For many wizards, the country is one thing, and the mage world is another.

Chen Yi smashed his mouth and smiled. "It’s better than losing your own red robe mage. If you are worried about fame, then in another way, many small countries should ask you for peace now?"
Speaking of war, Master Timothy couldn’t help but feel smug and humble twice. "The Western Front has already been defeated, and the Eastern Allied Forces have also fallen apart. Now it is a problem that only the barbaric army is still resisting his surrender and the kingdom is occupied."
"Then maybe you can make one or two scrolls of’ aging’ for these small countries."
Chen Yi points to Timothy and turns his head.
If the scroll is added to the negotiation, it will naturally bypass the mage tower and uphold a series of treaties. The question now is whether those kingdoms are willing or able to make one or two red wizards sacrifice.
In some small kingdoms, there are usually a few red-robed wizards, only one of whom has been invited to the principality of red-robed wizards, and there are also many.
These foreign wizards, not to mention the red wizards of the country, are often quite patriotic, especially those who have only one red wizard of the country, and the principality is usually more dedicated than the great wizards.
From the perspective of the kingdom of San Chio, the loss of one or two red wizards will also be fatal to these kingdoms, and it will be difficult for them to rally in the next 50 years
Thinking of this, Timothy nodded quietly. "Master, I will organize people to do this later. I wonder how many aging scrolls you need?"
"How many pieces does it take to kill a dragon?"
Timothy dare not lie and gritted his teeth. "The best case is that if two tickets fail, they will start again."
Cultivating a red robe for five years and two aging scrolls are equivalent to dedicating the strength of two small principalities. At that time, the strange wizards relied on the reality and accumulated it for many years.
Chen Yi estimates that there are no fewer than two temples in the west continent alone. If there are multiple dragons in each temple …
"The more, the better." Chen Yi gave such an answer before Timothy could react and asked, "Do you need any materials?"
"Grade 12 reel paper is preferably metal." Hard wood paper such as ebony may produce grade 12 reel paper after special treatment. For Chen Yi, these roots are not a problem, and metal paper is not difficult.
However, when Chen Yi invested in the paper company three years ago, he has developed special paper, and there is always a match.
"I’ll try to find another way, and I’ll give you more materials."
"Thank you, Master". Timothy’s face is full of joy. The kingdom of San Chio is almost at its limit. In this case, an ordinary mage can exert the power of exorcist. This is the main guarantee for the victory of San Chio’s army.
When Chen Yi returned to China, he went crazy to buy iridium and osmium alloy balls. The output was not high, partly because the demand was not strong, but the actual quantity of their stocks was not low. Besides the high price, there was no shortage of them.
After these iridium osmium alloys were delivered, they were made into sharp spears, sharp projectiles and sharp missiles-especially the North Industries Corporation, which made missiles, hated Chen Yi’s demands.
What kind of evil taste would rather destroy the aerodynamic streamline than require a sharp nose at the front end of the missile? And it’s made of iridium and osmium alloy-in fact, Chen Yi also asked the missile to fly faster, even if the engineers explained to him that the ship-to-ship and ground-to-ship missiles could pierce the 2mm deck.
Dragon skin is much harder than 2mm steel plate.
Chen Tuan’s equipment purchasing department has almost bought iridium and osmium libraries from all over the world in just one week, and there is almost nothing to buy when speculators want to follow suit often.
North China Industrial Group urgently completed four missiles and dozens of super pike, but on the eve of being sent to the western continent, Chen Yi stopped Mo Shaoqiu’s trail "Don’t send the missile ship to the western continent for a while."
He didn’t want to "intimidate" Dragon God knows what strange abilities those strange guys have without scrolls.
Mo Shaoqiu didn’t quite understand the frown. "The West China is the safest place to stay in Jiangning, and there are still risks."
"I’ll say hello to Zhu Guangliang and park for another half a month, at most one month."
"A month!" Mo Shaoqiu’s head is as big as a bucket. "It contains missiles that have been parked for a month … Forget it. I dare say that the world has not been prepared by an arms dealer like me a few weeks ago, and then it will not be shipped out as soon as it is placed at the world’s largest port."
Chen Yi laughed and patted Mo Shaoqiu on the shoulder. "Don’t worry."
However, the container ship docked far more than a month.
Because it is quite difficult to make the 12-grade metal paper for scrolls, it is not enough for some principality red robe wizards to spend only 3 days.
A ship with missiles floats on Jiangbei Wharf.
The agent on the other side of the ship bought KFC, McDonald’s, bread and barbecue, and the whole person got sores in his mouth and didn’t wait until the ship was loaded-everyone bought four missiles and had enough reason to be watched.