"You have to do something to pass the time, don’t you?"

"Say yes" Cuomo grinned to express goodwill, and Nai Ta Zun let the smile show a sense of horror.
"Listening to Master Jia Tang’s mysterious and unpredictable manipulation of the Thunder Method by Zhou Xiong’s spiritual technique is even more powerful for ghosts and gods."
"Brother Zhou’s strength in the fourth-order silver is hard to count."
"Jia Tang Lord flatter me" Zhou Jia smiled faintly.
"It’s just a little gain after being immersed for a long time."
"So that’s it." Cuomo nodded and then asked casually.
"Real Zhou Xiong strength even deep city can also find a good job to trudge here?"
"This ….." Zhou Jia hesitated a way
"Zhou wants to get credit from Bianhuang to see if he can start a life-prolonging medicine."
"Life-prolonging medicine?" Como nodded slowly.
"It seems that Zhou Xiong is very interested in his Shou Yuan?"
"Good" Zhou Jia is outspoken.
I don’t want to die yet.
"Brother Zhou" Como straightened his back and primly said
"Take my advice. It’s okay for Bianhuang to want anything, but don’t be paranoid, especially for people like you and me."
"The dark mother emperor always tempts the yogi. I have seen too many demands in these years and no one can join in the darkness."
You will lose your freedom if you go into the dark, and you will often get many things you dream of.
such as
This is a great temptation for many strong silver people, and the strong who tend to plunge into the dark is a bomb that may explode at any time for Tianyuan Alliance.
"Please rest assured" Zhou Jiakou.
"Although Zhou doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t want to be a vassal of others. It doesn’t make sense for a slave to live or die."
"Good," Cuomo grinned.
"I’m just asking Zhou Xiong casually. Don’t mind."
"By the way, Zhou Xiong probably doesn’t know that if he wants to join the darkness, he needs to sacrifice something. The higher the sacrifice order, the greater the reward of the dark mother."
"If you can sacrifice one is more than one silver …"
He stopped talking with a gentle smile.
Cuomo has left Zhou Jia and is still sitting in a thoughtful position.
Such as the dark Lord of the divine realm
Near Luan Luocheng, there is also a dark master who is called as the mother of darkness, and has the same terrible and unpredictable power.
The dark mother emperor can’t go near the ancient gods.
However, directing the dark ethnic group belonging to it often invades it, which is even more tempting for practitioners to defect and erode the territory of ancient gods.
Over the years, the scope of ancient gods has been shrinking, and the dark mother emperor has contributed a lot.
It’s so far from Luan’s falling into the city that it’s impossible to contact, but judging from the meaning in Como’s words,
The influence of the dark mother emperor is not
"main home"
A gradual sound interrupt his thinking.
"Three people from outside the hospital said they thanked you for saving your life."
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
"Let them in."