Fang Ji shook his head. "If you get a new tour, even if the sugar man goes back, you can wait."

Yan Bo nodded, but he waited for two hours when he was impatient. Fang Ji rushed to report that "I have reported to my adult that he has traveled back to the spirit news. He has left the White Crow City. Let’s do it and introduce him to my adult."
"Go and wait for me!"
Fang Ji was ordered to leave for a cup of tea and then turn back.
When Yan Yanbo saw Na Xinyou in his luxurious mansion, he couldn’t help but be surprised. "Mr. Na … how did it end up like this?"
Ding people’s broken horns were badly hit, and their faces were full of strange purple. The white crow city in Naxin Tour was badly injured and could not hide it from people.
Na Xin’s wandering voice is hoarse. "White crow sugar man is serious! But I’m fine. Thank you for your adult’s sympathy. "Say goodbye to Yan Yan" according to the world’s race and class rules, and drag the stump to lie limply on the ground.
Fang Huahu waved his hand, "Please stand up quickly", refused to put on airs with the "worldly master", and ordered Fang Ji to move a seat for Ding, and another executioner and slave will offer fragrant teas.
After taking a seat, I took the initiative to say, "It seems that the city is quiet but hidden in the dark. It also blames me for being weak and contemptuous at the end of the road …"
Party painting tiger tone heavy "cough! This white crow sugar man is different from those miscellaneous people. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have driven Mr. Labor to spy on Mr. Cheng’s carelessness. "
"The adult lesson is that the villain told me from the beginning that after I entered the city, I first broke a few spells and banned it, and then I launched a spiritual search. Soon I realized that there was a strange array. The white crow city base was slowly moving. It was a coincidence that I followed my teacher to refine various arrays when I was practicing in Mount Wangu. Although the white crow array is rare, I can’t hide it from me. I took it from the array and asked the adults to have a look." When talking, Ding took a new swim and took out an epidermis Zhan Qing jade small shell from his sleeve and held it in his hands before delivery.
"Xuan clam?" Fang Zhihua recognized this spiritual object and took a closer look at several cracks in the shell. This treasure has been abandoned.
A new swim nodded "good! White crow city large array Xuan clam is not hidden deep and difficult to detect. "
In the heat, there are still some thoughtful people who don’t wake up. "Adults remember that Xia Lishan said that he had lost seventeen years of improper practice …"
"Fang Ji is right." I don’t have to waste my time thinking about taking a new tour. I directly gave the answer. "Clam Xu Li will raise clams in the secret array in the city. Summer is away from the mountain. There is a lack of dharma yuan in his body. Most of his repairs have hidden the white crow in the city. Usually, once in danger, he can transfer the huge mana hidden in the city to launch a thunder strike!"
Fang Zhihua suddenly realized, "So that’s it. No wonder Xia Lishan must take the White Crow City with him …" After a pause, Sir Alex was very happy. "Does that mean that Xia Lishan, who destroyed the White Crow City while it was no longer there, was a real waste?"
"Adults see that Wan Li is just like this" compliment a new tour and continue to talk about exploring the city. "After exploring the secret array in the city, I went to the Xia family’s old house to explore it carefully. There is a forbidden law guard and all kinds of instruments needed for practice. I think it is Na Xia’s practice place that is closed from the mountains. There are too many abnormalities here, except for a strange secret room with a small shrine, a incense to raise the red statue of Wu Xian and the Emperor Lang Qi."
In liu er, Langqi was honored as "Red Martial Immortal" when he killed the ancestor of the Mifeng Immortal. Among all the Buddhists in Middle Earth, Galand was one of the protectors.
Worship the gods, worship the ancestors and worship the Buddha of Sanqing. Even the small gods who are protected by the law rarely see an example of painting a tiger in a single school. "Is it true that the Red Wu Xianzun and the Langqi Emperor are the immortals in the summer?"
Fang Ji and Na Xinyou responded at the same time, ignoring the necessity of this kind of discussion …
"I’m almost ready to get away from this strange place where I don’t see him again, and I’m about to leave and report to the adults, only to find that another blue sugar man in the chamber of secrets secretly attacked me and took me by surprise …" Na Xin lobbied to show ferocious in it. "He didn’t end up in a good situation and was hurt more than me! It may not be difficult for the opposing party to call Tang Guo’s adult to rest assured that although I am badly hurt, Tang Guo is even more unbearable. After I hit him hard, it may not be difficult for him to play some tricks in a sneaky way, but it will take Fang Ji a finger to kill him! "
Seriously injured, I spoke too much. I coughed up, took a few fragrant teas and drank a few mouthfuls, barely suppressing the retrograde breath.
"Hot" and confused "you and Tang Guo to fight? Not Tang Guo follow summer from the mountain to Wang Yunjia how can the city … "
"What adults saw before was his shadow. The sugar man stayed in the White Crow City. The villain just said that Tang Guo could play with some tricks of pretending to be ghosts." Na Xinyou continued to say, "When I beat Tang Guo in Tang Guo, atrix delayed a lot, it coincided with the summer leaving the mountain to start the secret array and fight with me. I know his tricks. Does he get what he wants?"
Yan Bo was slightly surprised. "Did you kill Xia Lishan?"
Na Xinyou shook his head. "At that time, it was not difficult for me to kill him, but I didn’t dare to kill myself without the permission of the adults. It was just a spell to stop him from walking in the array. In the summer, I was enchanted by the villains in the mountains and vomited blood in class. This also confirmed my previous guess that he didn’t have much money and hid the secret array of the city. Later, the villains didn’t dare to stay and drive out of the White Crow City. Because of serious injuries, it was difficult to adjust their breath. It was hard to see that the adults were too rude and settled in the snow field for a
Fang Huahu nodded and praised a few words, and then the conversation revealed his intention to attract Naina, a new tourist, and received the reward. He also needed Fang Ji to send him away.
Struggling to fly out of the scorching clouds, the new tour took a small and steep turn, making sure that the people behind him followed and quietly returned to the ground and the white crow city.
Su Jing Xiao phase liu, who was "wounded" by him, was waiting for him to see him come back. Su Jing smiled and said, "Did you make it clear to Yan Bo as I taught you?"
Phase liu, who was captured in the former Naxin Tour City, left Su Jing with the errand of asking questions. What was Su Jing’s background? Every little police officer, Tianzong, the elder, and the ghost sentenced him to a big sentence … On weekdays, he forced such a rough job, but he didn’t do it himself. This doesn’t mean that he was not good at torture. When he didn’t have much time, he asked the truth from the Ding population, followed a fierce ban, and then gave a set of rhetoric, ordered him to take a new tour and go to Yan Bo to report to me.
Na Xinyou nodded. "Everything happened as you said. Yan Bo knows." Being banned by King Agu can’t violate Su Jing’s order.
Su Jing smiled "very well …" Speaking of which, his eyes suddenly flashed a surprise "You are poisoned …" The words didn’t finish, but before Su Jing and phase liu asked for advice, Na Xinyou suddenly screamed. A jack-o’-lantern was burned into a coke from his belly in the blink of an eye!
Tian Yun drives the side to draw a tiger with a calm face and asks Fang Ji beside him, "What do you think of the income from exploring the city?"
Fang Ji replied, "The sugar man is injured and worships Chiwu. These things are not worth the real key. The secret array of White Crow City is the soft spot of Xia Lishan. If he is not disciplined and destroyed before he is prepared, he will never turn over!"
Fang Huahu was noncommittal. "That’s the truth, but it’s not a soft spot. I want Xia Lishan to be loyal to me, but I’m not afraid of his rebellion … Do you think Xia Lishan will be afraid of the white-toothed bodhi old zu of Wanshan?"
The question was abrupt and Fang Ji was stupefied before he replied, "If a younger brother beat Xia Lishan and Tang Guo badly, if the white-toothed bodhi old zu kissed the white crow sugar man, even if he had to account for ten lives, how can he not be afraid!"
Fang Huahu asked again, "Do you think the white-toothed bodhi old zu dares to be my enemy?"
Fang Ji a sneer at "Yu Huang governance level solemnity of ancient mountain again how great, in the final analysis, it is still Ding Renmen longitudinal lend white tooth bodhi old zu three bravery he also dare not adult enemy want to rebel? Uproot his eternal mountain! " It’s not a compliment to kill the monkey. That’s the truth. Even if the declining Earl’s Office really wants to be serious, it’s not something that Wanshan can afford.
"So I’ve poisoned Naxinyou tea, and now he’s almost a piece of coke."
Fang Ji was surprised!
Seeing the hand surprise, Fang Huahu laughed and picked up his tea and gently took a sip of it. "Naxin swims to explore the city. Naxin swims dead. Can the white-toothed bodhi old zu in the sugar man’s hands leave it at that? You can say that the patrol guard found Naxin’s body when you go again, and then you can tell the sugar man about Naxin’s swimming to inherit the ancient mountain master … and he has to be so white that I can shelter them to survive; If I ignore Mount Wan Gu, I will step over White Crow City in an instant. I don’t know the little sugar man, so I have to give him a tight grip. "
Follow the words in Yan Bo’s mouth and then turn to "Do I do something in our family Tingding?"
"It is their blessing to stop scoring," Fang Ji replied carefully.
"That’s the identity of Ding people. It’s already a capital crime for our family to accept remuneration for doing things. Take a new tour. Damn it!" Fang painted a tiger and laughed ha ha.
Su Jing is staring at the charred Ding people’s bodies to rescue them during the hot laughter. Not only are we not friends, Su Jing is not annoyed. He said to Xiao phase liu, "You really underestimate the painting of a tiger …" Here, he suddenly waved his hand and took out the joyful Lohan French stick. He gently heard a string of silvery bells laughing on the ground. Two little dolls curled up with their hands on their heads and rolled over with their sticks. After landing, they bent over and bowed to Su Jingna’s head. "Be a darling, visit them."
Su Jing was amused by a pair of fine ghost stories and asked, "Just the two of you? Haven’t you Eminem and master elder brother come out? "
"Report to my dia Eminem that our practice can come to an end and let us out first. Eminem, her old man’s house still has a secret dharma body, and it will take a while to be complete; The master elder brother’s homework has not been completed yet, and he has been left to continue his practice. "
The two little girls responded to Su Jingyan’s grin, but soon she noticed a frown … Pink and tender little girl’s chubby face and round eyes. What do you think at ordinary times? How cute is the little girl? Because of this frown, her face is abrupt and piercing, but her air suddenly changed. She really climbed out of the underworld and wanted to choose someone and ate the fierce soul!
Chapter seven hundred and forty-seven Never lost
The little darling highlighted the ferocious Su Jing and asked, "What’s wrong?"
It seems that when going out to play and returning to the nest, I found that my home was destroyed and the murderer was not far away from the little female wolf. My body was bent down at six or six volts, and my castrated lips would be saved at any time. Because of the piercing expression, a pair of immature voices that were not longer than ordinary people but far sharper than tiger teeth became hoarse and low. "Someone moved the iron law of the underworld to tamper with reincarnation! The sin is extremely evil, when the eyes are gouged out, the tongue is pulled out, the ears are tapered, and the soul is peeled off. The hot oil rises and falls for a thousand years and then immerses in the nine ice caves to suppress eternal suffering and never live! "
The ghost from the nether world has a talent for understanding the nether world, and when he came out of Agu Palace, he realized that there was something wrong with reincarnation, and his heart was full of anger. Another little baby obediently reached out and put a pair of short daggers in his little coat and gave them to his sister, so he was ready to pursue the murder.
"This is not Middle-earth." Su Jing stretched out his hand and touched the braid, indicating that she should not be nervous first.
The four seasons of this world’s six clans are different from those of the Middle-earth Gankun, and the rules of Yin and Yang reincarnation will also be different. Sure enough, I heard that I didn’t come to Middle-earth to breathe easily, close my dagger, and smile happily, and the evil spirits turned back into good babies from childhood.
Phase liu Jr. asked from the side, "Is Middle-earth different in this reincarnation?"
"The child kowtowed to Uncle phase liu". The two children knelt side by side and knocked to salute their elders before shaking their heads. "I can detect something wrong, but I can’t find the child in front of us … I just don’t know that I can’t go."
Middle-earth fine ghosts can shuttle between Yin and Yang at will. Is this good enough for them to get here? They don’t know until they try. As they speak, the two little ghosts lift their eyes to Su Jingxing at the same time, only at the command of Ah Sa.
"Hey, hey, rest assured that you can go and come. If you really meet a difficult person, we can come back to you at any time." Darling saw Su Jing hesitate and said.
Su scenic spot nodded, "If you can keep yourself safe, you might as well go and have a look."
Being a brother is very conscious of saying to his sister, "I will go first and you will follow me!" "
Being a sister doesn’t argue and nods, but the girl doesn’t say anything more. She pinched a spell in her hand and jumped up high with her legs. When she turned her head, she slammed into the ground and listened to a thump. Half of the kids disappeared!
Disappeared half a waist and sank into the ground, leaving two legs on the ground, kicking and kicking, kicking and flying a pair of chubby little feet in vain.
Su Jing "ouch" I don’t know whether I should be angry or laugh. I grabbed the little girl’s side and stretched out my hand and grabbed his foot. I tried to drag him out, but my strength was like a mud cow into the sea.