backpack and put them in his mouth to chew.
Fresh mushrooms are fresh and tender, and every bite is fragrant, crisp, and the volcanic ash soil has no unpleasant smell, which is very different from the muddy land he once cultivated. So Farmer can’t rely on the sun or the moon to judge how long he has walked. He can rely on his sore legs and undulating terrain to guess that he will take a break every time he walks over a hill.
When he was about to take his third rest, Farm saw his destination as before-a watchtower with a cliff top.
The sentry who is responsible for rotating with him is a young man in his early twenties. It is said that he just got married a few days ago-marrying a woman is said to be an aristocratic maid in Xiaoyang parish in the south. After seeing Farm, he quickly handed over all the matters here with Farm-he has already helped Farm prepare the heating fuel for the night, repaired the watchtower door after being hit by a wild boar, and even left him a few unfinished cans-which is really rare.
Farm also gave him a lot of mushrooms, thanking the young man for leaving in a hurry. Farm was awake when he "slipped just after the rain."
"got it"
This watchtower is located in the northernmost part of the whole mountain area, just at the dividing line between the disaster area and the security area. Farm comes here on duty every seven days to observe whether there is any new disaster in the north, whether there is anyone, and the most important thing is whether there is sunshine.
"yes! Fa! Tim! Really! "
Farm just sat on the top of another mountain on the east side of his right hand side, and the soldiers on duty like him shouted at him and asked.
"yes! Ok! Eliminate! Rest! Really! "
"Mushroom! Mushrooms Feng! Receive! "
"hey! Mushrooms! Mushrooms Feng! Receive! " The soldier quickly handed the good news of Fame to the tower farther away.
"still! Yes! Really! "
Farm wanted to think and shouted "day! Gas! Change! Warm! "
"God! Gas! Change! Warm! "
"God! Gas! Change! Warm! "
One by one, it seems that Farm sounds have been produced in the air for a long time. Listening to this air, Farm suddenly feels full of strength. All the fatigue along the way has disappeared, and all the thoughts in the cave have disappeared, just as God told everyone that day-they can overcome darkness, they can overcome hunger, they can overcome cold, God will be moved by their persistence, and light will surely return to people.
The fire in the room has been burning for some time, and the whole room is warm. Farm added some firewood and pulled the doors and windows to make sure that the room was ventilated and still had a temperature. The bed fell asleep.
When I woke up, the fire had gone out, and I was a little cold. Farm lit the fire again and prepared to cook a roast mushroom while the mushrooms were still fresh. In a day or two, these mushrooms might become terrible.
The God sent them iron boxes for dinner, which were very good. Whether it was boiling water, making soup or barbecuing, it was very solid. Farm carefully spread the mushrooms flat at the bottom of the box, smelling the burnt fragrance of the mushrooms and carefully sprinkling seasoning on the face. After the first batch of roasted mushrooms was finished, Farm was about to eat when he heard a sound outside the house.
That’s calling from far away, because it’s too far away to hear clearly.
While chewing delicious mushrooms, Farm waited patiently until he knew that the sound would be repeated by the nearest sentry tower, and he would not stop broadcasting to him until he confirmed that a sentry tower shouted the same message. After that, he would also do his duty to deliver the same message to the western hill.
"… appear!"
"… appear!"
The first word is still vague, but the word that appears later can be confirmed. At this time, Farm has no mood to eat mushrooms. He put all the food aside and went out of the room to look at the east carefully
"The sun appears!"
"The sun appears!"
This is the third hill to the east. Although it is very weak, Farm is sure it is the word.
Farm couldn’t wait to climb to the top of the post and look at the eastern horizon, where it was still dark, but Farm could feel that there was light, although it was almost imperceptible, but compared with pure darkness, it was light.
"The sun appears!"
"The sun appears!"
The second hill in the east repeated the whole news.
"The sun appears!"
"The sun appears!"
Farm turned to his west and tried his best to repeat like the west.
"The sun appears!"
"The sun appears!"
All the prepared bonfires on the hills were lit. When Farm lit his watchtower bonfire, he could clearly see that white light had appeared in the darkness of the horizon. He watched the white light getting brighter and brighter, like a sword piercing it for a month. When Farm’s eyes came into contact with this light, the harsh burning made his eyes instantly filled with tears.
It’s over! We’re saved!
119 blood
What does it feel like for a person to jump an umbrella for 29 times in three days?
Well, Wu Xiaoqing has the impulse to jump at any time in the glass staircase, but every time he has this impulse, he will look back behind him.
Well, coach, no, then don’t jump yet
It’s just like consciously checking whether there are iron rings on your feet before bungee jumping.
"Wu zong? Do you smoke? "
"Oh …" Wu Xiaoqing consciously stretched out his hand to pick it up but gave a "no smoking"
The other party clearly saw Wu Xiaoqing’s subtle psychological activities "warning?"
"Didn’t smoke a few root … talk about don’t quit"
"Then I won’t be greedy for you." The other party also put away the cigarette case
After the ladder door was hit, the other party took the initiative to lead the car in front and stopped at the entrance of the hotel. When Wu Xiaoqing took the co-pilot car to start, Wu Xiaoqing asked for a moment, "How long will it take?"
"Half an hour. Soon."
"Well, slow down, don’t worry," Wu Xiaoqing said. "Did you send the information? Let me see. "
"It should be sent … well, why don’t I rush it?"
"No, no, no," Wu Xiaoqing clearly saw that there was an email in the mailbox. "I’ll look at the information when I get to your car."
The car suddenly quiet.
Wu Xiaoqing’s email is heaven to Wu Xiaoqing-it’s English.
Wu Xiaoqing didn’t even recite the 26 English letters smoothly.