Although the lion king looked at Xiao Leng and was also a master of Yuan Baby, he still looked down on Xiao Leng and Xiao Leng. After all, it was the early stage of Yuan Baby, and the lion king was absolutely able to pester him and kill him.

"Xiao Leng doesn’t know when I got the lion king Lu?" Xiao sneered. He said that his hand was propped up. For a master in the late Yuan baby, Xiao Leng couldn’t see his opponent’s strength. He always felt that the lion king Shi Lu was strong, but he was not without strength. He planned to see it.
"Ha ha, I don’t care who you are. I’m in a bad mood now, so I’ll take your knife." It’s no wonder that I was so excited to fight Qing Xuanzong with a huge axe on my shoulder, but I was bullied by the evil backbone. Although Qing Xuanzong was slain, I was in a bad mood and powerful people didn’t dare to provoke such a weak one.
One of the rules of the fix true world is that no one can hurt anyone unless ordinary people offend you, otherwise, it will cause the fix true world to kill, while the fix true world people can kill at will. Of course, you have to have that strength, or you can blame yourself if you die.
The lion king can’t wait for Xiao Leng to prepare a huge axe. A pendulum is an axe. The huge axe contains real force, which makes Xiao Leng unable to resist such an attack, but it can hurt himself.
"Split Huashan by force …" This move was called splitting Huashan lion king, shouting and saying, "You can kill me. This is my second powerful blow."
Xiao Leng hurriedly harnessed the flying sword to dodge, but a powerful axe actually locked the whole thing, unless you have the strength to fight hard with him, you will die. This axe seems simple, but it is actually a arrogant axe. Seeing that this axe is about to split into Xiao Leng and Xiao Leng has not responded, the jade Jane was waiting to show off when Xiao Leng’s forehead shot a red light, but it was instantly shattered. This must be a trick to break the knot together with real force.
And that red light is running in front of the lion king again.
""The lion king swung the light again, but his axe had a black burn mark, which changed its shape. Was the red light a fire or a powerful fire? Even the lion king Xuan was not as easy to burn as the original material after it was refined into such a magic weapon, but in this way, the fire changed his weapon and suffered a little damage.
Not everyone in this world has a few powerful weapons.
The lion king met with his hands loose and his axe shaft loose.
"Little, you forced me." I hate this huge axe, but he made great efforts to get it, but now it is damaged. May the Lion King not be angry? It is impossible
"The giant blade is extremely broken", but the blade direction of the axe is gradually emitting dazzling light.
Xiao Leng carefully looked at his hands and didn’t idle. One by one, the protection tactic used his side, but it was already enchanted. Then Xiao Leng jumped from the ice soul sword, but encouraged Zhen Yuan to add a dragon to the ice soul sword, but it seemed to sneer at Xiao.
At this time, the lion king Shi Lu’s attack has arrived, and Shi Lu’s axe has become an organic whole, which is quite rare, but it has hit the axe.
"Kuang …" The sound is not big, but the explosive force is not small. It directly tore up the three layers of Xiao Leng’s four-layer enchantment and blew out the magic weapon of the lion king for dozens of meters. This is a result. The axe returned to the lion king’s foot and the ice soul sword flew far away.
White light flashed across Xiao Leng, and it was a real element that penetrated the body and directed at the Lion King. This was Xiao Leng’s casual hair, but the power was not underestimated. The real element actually blocked the Lion King.
"So small, eat me again" or "The giant blade is broken", but this power is still rising. The mysterious device of the Lion King has actually formed a bright light shell, which is a huge light ball from a distance.
"Extremely broken" quickly rushed to the ice soul sword and automatically flew back to meet the sudden crack of heaven and earth. Xiao Leng was able to decorate the enchantment at this time. He didn’t want to get hurt, and he didn’t want to escape. The strength of the lion king just allowed him to try.
"Dry kunlei definitely lead …"
Chapter 45 So
"Gan Kun led the thunder definitely …" Xiao Leng cried out that the method tactic in his hand was cloudy and faint with signs of thunder. At this time, the ice soul sword was also attacked by the lion king.
I think that the ice soul sword is a fairy, and the fairy is equally sharp, but the blow is still evenly matched, and no one takes advantage of it. However, seeing Xiao Leng can actually lead heaven and earth to help the lion king change color, this thunder power is not something he dares to resist. Although he can soar to near-out-of-body experience in the later period of Yuan Ying, he never dares to meet this thunder. He saw with his own eyes that one of his friends and a Taoist priest fought against his friends, but the monk suddenly made a thunder decision, and his friend actually tried to meet the thunder by himself and split his friend into pieces. Since then, he has been the lion king.
Ray definitely has finished, and the lion king has to be cautious.
The lion king is a demon cultivation and all demon cultivation are physical cultivation. They don’t have a powerful method to fight the enemy by physical strength. This is also a demon cultivation. Although powerful, they are rarely human monks’ opponents at the same level. If any demon cultivation can get one or two magic weapons, it will burn incense. At this time, their strength has doubled. Now he and Xiao Leng are in the same level, but they are two small steps away. Xiao Leng alone is definitely not the lion king and Shi Lu’s opponent except his physical strength. In fact, it is the lion king who is in the wind now, and Xiao Leng has a powerful magic weapon, the ice soul sword and the ghost wind to give him jade slips. From this standpoint, Xiao Leng is unbeaten against the lion king.
Ray was about to send out the lion king, but he had to escape. On the one hand, Xiao Leng harassed him here. On the other hand, he felt that the thunder was not something he could pick up. It definitely had a strong influence on himself and made him unable to fight Xiao Leng.
Xiao Leng took advantage of the lion king’s own blow to retreat from dozens of meters distance. He used the most powerful thunder he knew to rob the nine-day thunder, but it just happened that Lei Yun struck a chord in the ice soul sword.
"Click"-the lightning that can resist the gods actually misses the fix true boundary, but it is rare in Xiao Leng’s hands. It is very common.
"Er, I’m sorry, it’s crooked." Xiao Liang scratched his head, but he moved it, but he made Lion Lu vomit blood.
Lei Yun is still gathering.
Shi Lu is depressed, and he managed to hide himself very well. How can he not be angry when he said that he was lopsided? A huge axe came at Xiao Leng.
This distance of tens of meters is instantaneous.
"Click" God’s lightning strike is good this time. This time, God’s lightning strike didn’t miss, but hit the lion Lu.
Xiao Leng quickly left without the ice soul sword, and now he is a far cry from the speed, which is not a little slower.
The lion king was very uncomfortable. This lightning struck him and he couldn’t move even a little bit. Moreover, this lightning devoured the other body’s true force. Gradually, his true force has lost 20%, and just a few strong blows have also made nearly three true forces. Now the lion king is very unable to adjust it freely. A little other body thunder will devour him.
Although the lion king is in this state, the cold state is very good.
"Ha ha, I’m a lightning bolt for nine days. You can’t do it, can you?" Lei Yun was still very thick, and a little arc flashed from time to time in the sky.
"Today, I planted you, waiting for me to restore you …" The lion king still has illusions about being alive, leaving him as a Yuan baby. If nothing unexpected happens, Yuan baby will still be able to recover and find a body.
Xiao coldly flashed a cold meaning.
The ice soul sword pointed high at the sky, and a real yuan had shot out the thunder and was led again. This time, Xiao Leng didn’t hit the slanting, but directly hit the lion king. It was like letting the fire burn, and his real yuan couldn’t support it, and he would be destroyed by the arc at any time and his body had accumulated too many thunder. Once the real yuan couldn’t support it, he had a blasting result.
"Ah …" The lion king shouted out, but his body exploded like a bomb. It was a moment when he lost his body and lost the fight.
Yuan Ying appeared. This is a foot tall, but Yuan Ying is still a bright horse.
"Xiao you wait for my revenge ….." The tone is unspeakable resentment. Just after he finished, the lion king felt a strong pull, which made him unable to even resist.
Xiao Leng was surprised to see that the floating ice soul sword had stabbed the Yuan baby.
"Ah, what is this? Let me come quickly." The lion king shouted, but the ice soul sword absorbed the true force instead, and his soul was destroyed. Yuan Ying was a stranger, but now it was absorbed by the ice soul sword.
Xiao Leng was surprised to see that there was nothing he could do. He tried to control the ice soul sword, but there was a force resistance inside, which was still very strong, which made Xiao Leng start.
In a blink of an eye, Yuan Ying has withered, and the lion king has left a trace of soul. Zhen Yuan has completely disappeared.
"You are really cruel. You won’t be good. I won’t be reconciled …" After a thorough roar, Yuan Ying disappeared completely, and the lion king and the lion Lu have completely disappeared, as if they had never appeared.
At this time, the absorption of the ice soul sword has been completed, but it is Shu that sends out Yi Long songs, which makes Xiao Leng feel a burst of fear, but the feeling is so familiar. What on earth is going on? This ice soul sword can even break away from its own control and make a similar sound of dragons, but I have never heard of dragons in this world.
"Ah, Master Shu, you have to find me more of this stuff after you eat it. I can quickly restore my strength and I can really help you then. Find it for me as much as possible." A sound suddenly appeared in Xiao Leng’s mind and soon disappeared, which made him stunned.
When did anyone recognize the Lord? Xiao Leng didn’t understand that it was the sound that said that his own points were his master’s.
Chapter 46 Mountain spirit beast
Long Yin disappeared, and Xiao Leng regained his sanity. He didn’t know that the monks in the fix-up world hated devouring others and painstakingly repairing Yuan Ying. This is usually a means to cultivate demons or demons, and this means has to bear the pursuit of good and evil in the fix-up world, unless it is unnoticed, it is really inevitable.
Xiao Leng doesn’t know and can’t know that the master of Longyin didn’t intend to tell him what he was, and he didn’t know that he was strong and always despised such a worm’s ability to help him regain his strength. It’s a gift for him to care for them, but he didn’t think of your gift. People don’t want to be forced to do it.
Xiao Leng noticed that the ice soul sword dancing around him had been flying for a long time, but it didn’t seem to want to help him fly.
Hand a recruit ice soul sword has appeared Xiao cold feet quickly fly away into the distance.
This time, Xiao Leng didn’t meet the fix true person or the magic show or the demon repair. It didn’t take long for Xiao Leng to come to the sea, but Xiao Leng had never seen it, but it didn’t belong to him. Xiao Leng carefully thought about it and found that his flight was deviated. Zhoushan Islands, an island, Dan Yizong also returned to the southeast of the sea. Since Xiao Leng met the lion king and the lion Lu, Xiao Leng flew in the clouds.
Turning the direction and flying for a while, Xiao Leng saw a large island. At this time, the largest island in the archipelago was people coming and going. This is the largest fishing ground in China, Zhoushan Fishing Ground.
Xiao Leng searched carefully, but found that these islands have more or less modern people’s islands, and modern machines are running, and none of them can be found without modern tools.
It’s hard to break Xiao Leng, but he hasn’t been to this Danyizong.
Fortunately, Xiao Leng suddenly thought of his own way, but there was no one on a very small island, and there was no one on this island in Zhoushan Islands.
"May be the island" Xiao Leng wanted to fly sword island.
It is said that modern science and technology are developed, but those who fix the truth can’t fly. They observe that even the most advanced equipment can’t find the figure of the fix the truth. Xiao Cooling knows that there is a way to get into him, and that is to break the array.
Dan Yizong has a passage, but Xiao Leng doesn’t know where that passage is.
Xiao Leng didn’t make the offensive tactic. He knew that he came here to ask for help, but he would be left out directly, but he wouldn’t have a chance.
Stopped outside Xiao cooling is the true force injected into the outside enchantment. Although it is not very strong, Xiao cooling strength can’t be broken, but it is different for him to inject the true force into it, so that the enchantment has changed. It is impossible to break the enchantment, but the people inside feel the cold eyes of the outsiders.
But after waiting for half a day, Xiao Leng didn’t wait for people inside to know that this is disrespectful to people, but Xiao Leng knew that there was no way out.
Suddenly, the sea water changed, and gradually the sea water flowed to the island, trying to cover the island, but it suddenly flew up. He didn’t want to get soaked when he didn’t enter Danyizong, although he could make Zhenyuan wrap himself.
"Newcomers? If you want to invade my mountain barrier, please sign up, "said a majestic voice, but a huge figure appeared from the sea, which you can’t find if you don’t look carefully."
"Those who come please sign up."
"My name is Xiao Lenglai Dan Yizong. I have something important to discuss with you. Please ask me to lead the way." Xiao Leng said from it that the water curtain wrapped the whole island barrier, but it was a thin water curtain, instead of filling the whole gap with seawater.
The place where the water meets the sky is blue, and then the huge figure suddenly appears opposite Xiao Leng in the middle school.